right hot tub wrong timing

Right Hot Tub Wrong Timing So it was the end of a long work week and I was just feeling like getting away for the weekend just by myself to do nothing. I packed a bag hoped in…

Right Hot Tub Wrong Timing

So it was the end of a long work week and I was just feeling like getting away for the weekend just by myself to do nothing. I packed a bag hoped in my truck and just started drivng north. Continue reading

Bondage story – pleasure and pain

I released her ankles and re-shackled them to posts behind her shoulders so her wet gaping pussy and tight puckered ass were exposed. I pushed 3 fingers into her hot, wet cunt and thrust continuously while working one digit into her tight ass. Slowly her muscles relaxed allowing my finger to go deeper into her tight hole.

Opening an eye after removal of a thin silky blindfold my wife, clearly puzzled yet excited, gazed at her surroundings. Continue reading

Missing panties. (Well… kind of!)

‘How does this make you feel,’ he still kept his voice in check.

She shrugged, but in no way became visibly upset. Luke couldn’t exploit her in her state. Even though what she’d done didn’t seem natural to him, there were far worse crimes in this world.

As his finger felt their way around the various soft materials, he felt a stirring in his loins. A feeling that was unsettling in nature. Continue reading

Im a Glory Hole Whore

While sitting there, someone came in and went in to the stall next to me. The guy in the next stall called out, “Are you here for the same thing I am?”

I’m a Glory Hole Whore.

It started with a trip to a nature reserve, just north of town. I stopped at a large public campsite, to use the bathroom. It was between seasons and I was surprised how large the building was. Continue reading


I am back with another experience of mine which took place a couple of months ago with my aunt. She is in her late 30s, short height, slim and very hot. You won’t believe, she doesn’t look elder than me. I have very good tuning with her since her marriage with my paternal Uncle. We meet occasionally because we live in different states. This year in Feb my Uncle’s family came to Kolkata to attend some marriage functions. Continue reading

caught and taught

having dad catch me with my boyfriend nude was frightening

I had been to a party and it turned into a game of truth or dare. I had never been naked infrontof others or seen boys naked before and it was exciting.

After the party me and Henry went home and were not expecting anyone to come home and we carried on with our expiermeting. We were both naked and he asked me to kiss his penis. Continue reading

Bobby Invites Anne, Carol, And The Swinging Wives To A Party

Anne and Carol have received an invitation to a Girls Night Out Party at Bobby Vasquez’s estate. He also invited the wives from Dr. Carlos’s swingers group. He was there that night at the Lake. He is well known by the married ladies. There are two stipulations for the party. Plenty of food, beverage and entertainment provided. Bathing suits and wedding rings optional. Continue reading

The wet pussy of my senior office girl

sHe turned on my other side beside me just below the lower and panty down and pulled out my cock from the pants and rubbed on her pussy. When I saw her touching her, she came to know that she is very wet. Then she said – Quickly put condoms.

I used to wear a condom and caught it in my cunt and took it straight inside the pussy and after one minute she started talking loudly to fuck her. Continue reading

Finding my wife with fucking a young man

I came home from work early to find the lawn mower on the drive and the front door ajar. I went in quietly and heard my wife Julies voice from the bedroom to someone saying “deeper…faster…yes,fuck my little pussy.”

I came home from work early one afternoon to see the lawnmower on the drive and the front door ajar.

I went in quietly and could hear my wife Julies voice saying to someone in the bedroom, “yes, deeper….faster….oh yes…..fuck my little pussy….keep going”. Continue reading

First time sex – explored by another woman

I felt her hand rub between my legs and over my mound to my clit and feeling the touch of anther person for the first time, my hips rose to meet it instinctively. She then began to smear the warm wax all over my pubic hair smoothing it out and touching my clit again and again as she smiled at me.

Liz was my best friend when we were kids – we were totally inseparable.

We had shared everything over the years. Continue reading