Are These The Best BDSM Restraints Ever Made?

I love the feeling of being restrained with ropes, handcuffs and just roleplay restraints but I had never ever tried an actual wrists and ankles restraint kit so I didn’t really know what to expect but I don’t think I expected it to be as good as it was.
It’s no surprise to anyone regular here on my blog that I am a fan of having sex and trying new things and today on I want to tell you all about the time that my boyfriend tied me up and fucked me so hard and good that I could have died and been happy in that very moment. Continue reading

Fucking my Father in law, as his daughter, wife, lover and whore

For all of my readers, I am not Amber Blank the amateur married white wife, who fucks a lot of black guys online, however I do admire her and was influenced by her, because my name is really Amber, I am incredibly sexual, I believe I have a touch of nymphomania, and I decided to give my online persona a matching title to hers, but the only difference was to replace the “K” with a “C” for cunt. Continue reading

Camping sex with my boyfriend in the middle of a forest (pics & story)

My boyfriend loves the outdoors, he has always loved fishing, hiking, outdoor sports and even camping. It’s strange how we ended up together as I have absolutely no interest in the outdoors, I hate being dirty, I hate being cold and nothing seems less satisfying to me than sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere.
For Valentines day my boyfriend surprised me with a trip away, a night in a romantic location with him. Continue reading

Carlos Garcia Governor of The Paradise Club Womens Prison (part 3)

Carlos Garcia left school after seeing the careers master ,who suggested a position of oil change boy at speedy lube, and left him and his Mother Luciana sitting at a table looking dumbfounded at the lack of interest he showed in her sons future.
The following week Carlos applied for a job in the Prison Service, where a 6 foot 2 inch, 200 plus lb man was gladly taken on, to say it came as a shock when Carlos received a letter in the mail on the Friday informing him he had been assigned to The Adora Hermia WOMENS prison as of Monday morning. Continue reading

I tried the swinger lifestyle with my boyfriend for the first time

My wonderful readers, today I am handing my blog over to a great friend of mine, ‘Charlotte’, she wanted to share her swinging story with you and I always more than happy to let her take over and share it. Look after her! Jess xoxo
I also just wanted to quickly tell you all about my VIP membership, it’s a great place to hang out and see all of the things I can’t post publicly on my blog.Let me kick things off by telling you a little bit about me and my boyfriend, we are in our twenties, we have been together for 6 years and we were at a stage in our relationship where we wanted to try swinging. Continue reading

Erotic First Night

“After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma spread across the basement”—————————————————————————————————————————————————-Hello…

“After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma spread across the basement”


Hello all, this is your Nagraj, who is here with my first ever story (a fiction out of my own fantasy) on ISS. Continue reading

Fucked by friend

one day i was at a sleepover with my best friend, we were at her house while her parents were out picking up food. we were looking for something in her sisters room. we were looking in secret drawers and we saw a dildo. i was a young teen and i had never seen a dildo before. I asked my friend what it was and she told me she would show me. she told me to take off all my clothes. and i did, she then told me to go on my knees and i did that too. Continue reading

My wife just used a strap-on during sex (My mind is blown)

It took years for me to finally let my wife near my ass and my only regret is that I didn’t let her do it sooner. It all started with one finger, just one finger pushed inside of my ass during a blowjob.
I protested at first, telling her I wouldn’t enjoy it and had never really gone near my own ass before but as soon as I felt her slim lubed up finger inside of me I knew this was going to be something I would never forget and something I wanted to do again. Continue reading

You think your having it tough,try being a hooker during a pandemic. Part Three

I stood looking at Brandy as she struggled to get up off the big oak box she had just been fist fucked over by her elder brother, I went over and lift her under the arms so she slid off the box onto her feet. She stood looking at me, tears had ruined her make up and she let out a big sob, she tried to smile at me but it was a very weak attempt of bravery on her behalf. “Are you OK ” I asked her softly, she said ” yes , but where did my brother go” and I said “I don’t know he just left ,slammed the door ,he didn’t say anything to me he just left”. Continue reading

Mother and daughter

On October 28, Adrian, Trae, Alexander, Michael, and Demetre were at an apartment in Indianapolis where they drank liquor and smoked marijuana. The five men drove to a liquor store in a vehicle Michael had borrowed from another person, purchased vodka, and shared the bottle in the vehicle. The men drove to a neighborhood, obtained powder cocaine, and everyone used cocaine. The men also smoked marijuana dipped in embalming fluid and took some pills. Continue reading