The Beginning of an Affair

Mike had dreams of his friend’s wife Molly, but always thought they were just that… till that one fateful night of strip poker and skinny dipping…

It was like any other Friday night as Mike stepped out of his garage and through the gate to his neighbor’s back door. They had been playing poker and getting together for drinks every Friday night for months. Continue reading

Soft BDSM story of lovers lustful restrained pleasure of submission

Freya was comfortable in the chair, it was her chair when she spent time with Nick at his place. It was incredibly comfortable to be in it now, as she prepared for her show. She was a switch, but she preferred to be a domme. But with Nick, she had been a chameleon sexually, and she liked it!

Nick liked her in lingerie, so she shopped to find something new and sheer for this occasion. Continue reading

High School Slut

Young girl discovers her love for cock.

High School Slut. By Durty Write

Summer break ends tomorrow, and I’ve had a lot of fun since I turned 18 last month. Wow since then I have been quite active with the boys and girls, and realized I like older. Last night Daddy really gave me a good fucking and a big load of cum. I love cum. Yummy!!!

Sunday morning, what shall I wear to get fucked? Continue reading

A night with Gio

I’m thirty-four and recently divorced, no cheating or anything on either side, we just grew apart after nearly fifteen years. We have a teenage daughter together who spent…

I’m thirty-four and recently divorced, no cheating or anything on either side, we just grew apart after nearly fifteen years. We have a teenage daughter together who spent the beginning of the summer holiday’s with her Dad this year (they went to Florida for a couple of weeks). Continue reading

Turned out and on

After 20 years of marriage she caught me in her panties

I have been a cross dresser since I was 15 years old. I have always kept it a secret until I was 40 yearsold and had been married for 20 years. Then one night it all changed.

My wife and her best friend were headed out for a girls night out. I was excited because it meant I would have the house to myself and would be able to play around the house in my panties. Continue reading

The bitch gene

Jennifer is going with Bradley, my boss. At first, you know what, I thought that she would leave me. I thought that this was where the affair would end up. Me moving on from my home, from work, out of shame. But it’s not like that if a woman has a bitch gene inside her and Jennifer did.

One of the thoughts that occurred to me just as soon as i knew that Jennifer my wife was going with Bradley, the boss at work, was she will leave me now. Continue reading

Her First Threeway

Husband fulfills wife’s FFM fantasy

© 2009 Salacious Scribe. All Rights Reserved.

Authors Note:

This was the first erotic story I ever worte, and posted it online 7/10/09.

I wrote this story at the request of an online friend who went by Shy155. She is in a sexually unfulfilling relationship, and she desired a three-way with a friend’s college-age daughter. Continue reading

A long night at the bar

I go to the bar with my boyfriend and he lets other guys touch me as they like.

We decide to go to the bar, you make me wear a short mini red see through dress with no bra or panties underneath, plus some black high heels. Everyone can clearly see my nipples and pussy. The dress barely covers my butt cheeks, it slightly moves up with every step I take. Once we get there we order some drinks and sit at a table. Continue reading

Female domination porn story, erotic read to enjoy before watching the film

After running around like a lunatic all day, I needed something special. And here he was, sitting submissively at my feet, waiting for me to give him instructions. The metal links of the leash slide easily through my fingers as I contemplate how to torment him. In a good way, of course. I give a little tug. The leash is hooked to a thick black collar with silver hardware. Continue reading

Erotic tale of Felicia giving into her desires for her stepson



Why does he have to be so damn hot?

Felicia stood in her opulent bedroom, one manicured hand clutching the fine drapery and the other pressed to the glass as she gazed down at Colin from the window. Her stepson was bent over, stretching for his run, ass firm beneath his sweats. From this angle, she could see how the material hugged his balls. Continue reading