Wife and another man fantasy

I have had a fantasy about my wife and other men in a threesome and gangbangs.
I have a thing for sucking cock and that is as far as it goes. Whenever we have sex I constantly think about my wife and other men. Sitting back watching the action and joining in from time to time. The thought of her being penetrated bareback and having another mans cum inside makes me weak at the knees. Continue reading

My First Time Having Anal Sex (Story With Pictures)

Quick Warning: This story is really sexy, if you want more real stories with real fully nude images from users and myself, then you need to join my private erotic club.I had been seeing a man older than me for quite some time when this first happened, don’t get me wrong I had fucked boys my age but a man just a bit older than me was so much more fun and he really knew how to show me a good time. Continue reading

Cun loving dog

As with most adolescent boys I was very curious about sex and of course very horny. My family had a large woods behind our home, I would often take long walks into the woods and sometimes masturbate in a nice quiet safe spot. we had a couple of dogs which would always be up for a long walk in the woods or down to the lake to fish. One day while I am in the woods with my pants down around my ankles, sitting on a large fallen tree slowly stroking my young cock I suddenly feel a nose sniffing around my crotch, my dog takes a quick lick of my ball sack and of course my cock springs to life like never before. Continue reading

My First Cougar who Taught Me How to Please a Woman

I lost control. Her words were my commands, I grunted hard as I ejected a weeks’ worth of cum all over her. She closed her eyes and thrashed about under my streams of man Juice. Using her fingers to finish her orgasm off as I showered her in my cum as required.

I was just 20 years old and I had been transfer to another

city where it happened.

A friend of mine sister was living with her. Continue reading

I Just Got Caught Fucking My Boyfriends Older Brother (Help!)

Contrary to what you may already be thinking about me, I was a pretty loyal girlfriend. I wouldn’t have dreamed of cheating on my boyfriend, especially not with his own flesh and blood. Being caught fucking was never even on my radar.
However, things started changing in our relationship. My boyfriend was distant, demanding and his moods were totally inconsistent. He was caught cheating on me by our mutual friend, she saw him hooking up with a random blonde in a local bar, he denied it but this wasn’t the first time someone had come to me and told me that they had seen him with other women. Continue reading

Guilt Of A Wife: My Neighbor, His Horse, Dogs And Friends

Let me make it clear about this admission about my true story of my shame and sexual submission. I am married to a wonderful man, that I truly love, and he knows and loves the sexual part of me that really turns him on. I am submissive, truly submissive in every way, and it’s my husband that first brought it out in me. Unfortunately, when we left California to move to North Carolina, both my husband and I truly enjoyed the first two weeks of our marriage, in the most loving and sexually satisfying way, that only two people in love can truly enjoy. Continue reading

The End of the Beginning -Part 2

Around the beginning of May, 1978 I hooked on with another band that seemed like they were going places. Even though three of the band members would still be in high school while two of us graduated in June, they already had a Southwestern U.S. tour booked for the summer, from mid-June through Labor Day weekend in September. The only reason that the drum position opened up was because the regular drummer’s parents wouldn’t let him go. Continue reading

My Girlfriend Has The Most Beautiful Smooth Pussy (Pics & Story)

I haven’t found many men in my life who would want to shout from the rooftops about their girlfriends pussy but I am different from those men and Jess (the owner of this blog) asked me if I had anything to share and how much my girlfriends pussy turns me on is one of those things that I wanted to share with the entire world.
It’s true, my girlfriend has the most beautiful, tight and smooth pussy. Continue reading

Drunk hot girl

Passed Out Girl
My wife and I had moved to a new city about 40 years ago. We moved into small apartment building. Next to it was also another similar apartment building. Most everybody that lived in both units were under 20-30.
My job required me to sometimes have to go in pretty early every now and then. My wife usually just grunted when I kissed her goodbye those early mornings. One morning there was a light frost. Continue reading

My husband lets me cheat and fuck all my ex boyfriends

Hi readers, I’ve been asked by my husband a few days ago if I’m still jealous of the other women in his past, and I admitted that I was; that I love cheating on him and it makes it easier for me to cheat on him when I imagine him with other women, Richard smiled and said he was shocked seeing that I’ve been a hotwife for a while and I can fuck anyone I choose. I admitted to him that I Continue reading