My sister has a members only account

While the whole world was in the state of lockdown, everything was affected. Before we knew it we were poor. Our father lost his job, my mother couldn’t work anymore. Before we knew it all of us were sitting together thinking about how we were going to pay the bills this month and what would we do after that.
We really had no money, then something really happened. My elder sister got up and said that she have enough money to pay every bill and a lot of other things. Continue reading

Niccy Hicky

I barely even remember my biological father, and what little I remembered was him yelling. He, and mom were fighting all the time, and then he left. I don’t know why she kept her wedding ring on so long, but then she got the divorce papers, and took it off.
She threw it in the sink, and broke the garbage disposal trying to grind it up, but she didn’t get it fixed right away. We just had a broken sink, that leaked, and a mixing bowl under it. Continue reading

The Fuck store for mature girdled ladies – Clara part 1

As readers will know, I work as an assistant at a boutique clothes and lingerie shop catering specifically for chubby and larger over 50 mature ladies who like wearing girdles. We provide a discreet and private place where they can feel safe – and satisfied — to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. And the staff are specially selected to help them fulfil their sexual fantasies whilst shopping. Continue reading

Blackmailing my sister for sex

I was lucky enough to catch my sister giving her boss a blowjob.
It was the summer after my high school graduation and I had nothing to do till I started college in the fall. I had not been able to find a summer job so I was just going to hang out and relax for the next couple months. We lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in a nice house on a two acre lot and we had a pool at home so I expected to spend a lot of time in it and to invite friends to come over and join me. Continue reading

Just Being A Nice Cousin/Pimp

Like I said before, Elizabeth (names changed to protect everyone) was getting a little more confident and a little more demanding now that she’d fucked my brother. and also as I said before, I liked it. She’s becoming a hot, cocky bitch. She kept up the good girl look, as I have, but something let loose in her once she realized how hard she made my bro when she texted him a pic of her pussy with our double sided dildo in it. Continue reading

My first dog knot

I was raised in the country, rural Texas, normal country boy. I was no stranger to watching animals fuck. I was always interested in the many different sizes and shapes of their dicks, especially dog dick.
We had a number of dogs through the years, a few males. I loved to jack them off and try to get them to mount me, but never got them in my asshole. I would use all sorts of items to fuck myself in the ass. Continue reading


Story goes on affair with friend’s wife


Hai friends !!!! thank you for your comments and valuable feedbacks .Your comments feed back motivated me to write more stories. Now This story of mine having affair with a friend’s wife. It was a college friend. We stayed in same area of Mumbai but at different localities. He was married before me. Continue reading

How I Want You

You skip along unaware of the creature stalking you silently. The smile on your face is oblivious to the danger you are in, and you are lost in thought, not uncommon to young girls; romance, passion, and sex. Yes, hot sex that catches your breathe every time your thoughts flutter back there. Of course, I already know these thoughts…I can smell them on you quite intensely. Your hand slides down to your crotch, pressing against yourself firmly, almost completely involuntarily. Continue reading

My wife’s second threesome

For the readers information – This is a TRUE story of how I got my wife into letting other guys fuck her and sucking their cocks. The first time Is the story – MY WIFE’S FIRST THREESOME and this is the next party with the same guy.
2 weeks after meeting with Arlie for Linda’s first threesome, she was more that ready to have another one as she had loved the first one except her cunt was a little sore for a few days from taking his 9″ cock to the hilt. Continue reading

Vacation in the Domincan

I guess I can get a little jealous. Not that I think you can blame me. My husband Kyle likes to flirt. He says it is just being friendly, but I think it’s far more than that. He is a salesman and says it is part of how he has to work people.
Tension has been high between us lately. Kyle drifted off one night and left his computer open. I wanted to look for dinner recipes and my tablet was dead so I used his. Continue reading