My dads friends got me pregnant

Hi lol let me tell you about me I’m 19 5’2 and about 105 lbs I’m pretty petite lol smaller breast so my dads friends there in the 50s and 60s my dad has no idea I’ve fucked any of em well recently my mom and dad went back to grandmas house in California to spend time with her and I was home alone my dads first came over to have sex hes pretty big and still has alot in the tank hes about Continue reading

My True Erotic Stories About Guys With Big Dicks

I love a good ‘big dick’ story, I love reading about the size, girth and sometimes even struggle when trying to fit it all inside.
We all know that it isn’t always about the size when it comes to cocks but it can be nice to fantasize about something larger than average and it can also be nice to fantasize and imagine ourselves in that situation.
Big dick stories are a plenty on my blog so I hope you enjoy scrolling through the archives! Continue reading

I f**ked our babysitter who has the cuttest small tits (true story)

I was a married man with two children, I would be lying if I said my marriage was a happy one. We would fight constantly and sex was once a year if that. My wife and I were not compatible at all but we got married when she fell pregnant and we should never have stayed together, I admit I should never have asked her to marry me and we thought we were doing the right thing for the kids but we weren’t. Continue reading


Kim is ovulating again. I know, she doesn’t have to tell me. She dresses more provocatively and she asks when I am inviting my nephew Carl over to stay again? A weekend might be enough, the young guy is incredibly fertile. Didn’t he get that girl pregnant…lucky bitch. So I give Carl a call and say hi, come over. Kim says this time I’m going to have to make it very clear that I want her pregnant by him. Continue reading

Four Hours with Him

The night before I leave for an out of town trip we meet up with a buddy before heading to a bar for drinks. They hug when he arrives. They always hug. She likes it. She likes him.
They always hug, long and deep hugs in which he almost always reaches down and playfully starts his hug around her waist. He lifts her up so her feet come completely off the ground by about a foot. She is suspended there with her waist above his and her shoulders easily above his and he almost face to face with her breasts. Continue reading

Personal Sex Edd

Hi, my name is Eleanor Walts and I want to say that I am a teaching whore. And when I mean whore I mean a giant O between my slutty thighs. Let me explain why this is the case.
I am 26 year old science teacher and I worked at a University. I have black raven hair, white skin, green eyes, and a small nose with little lips. My boobs are tear drops with the cup size of DDD and my ass is plump like a peach. Continue reading

I Tried Using A Bullet Vibrator And This Is What Happened

I have been very stressed lately and neglecting my own body has been one of the biggest signs that I am being consumed by the stress. Reading all of the new stories flooding into our private group has been turning me on so much and editing them all has been another level of horny but then when I was having time to myself and I just wasn’t have the urge to masturbate which is so strange for me. Continue reading

Grandchildrens Visit – 5

By the time Gary and Jean left, she had been fucked and sucked by all of us. Gary had taken his first cock up his ass, Tommy’s and Ben’s and he had fucked me. They were spent and happy, assuring us they would be back.
A couple of days later, I took the two kids to the beach. Jill insisted on wearing a very skimpy bikini that didn’t cover her at all. Ben wore very short shorts and no shirt. Continue reading

Being shared and used, while cheating a story for Leah my reader

For Leah, I decided to give you a sexual update to the things I’ve done in the past, which gave me a sense of control and allowed my main lover Kevin to understand my sexuality at a deeper level than the other lovers in my life. Leah, I enjoy being raped or should I say, role playing rape and fantasizing about it. As some of you already know, Julio Gomez and I were lovers for two years, and he reluctantly agreed to my fantasy role play. Continue reading

Driving shotgun

I picked up my sister, and her friend, Astrid. From the middle school, they said “Pop the trunk,” and loaded it up with old gym mats.
“What are those for?” I asked Astrid, when she got in up front, then Harmony closed the trunk, and left the rest by the curb. There was piles of them, apparently “They got new mats, so they said we could take the old ones.” She shrugged, getting in. “Drive around the school, real quick.”
I shook my head, but then Astrid said “Hey,” and smiled at me. Continue reading