Birthday bash…..literally

We bashed and bashed and I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday wish than to be in this moment bashing my friend

This was the day before my 20 birthday and I was hyped for it. I was going to stay at a place down at the beach and decided to keep it low key so invited one of my ”best“ friends. He was the same age as me and his birthday was a month before mine and he was also “bi”. Continue reading

Sue becomes a Slut

Sue takes on her sisters debt and her life spirals into depravity

Sue was a good looking woman. in her mid-forties, a wife and mother she had a comfortable life, with a family who cared for her and a husband who still enjoyed fucking her on a regular basis. She had always been hot, with big DD tits with big nipples on a size 8 frame and had had more than her fair share of cocks over the years as someone who enjoyed being fucked. Continue reading

The First Time Doesnt Have to Be the Last

“Come here,” he said, leaning back. “On your knees. I want you to suck my cock.”

I paused in the act of bringing my wineglass to my lips. My eyes opened wide as I looked over the rim of the glass at him.

“What?” I said. “Here? Now?”

He raised his eyebrows and got that “look” he gets in his eyes sometimes. A look that makes me shiver with anticipation. “Do I have to say it twice?”

Of course he didn’t. Continue reading

Sex with my Naughty Step-Mom part 2. The maid joins us.

I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and she sucked lightly back and forth. Slowly she became more forceful as she sucked my cock all the way to the base, gagging a few times but continuing to suck until I was deep in her throat. Her face touching the base of my pelvis, her nose buried in my pubes with her eyes looking at me proud and wanting.

The guys were over to watch the game. Continue reading

On holliday my wife Julie fucked a stranger after watchinging a live esx show in Holland

My wife jumped off me and we turned to see a man watching us with his trousers down slowly wanking a massive erection. He smiled at Julie, then gestured to his penis. Julie looked at me and asked “can I?”

Some 30 years ago we were on holiday in Holland, and in the red light district passed a flashing sign saying ‘Live sex shows’. “Lets go in there” I said to Julie. Continue reading

Cuckold – The Dark Knight

He lifted with me with ease and placed me on the bed on my knees, shuffling off my dress in the process, ackowledging me as a dirty slut when he noticed my lack of underwear. He leaned back as if to admire the busty curvy figure that kneeled in front of him still wearing heels.

He began to undo his belt and I pulled myself forward wrapping my legs around him as he stood at the edge of the bed. Continue reading

First Time Anal Fuck

Alice pondered her situation. She was 21 and had been dating a hot guy for a few months. He was the best fuck she’d ever had, but having said that, she wasn’t all that experienced. During conversation one day it had emerged that her boyfriend, Sam, had been much more adventurous than she could have imagined: he’d been involved in group sex and even had anal sex. Continue reading

They fisted me wideopen Part 1

Met some guys online and found out they were into fisting and I have always wanted to be fisted. Let them take me back to their room and have their way with me.

I was overdue for a night out with the girls and we had it all planned out and scheduled however, one by one they all backed out by the weekend. I decided it was whatever and I was going to go out by myself. Continue reading

I’m a Cheating Wife Who Loves Men In Sexless Marriages

I am not a single woman, I am not a homewrecker, I am in fact happily married with the man of my dreams the only different thing about us is that we are in an open relationship.

For us, that means we can sleep with and date other people so long as the other person is happy. It works very well for us and it has made us both very happy people.

I like a specific type of man to open myself up too, I don’t look for just any man in a downtown bar, I look for men who are unhappy in their marriage, men who crave sex and who just aren’t getting it at home. Continue reading

my wife’s sexy friend

I couldn’t remember when I started to like her. She was a mother of my daughter’s friend. She didn’t look different to other Asian mothers who collecting their kids…

I couldn’t remember when I started to like her. She was a mother of my daughter’s friend. She didn’t look different to other Asian mothers who collecting their kids from school. Continue reading