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Kim is ovulating again. I know, she doesn’t have to tell me. She dresses more provocatively and she asks when I am inviting my nephew Carl over to stay again? A weekend might be enough, the young guy is incredibly fertile. Didn’t he get that girl pregnant…lucky bitch. So I give Carl a call and say hi, come over. Kim says this time I’m going to have to make it very clear that I want her pregnant by him. Continue reading

I Tried Using A Bullet Vibrator And This Is What Happened

I have been very stressed lately and neglecting my own body has been one of the biggest signs that I am being consumed by the stress. Reading all of the new stories flooding into our private group has been turning me on so much and editing them all has been another level of horny but then when I was having time to myself and I just wasn’t have the urge to masturbate which is so strange for me. Continue reading

I just had nudist beach sex with my boyfriend (we let people join in)

I like to think that everyone likes to ‘let go’a little on holiday, I don’t know if for me it’s the sunshine, the carefree attitude or just spending time with my boyfriend that does it to me but when I am holiday I get horny, very horny.
We went on holiday last summer to a popular tourist destination in Europe, I won’t name it but once there you are blessed with endless sunshine, a beautiful blue sea, and amazing food. Continue reading

Would you worship my feet and rate my last footjob?

Worshipping feet is not to be taken lightly, it must be done correctly and one must see my feet as something to be admired and adored. Seeing feet as a sexually satisfying object is hidden by many people, fearing people will think they are strange but in all honestly behind closed doors, there are so many people who glorify feet in all different forms so you’re not alone.
Before you dive feet first into this article, make sure you check out my VIP membership when you’re done, it’s a great place and I am always looking for people to entertain there. Continue reading

The Rabbit Vibrator That Makes Sex So Much More Enjoyable

When I think ‘rabbit vibrator’ I think classic sex toy. Women in the ’80s, big hair, big bushes, lots of the threesomes and lots of orgasms. I associate the rabbit with something that has brought pleasure to the vaginas of women for decades and I want in on that.
I had been reading lots about rabbit vibrators and how much good they do for women around the world and how many women still prefer them over other conventional sex toys and I knew I had to try out the most popular one there was and give you my 411 on what the fuss is all about even all of these decades later. Continue reading

Anandas Serum

Ananda sat up grinning. “How does that look honey?” Jade’s jaw hung and she slowly reached out and touched the massive cock. Jade softly and timidly caressed her mom’s new cock. The shaft of the huge dick seamlessly ended at the top of her mom’s pussy, and the balls hung over Ananda’s sweet cunt. Jade suddenly could not help herself and she placed most of the head of the penis inside her smooth mouth. Continue reading

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‘Not All Men Are Like That’ is something that we hear extremely often on this planet. An excuse for awful male behavior by other men who don’t want to be lumped into the same category. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand how frustrating it can be to be stuck into a generalization about your…
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Interview with Siri Feminist Adult Star

Feminist porn star icon ‘Siri’ has given her views on some controversial and thought-provoking questions and I wanted to share some of her answers. Continue reading

True Threesome Stories From Couples That Went Wild

Welcome to the sultry, sexy, saucy world of threesomes! We either have them, want them or just fantasize about them and whatever category you fall into I don’t blame you because threesomes are awesome.
Three people letting go, having fun, sweating, stroking, teasing, cumming and exploring is exciting and an experience you will probably never forget. Lots of us will never actually have a threesome but it’s still so much fun to read about them and get off on the idea of someone else’s experience. Continue reading

Sexy lesbian story of girls enjoying a first time encounter with a strap on

Mia and Angela were having a girly weekend in London. Mia had booked an urban-chic Airbnb and train tickets, Angela just had to pack a bag and turn up at the station!

They spent the morning exploring Camden market. Amid the bustle of leather goods and clothes, the jewellery stalls had drawn Mia like a magpie. She’d treated herself to some dainty new rings, and Angela bought her a pretty silver bracelet which emphasised her fine-boned frame. Continue reading

My First Amateur Threesome With My Bestfriend (True Erotic Story)

Trying to share my first ever experience with an amateur threesome has brought back a whirlwind of memories and sensations.
I frequently think back to this night and smile, I smile at my awkward movements and I smile at how fuc*ing good it felt.Update: I have user-submitted stories, full nudity picture’s from real couples and the naughtiest erotica you’ll find online, just sign up to bitchtopia. Continue reading