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Are These The Best BDSM Restraints Ever Made?

I love the feeling of being restrained with ropes, handcuffs and just roleplay restraints but I had never ever tried an actual wrists and ankles restraint kit so I didn’t really know what to expect but I don’t think I expected it to be as good as it was.
It’s no surprise to anyone regular here on my blog that I am a fan of having sex and trying new things and today on I want to tell you all about the time that my boyfriend tied me up and fucked me so hard and good that I could have died and been happy in that very moment. Continue reading

Camping sex with my boyfriend in the middle of a forest (pics & story)

My boyfriend loves the outdoors, he has always loved fishing, hiking, outdoor sports and even camping. It’s strange how we ended up together as I have absolutely no interest in the outdoors, I hate being dirty, I hate being cold and nothing seems less satisfying to me than sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere.
For Valentines day my boyfriend surprised me with a trip away, a night in a romantic location with him. Continue reading

I tried the swinger lifestyle with my boyfriend for the first time

My wonderful readers, today I am handing my blog over to a great friend of mine, ‘Charlotte’, she wanted to share her swinging story with you and I always more than happy to let her take over and share it. Look after her! Jess xoxo
I also just wanted to quickly tell you all about my VIP membership, it’s a great place to hang out and see all of the things I can’t post publicly on my blog.Let me kick things off by telling you a little bit about me and my boyfriend, we are in our twenties, we have been together for 6 years and we were at a stage in our relationship where we wanted to try swinging. Continue reading

Erotic First Night

“After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma spread across the basement”—————————————————————————————————————————————————-Hello…

“After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma spread across the basement”


Hello all, this is your Nagraj, who is here with my first ever story (a fiction out of my own fantasy) on ISS. Continue reading

My wife just used a strap-on during sex (My mind is blown)

It took years for me to finally let my wife near my ass and my only regret is that I didn’t let her do it sooner. It all started with one finger, just one finger pushed inside of my ass during a blowjob.
I protested at first, telling her I wouldn’t enjoy it and had never really gone near my own ass before but as soon as I felt her slim lubed up finger inside of me I knew this was going to be something I would never forget and something I wanted to do again. Continue reading

I just had the biggest black cock inside me (it took hours to fit it in)

My name is Emma and today I am doing a blog takeover, Jess has given me total control over my story and is allowing me to relay my version of events. I am so excited to jump into this story and share with you the time that I fu*ked a big black cock and boy, was it big.
*Before you read on I just wanted to tell you about my members-only area, it’s crammed with erotic stories like this one except that are far more uncensored, with user-submitted pictures and videos. Continue reading

Accidental creampie during a threesome with my girlfriends best friend

This is a follow up from the lesbian squirt story (part 1) I have been asked by Jess to share my part two of the story, she had emails from lots of you asking to hear what happened next between myself and Molly once she got a boyfriend and I thought I would share it with you all.
If you haven’t read part one I urge you to do it, it will give you some insight into who I am, who Molly is and how this whole situation came about. Continue reading

The Barbarian and the Wench- My First Renaissance Faire

I would bring this girl to climax first, leave her panting in the dirt. Taking two fistfuls of hair, I pulled her head away. My cock popped out of her mouth with a sucking sound.

“M’Lord, am I not to your liking?” she asked, looking up at me with genuine concern.

“You’re wonderful, my love, but I want to see to your needs first.”

“But I only want to satisfy you.”

“You’ll satisfy me by doing as you’re told.”

Rochelle gave me a puppy dog look. Continue reading

I just had the most romantic sex with my dads best and oldest friend (help)

I know it was wrong, I know it is. was. I don’t know how to even explain it any more. Fucking my dads best friend was wrong and definitely is wrong but trust me when I say it was fuelled by pure passion and lust, it was even incredibly romantic. There was nothing weird for us about it but now looking back I see how terrible it would have been if my parents would have found out.
Let me take you back to when it all happened and I guess you can make your mind up for yourself. Continue reading

I just let my boyfriend watch me use a sex machine on Skype

My boyfriend lives a few states away, we only see each other once a month which is really hard but over the years we have become more inventive and having sex over webcam is pretty normal for us and something we do most nights.
It’s actually really good fun to get naked and watch one another touching ourselves, it does make you incredibly horny and desperate to touch them through the screen but once you’re cumming and you’re watching them cum, it’s quite a rush and if you’re in a long-distance relationship it’s a real good way to keep your sex life alive and make you feel more normal. Continue reading