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Hotwife Leeza (Part 2) With My Dog

Its me Leeza guys……………..well once again my husband is not due back this weekend to take care of my horny slutty pussy due to work commitments outstation. i am totally horny after last week s adventure with Sadda and that incident keeps provoking my horniness even more.
With no one at home today, I am still in my birthday suit the way i slept last night. Crawling out of my bed I make my way to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. Continue reading

Hillside Terrace

I guess they called the apartments that, because they were backed up against a hill. They even had ledges up, with black square logs to keep the dirt in. Sticky with tar, like a telephone pole, but they smelled piney. They planted rose bushes up there to give the apartments a better view, but I went down there from the park to smell flowers, and stuff.
All the time, especially when the roses were in bloom, but then I caught some boys back there smoking, and talking. Continue reading

Hump in the Night

I’d honestly forgotten he was there, until I woke up in the middle of the night, and went to pee. Then, I heard a thump, and a scrape, but through the bathroom door, I couldn’t place where. I hesitated to crack it, and listen, but it was quiet. I was beginning to think that I imagined it, until I heard it again.
Down the hall, at the doorway to out bedroom, I paniced, and went to the bed. Continue reading

Masturbate in bus station 2

Saturday afternoon end of first game of seasson we give our best but we lose with 15points difference anyway it was a very difficult match against previous seasson champions and most likely win again present seasson all girls were unhappy but our people and tom that come to see her sister and me i could fantasy with their claps they give us courage for later.After event in bus station emma told me he was her brother and she had see us talking there after this day i havent meet him again i didnt know him first because emma was only three months at town and because her family is old ways i know her mother and now her brother. Continue reading

5 Yard Penalties

I went out for a smoke, while I had the house to myself. I wasn’t about to smoke in the house, even though it was cold out, but I heard the swing next door. The chain shake, and looked over just in time to see the boy next door land.
He jumped off the swing, and came right over to the fence. I was a little disappointed that it was him, but I looked around. At the windows, then back at him when the fence shook. Continue reading

Boyfriends Best friend -2

I was on my knees and his cock was hanging right in front of my face. I’d never been able to resist a good – looking dick when I saw one. The reason why poor Ryan thought that I was satisfied with having sex once a month was because I fucked guys from my cheer team on a regular basis. They had great cocks too, no doubt. But the 10 inch hanging before me was much bigger.
Zander looked at me staring hungrily at his cock and said, ‘ Tongue out whore! Continue reading

Guys Next Door

I knew that kids these days were into things we didn’t really get to do, when we’re that age. Now, my parents were hippies, so I heard stories before the AIDS crisis put a bit of a damper on the free love culture.
Then, I met Paul, and we got married. Had kids, and sent them off to school, before this Chinese Cold crisis hit, and it was like the Hepatitus scare all over again. So, , I had to home school, and i didn’t think anything of it, at the time. Continue reading

My Wifes 5th & 6th Threesome

Arlie’s Fourth Time – A week after we had met with Roland for the first time, Linda asked me when I was having Arlie come over for some more cock sucking, she was wanting to do some more of it. She told me I could fuck her all I wanted as she sucked him dry. That sounded pretty good to me as I was really enjoying her pussy when she sucked cock at the same time. So 2 days later Arlie was in the family room looking at Linda’s near naked body as she slowly rubbed her cunt and when she could see he had a hard-on, said lets go to the bedroom. Continue reading

Having sex in the park

Don’t know how i got there but here was, lying awake at 3 at the night. Everyone slept long ago but, not me. It not new, its normal. I always have a rule that if you are not asleep till 4 then you have to get up and start your day. It was still one hour till 4 but i didn’t care and still got up to write. When you write early then you probably will finish early. That did happened with me that day. Continue reading