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Fucking my Father in law, as his daughter, wife, lover and whore

For all of my readers, I am not Amber Blank the amateur married white wife, who fucks a lot of black guys online, however I do admire her and was influenced by her, because my name is really Amber, I am incredibly sexual, I believe I have a touch of nymphomania, and I decided to give my online persona a matching title to hers, but the only difference was to replace the “K” with a “C” for cunt. Continue reading

Love showing my wifes big 38dd titties

My name is Bill, I am married to Kassandra. My wife is 46 yrs old,she is 5’4″ weighs about 135, big busted, with a heart shaped ass. One night while we were watching a flick my wife asked me. What was my sexual fantasy about her? So I replied back to her ,to be able to watch a stranger make love to you and suck on your big titties. To be able to listen to your moans as you have an Orgasm’, to hear the breath coming out of your body while being pumped full of strangers cum. Continue reading

A night at the glory holes has a twist

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen and soon found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle. This was a stark difference from both of our upbringing as we were both raised in religious families in a very conservative small city. And Lynn being a preacher’s daughter was especially sheltered. But one night after taking some nude pictures of her with a polaroid camera she was hooked on being photographed nude as she finally realized how sexy she was. Continue reading

Making Wife Into My Personal Slut

Married to a good looking 35 year old woman with nice tits and trim figure. I love porn and decided to make my wife into my own personal slut so I could watch in real time. When I suggested she said NO but I came up with a plan. Friend of mine had given me some MJ and I got a pipe and loaded it up. Got the wife to try a couple of hits and she loosened up talking when I was dirty fucking her. Continue reading

My wifes drunken night

One night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for drinks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5’9 and about 190lbs with most of it in her fat ass. She has olive skin and average size breasts, about a C but with huge brown areolas and big nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge butt. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass.
She is by no means a model, but she more than makes up for it with 2 things. Continue reading

The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 2)

On the second day of my marriage, my father in law showed his true color. At night, he called me to his room and told me to massage coconut oil on his body. He was wearing only a dhoti and I was wearing a sari without any tops. The bare nipples poked on the sari and made a bump.
He told me to close the door and take off my clothes as well so that it will not disturb my work.
When I started massaging his thighs, he started touching my breasts. Continue reading

Sharing is Caring

At 17 my girlfriend was a whirlwind of unadulterated sexual energy. I fucked her on our first date and that should have been my immediate hint. I was 26 and had dated quite a few girls, and a few older women in there thirties and forties, but none matched Elana, my 14 year old girlfriend. Elana lied to me for six months and told me she was 21, and the only reason I didn’t fuck her repeatedly since our first date was because of my busy schedule with the Army and being transferred from base to base, mostly for training, but also for local recruiting in which ever town or city I was stationed. Continue reading

Josie Jo gets doubled

Saturday night 6/9/19 Bob was taking his wife Josie Jo out to a dance club so his darling sexy wife could dance with some strangers and enjoy her night. I’m Josie Jo I’m a 48 yr old mother grandmother to my 5 yr old son. I’m married to a man named Bob ,my husband is disabled so our day’s that we use to spend on the dance floor holding each other is gone. It has been a while since I have been out dancing or with someone. Continue reading

Wife and another man fantasy

I have had a fantasy about my wife and other men in a threesome and gangbangs.
I have a thing for sucking cock and that is as far as it goes. Whenever we have sex I constantly think about my wife and other men. Sitting back watching the action and joining in from time to time. The thought of her being penetrated bareback and having another mans cum inside makes me weak at the knees. Continue reading

My husband lets me cheat and fuck all my ex boyfriends

Hi readers, I’ve been asked by my husband a few days ago if I’m still jealous of the other women in his past, and I admitted that I was; that I love cheating on him and it makes it easier for me to cheat on him when I imagine him with other women, Richard smiled and said he was shocked seeing that I’ve been a hotwife for a while and I can fuck anyone I choose. I admitted to him that I Continue reading