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My hot mom LOUSIE have written a letter to me.she have kept it in my purse & i read it a day and replied her in a proper manner.

Hello ! My mom lousie have shown her sexual desires.she have written me a letter & kept it in my purse.In the evening , when i was in shopping mall with my friend RACHEL , I opened my purse to pay bill on coffee shop.I saw a paper inside & took out to see.even RACHEL is looking , now we both are reading a letter written by my hot mom LOUSIE. Continue reading


LOUSIE have enjoyed lot of sex with her son GARRY , her sexual desires are mouunting & her obsession for sex with her son GARRY is now on rise.

Hello ! LOUSIE have enjoyed sex with me lot of times.I wake up & moved to kitchen to look.after my mom.looking at me , she smiled & put her hand on the bulge of penis.I kissed her face…………” Mom i need a coffee (mom) sure my son you will get it , wait in dinning hall .” I am sitting on sofa waiting for my mom.she came with a cup of coffee & looking at LOUSIE , my eyes are in shock.she have removed her clothes and came near me in complete nudity.I took coffe & she is having it sitting near me. Continue reading

She is a Hot Neighbor

I could take a good look

I was just in front of the house about to heat my car,

When I saw my hot neigboor coming down the stairs, she was taking her child to the school cab, She was wearing only like a big Shirt

It was early in the morning, everything was quiet.

I think she though nobody was around.

Those were two stories long stairs, and from my point of view I could see from down and the side part almost all the way of it. Continue reading

BBC In The Hospital

Ever wonder what happens in a hospital when a hot nurse gives a bath to a hot stud patient?

Read what happens when a handsome black stud is taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. Nurse Betty has the duty of helping the patient to the bathroom. Alone, with a hung stud, nurse Betty feels an urge. All she needs is a little nudge and this patient knows how to nudge. Continue reading

Your Very Welcome Daddy

My clit was on fire but I wanted more, slowly sliding a finger in my pussy feeling the vibrations deep in my slit. One finger , two fingers then three worked their way in my pussy going in and out my pussy juice coating my fingers.

Buzzzzzz the sound of my Rabbit vibrator so soothing as I positioned myself to experience an orgasm like no other before my husband gets home from work. Continue reading

Unexpected encounter with a girl in Goa

Hi Everyone,I am back with one more new story hope you all like this story as well and thanks for the support you gave me for my previous story.So without boring you much let me start…

Hi Everyone,

I am back with one more new story hope you all like this story as well and thanks for the support you gave me for my previous story.So without boring you much let me start the story,I’m 27 from Bangalore working as a software professional . Continue reading

Ill lick you dry

You want a woman, but she doesn’t want you. Well, let’s have a deal.

He walked inside of the office. Scared secretary was running behind him. “Miss Tease, I couldn’t do anything. He simply walked by.” Woman near the window looked at the young girl, then looked at the man. “It’s ok, dear. I’ll talk with him. You can go.”

“I think I would like nice coffee right now.” Man was checking out the woman near the window. Continue reading

A Night on the Town

A night out turns out to be a night to remember and some new friends made.

Alice’s night on the town

Recently I went out for a night on the town and found two new friends and a memorable experience. I’ve been dressing as a female since I was 10, but until two years ago hadn’t made the transformation. When I did, I was left wondering why I didn’t do so sooner. Continue reading

A First Time for Everything

There is a first time for everything, even for the promiscuous.

Not for the first time, I woke up with a strange man in my bed. This one I called Mr. Face, for the heavy-handed way that he’d Photoshopped his profile picture.

We had slow and sultry morning sex, which in my book is some of the best sex there is. When I first awoke, Mr. Face was still asleep. Continue reading