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Reuniting with MY Sister

I hadn’t seen my older half sister in over ten years. In that time she got married, had a daughter then divorced.I found my sister through social media then promptly flew to visit…

I hadn’t seen my older half sister in over ten years. In that time she got married, had a daughter then divorced.

I found my sister through social media then promptly flew to visit her. Continue reading

I Just Had Unprotected Sex With My Father In Law

I put my hands up and admit that I was part of a whirlwind romance. I met my husband whilst backpacking in Peru and we fell madly in love and were married within 6 months.
I hadn’t met his family until the wedding and honestly, he didn’t start to really annoy me until we had been married for about two months. I’ll admit it was stupid getting married so quickly but it was fun and at the time I thought this was the one. Continue reading

Another Day, I will be moving to Philly

Hello everyone, David privately sold our house and bought an estate just outside Philadelphia, called King of Prussia, just on the border of a place called Conshohoken. He called this Tuesday, and he’s returning to make the move to Pennsylvania a smooth one. Just so you readers know, I am not happy about it, because I didn’t want to leave all of my lovers. If you don’t see my stories online, just know that I will be very busy next Thursday, until the second week of June. Continue reading

Time for their 12-year-old son to learn about sex

John Edward George arrived home between one and three a.m. after having been in a tavern since he had gotten off work at noon. After eating, he informed his wife that it was time for their 12-year-old son to learn about sex. Under threat of force he had his wife wake up their son and made him dance with her while she was nude. When they resisted, he hit his wife with a belt, at one time knocking her out. Continue reading

Daddy’s Deal

When I was 11 my mother left me, my daddy, and my younger sister, Lana, alone. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I had really moved on, but Daddy has been acting weird lately. He’d been very touchy and hugged me whenever he could. One day I was in the kitchen leaning against the counter when he walked in the room. He walked over to me and grabbed my hips before pulling me against him. “Daddy?” I asked. Continue reading

I just played the naughtiest sex game I own with a group of my friends

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Most people play card games, drinking games, video games and even old-fashioned games like eye spy but not me and my group of friends.
My friends and I are different and games night doesn’t just mean getting rowdy over a game of cards, it means a lot of fun. Continue reading

What happened when I tested one of the highest rated glass dildos

Has anyone else been incredibly horny lately? I feel as if my usually high sex drive has just been overloaded with hornieness. I am not sure if it’s the weather, the fact that there is so much to try out there or just a general shift in my sex drive but whatever it is it has got me bad.
I like to think everyone is feeling this surge of sex, that everyone is getting down and dirty way more than usual because knowing you guys are just as horny as me is a blessed thought. Continue reading

Day 2 of vacation

As normal everyone staying at our vacation house heads to the beach in the morning, except my uncle. Yesterday I found out why, he must stay back to have a nice quiet beat it session. I could not get his big cock out of my mind. I came up with an excuse I had to go back to the house, I forgot my sunglasses.
When I got to the house I checked there was no one there but my uncle. His bedroom door was open a bit more than it was yesterday. Continue reading

My Boyfriend Just Gave Me My First Throatpie (story time)

I am handing you over to a good friend of mine today, her name is Jessie and I just love hearing about her slutty adventures. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do – Jess xoxo
You can read way more about Jessie, see more of her pictures and people like her on my private membership. Real submitted content, erotic stories, and videos await you. It’s a blast in there. I hope you can join me. Continue reading

Cheating Betty

I’m married to Betty J, and my name’s Brad J, I work in computer security and have lived a very sexually flirtatious swinger lifestyle in Silicon Valley, where Betty and I mostly practiced a Cuckold swinger lifestyle, but I was actually the most modern term, called a “Stag” where I proudly accept that my woman is sexually appealing to others and I need her to fulfill her sexual satisfaction with whom she pleases. Continue reading