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The End of the Beginning -Part 2

Around the beginning of May, 1978 I hooked on with another band that seemed like they were going places. Even though three of the band members would still be in high school while two of us graduated in June, they already had a Southwestern U.S. tour booked for the summer, from mid-June through Labor Day weekend in September. The only reason that the drum position opened up was because the regular drummer’s parents wouldn’t let him go. Continue reading

My Girlfriend Has The Most Beautiful Smooth Pussy (Pics & Story)

I haven’t found many men in my life who would want to shout from the rooftops about their girlfriends pussy but I am different from those men and Jess (the owner of this blog) asked me if I had anything to share and how much my girlfriends pussy turns me on is one of those things that I wanted to share with the entire world.
It’s true, my girlfriend has the most beautiful, tight and smooth pussy. Continue reading

Drunk hot girl

Passed Out Girl
My wife and I had moved to a new city about 40 years ago. We moved into small apartment building. Next to it was also another similar apartment building. Most everybody that lived in both units were under 20-30.
My job required me to sometimes have to go in pretty early every now and then. My wife usually just grunted when I kissed her goodbye those early mornings. One morning there was a light frost. Continue reading

My husband lets me cheat and fuck all my ex boyfriends

Hi readers, I’ve been asked by my husband a few days ago if I’m still jealous of the other women in his past, and I admitted that I was; that I love cheating on him and it makes it easier for me to cheat on him when I imagine him with other women, Richard smiled and said he was shocked seeing that I’ve been a hotwife for a while and I can fuck anyone I choose. I admitted to him that I Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 3

Chapter 2… “Mom, where are you?” Jenny shouted, arriving home from school. “Are you in there?”
Jane had just completed her shower after Mr. Jones’ unwelcomed visit. She was in the master bathroom, having run to the shower hysterically after her ordeal. The bathroom door was left open, but her daughter was polite enough not to enter and spoke from behind the wall.
“Yes, honey, I’m almost done,” Jane called out looking frantically for something to put on. Continue reading

I had a foursome and let the men cum on my face

Today I am handing over the bitch topia reigns to my friend Lola, she wants to tell you all about the time she let three men cum on her face. I am so excited to read this story once it’s done and in my editing hands, I hope you’re as excited as I am.
Let’s dive straight in – Jess xoxoHi everyone! My name is Lola and I am taking over the blog today, I have an amazing story to share with you all, I have begged Jess to let me share it and finally, here I am. Continue reading

My Wifes 5th & 6th Threesome

Arlie’s Fourth Time – A week after we had met with Roland for the first time, Linda asked me when I was having Arlie come over for some more cock sucking, she was wanting to do some more of it. She told me I could fuck her all I wanted as she sucked him dry. That sounded pretty good to me as I was really enjoying her pussy when she sucked cock at the same time. So 2 days later Arlie was in the family room looking at Linda’s near naked body as she slowly rubbed her cunt and when she could see he had a hard-on, said lets go to the bedroom. Continue reading

Having sex in the park

Don’t know how i got there but here was, lying awake at 3 at the night. Everyone slept long ago but, not me. It not new, its normal. I always have a rule that if you are not asleep till 4 then you have to get up and start your day. It was still one hour till 4 but i didn’t care and still got up to write. When you write early then you probably will finish early. That did happened with me that day. Continue reading

I Just Had The Best Orgasm Of My Life Using A G-Spot Vibrator

I think most of us can look back at a certain time in our lives and remember a certain orgasm, it doesn’t neccesarily have to be your first orgasm but just an orgasm that blew your mind and one you can look back on and smile.
I certaintly have a time like this, a time when my orgasm was so powerful that I thought I was going to faint because I held my breath for so long when I started to cum, a time where I just didn’t care how much noise I was making and all I could focus on was the orgasm that was erupting from within me. Continue reading

Sending My Boyfriend The Naughtiest Nude Selfies

There’s no shame in loving your body and I definitely love mine, I love walking around naked, I love strangers looking at my body and although I can be modest when I am outside, it’s a whole other story in the bedroom.

I got a huge kick the first time I ever sent nude selfies of myself to a stranger, it was a photo of just my breasts, I had pulled off my t-shirt and snapped a photo of my pert breasts, it didn’t show my head or torso, just my breasts and the guy I sent it to was very appreciative and he showered me in compliments and it felt amazing. Continue reading