Josie Jo gets doubled

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Saturday night 6/9/19 Bob was taking his wife Josie Jo out to a dance club so his darling sexy wife could dance with some strangers and enjoy her night. I’m Josie Jo I’m a 48 yr old mother grandmother to my 5 yr old son. I’m married to a man named Bob ,my husband is disabled so our day’s that we use to spend on the dance floor holding each other is gone. It has been a while since I have been out dancing or with someone. I was so excited about going what to wear. Decided on sheer black dress with very low cut bust line allowing most of my breast to be visible being 38h doesn’t take much for them to not be visible I am very proud of my boobs. We ended up at the ice House in McComb Mississippi.we we found us a table ordered some drinks enjoyed the music. It was long before I was asked to dance love to i replied ,as this young man takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor,my favorite music Alabama was playing feels so right. As we joined and I pressed by breast to his chest he slowly starting to move with me as we danced he whispered into my ear about how wonderful I looked we danced and rubbed each other until the song ended.i said thank you and went back to the table.when I returned to our table Bob had a couple sitting with us,he introduce me to them and like wise. Jim and Susan Jim was 50 his wife Susan 40 Susan was quite sexy she to had big breast,blonde green eyes small frame which really showed off her breast Jim stocky build nice looking. We drank , danced , talked while I was dancing with Jim Susan was keeping Bob company. Jim slowly ran his hands up under my dress his fingers got a surprise no panties or thong’s his fingers found the moistness of my lips on my pussy,i tried to spread my legs some but almost fell down causing some attention. When we got back to the table it’s getting kinda late I’m almost drunk but there sat me another drink. As I drank my drink trying to rest my body started to tingle my mind drifting on me I’m really fucked up drunker than a skunk I thought. It’s time to go as I tried to get up I could not feel my legs as I was carried out to the car,placed into the back seat as Jim crawled in besides me while Susan rode up front. I can’t hardly speak but asked Jim where are we going. To our house so we all can get to know you better,ok I muttered. Jim was fast to unzip my dress and pull it down letting my huge titties flop out unable to move or speak as he said to my husband and his wife incredible titties your wife has,his hands now spreading my legs as his fingers found the insides of my pussy I’m unable to respond ,Jim said to Susan you are going to enjoy her. As the car stopped doors opened up and I’m dragged into this house,threw down on a bed and undressed by Jim and Susan. Susan looked into my eyes deeply and said I’m going to fuck you and their is nothing that I could do about it.jim started to eat my pussy while his wife put on this very large strap on big as my stallions see this baby Susan said to me this is for you I’m going to fuck you up your ass with it very hard and it’s nothing you can do. Jim got up and laid down besides me where he rolled me over on top of him,as he placed his semi small dick inside my pussy and started to fuck me I could not fuck him back,just laid there when Susan walked up behind me placed a tube of k y to my asshole and squeezed some inside of my rectum,susan said to me hold on bitch as she forced the head into my ass stretching and tearing my insides,i went out I could feel that horse dick all the way to my belly button don’t remember much about my husband hr watched the whole time. Because Susan is a female she is not going to cum and fucked me what seems like hours while Jim was still buried inside my pussy for he kept cumin seeding my womb over and over his sperm pushing thru my tubes searching for my egg please don’t get me pregnant but I’m sure it’s to late as I am ovulating that time of the month only I know when. After an eternity it was over slowly but slowly that drug worn off . Bob loaded me up and took me home in 6 wks I’ll know if I’m going to be a Mom again.more than I bargained for..find me on Instagram see what Josie Jo looks like..4u2cjosie Instagram

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