I was raped by my teacher at 10

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My names Ari and when I was 10 I was raped by my teacher, I’m 13 now so this happened 3 years ago, It was one or the worst experiences of my life and I really hope it doesn’t happen to any other girls.
just so you know i was 10, 4ft 4 Inches, Pretty much flat chested, and as you could guess i was pretty tight. I have long brown hair down to my butt, i’m Tanned, Brown eyes and that’s about it.
It was recess when i got held back in class because I was miss behaving, It wasn’t my first time so i was pretty calm, My teacher was called Mr Moore he was around 55 years old and he always gave me the creeps, I sat down in my seat at the back and of the classroom and started to do the work, I heard footsteps walking towards me and looked up and he was standing in front of me. He then told me to stand up so i did and then he grabbed my around my head and covered my mouth with one hand and slowly put his other hand down the front of my skirt, I was jumping around trying to scream and break free but it was no hope he was too strong, I began to cry as he inserted his finger into my pussy. I didn’t know what was going on but i was scared and, I kicked him in the leg and he slapped me across the face I kicked him in the balls with back of my foot he then shoved his fist inside me. I thought I was going to die at this point, he bent me over a desk and pulled my panties and skirt down I looked behind me as he pulled his dick out of his pants, I didn’t know what it was i was just scared I couldn’t stop crying as I felt his dick enter my pussy it was warm he inserted it further and it began to hurt more and more, He started thrusting in and out he then inserted his whole and i felt it hit something inside me.
It started to hurt even more as i felt blood flow out of my pussy I then felt a warm liquid inside me, I didn’t know what it was at the time but now I know that he cummed in me. He then sat me on the floor and told me to suck his dick i refused to but he slapped me across, I then grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth still tears running down my face. I was sucking it for about 5 minutes when i heard the door open.
I stopped and looked up and seen miss Kane staring right at us, Mr Moore stood up and told her it’s not what she thinks, I dropped onto the floor and laying there crying, I was so sore I could hardly move, Miss Kane and Mr Moore started to argue, I don’t know what they were saying i was so zoned out.
After a few minutes Mr Moore ran out and Miss Kane held me up and hugged me, I didn’t know what to say I just hugged her back. My mom came about 20 minutes later, She helped me clean up and she talked to me about it, She was so angry and sad, We ended up taking Mr Moore to court, He got sent to jail and became a registered sex offender.
I had to go on birth control and i’m still recovering from it, I haven’t had sex since and and i’m not planing on it anytime soon.
If any girls are reading this be carful <3

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