A Sub-Prising Day

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The love and erotic wisdom of her Master was deeper than she could ever have realised!

As she did whenever she was nervous, Sara was caressing the sterling silver charm on her bracelet. It was a heart, outlined with chains, with the word “Owned” engraved in its centre. She was a Sub, and even just the thought of her Master – whom she was required to call “Sir” – began to calm her jitters. Although not usually much of a people person, because she was an excellent engineer Sara had been tasked by her CEO to present their company’s offering for a huge tender. She was well-practised at public speaking, but not usually when a $25 million contract was at stake!

Given the formality of the event, Sara was dressed very conservatively in a white button blouse and long, navy-blue pencil skirt. These colours, along with the redness of her long, wavy hair, matched those of her company’s logo. The cut of her clothes accentuated her lovely curves – EE-cup breasts, a very squeezable ass and luscious thighs – without being too revealing. She briefly wondered if her CEO was using her looks to score “extra points” from the male-dominated selection panel she’d be appearing in front of, knowing from previous experience that the presenters from their three competing companies would all be men.

Just as she finished re-reading her PowerPoint slides for about the tenth time, there was a knock on her office door. Already open, the office courier entered at her invitation to drop off a package about the size of a shoebox. After thanking him, her heart raced as she noticed the sender’s name – a simple “YS”, which she knew stood for “Your Sir”. Closing her door, she unwrapped the package with eager hands and found the expected note. It read:

“All my love on your big day today, My Girl. You’ll do great! Make sure you wear what I’ve included. Think of our time together when the mood strikes. You may cum ONCE and ONLY once. For any transgressions of these rules, you will not be allowed to cum again for the same number of days.”

Most people would have been shocked at someone wanting them to orgasm during such a critical time, but Sara knew her Sir all too well. He had proven time and time again that he solely had her best interests at heart, and he was also the only person she’d ever found whose kinky mind and endless libido perfectly matched her own. She trusted her Sir implicitly and resolved, as usual, to follow his instructions to the letter. Now opening the box, she found three items. It was a very good thing she had her own private office! The first was a white lace bra, exquisite in its intricate design, but clearly not from a usual lingerie store as each cup was tipped with a wide hole so as to leave her aureoles & nipples bare. Similarly, the matching white lace panties contained a gaping slit in their crotch so as to leave her pussy exposed. A thrill of excitement ran through Sara when she extracted the third item – a set of Ben Wa balls!! Despite having quite an extensive “toy” collection in an attempt to satiate her over-active libido, a set of these had not been part of it – until now.

After double-checking her office door was definitely locked, Sara hiked up her skirt and shimmied down the current red & white-striped panties she’d been wearing. Laying back in her office chair, she opened her legs; God that mad her feel slutty, and she wished Sir had been there to see that sight! His loving letter had already made her cunt slightly slick, so it was no problem for Sara to insert the Ben Wa balls deep inside her. Mmmmmm, the pressure of her pussy walls against their rolling hardness felt lovely! Next she slid her new lace panties up her curvy thighs, loving being able to feel the cool air-conditioning against her smooth, exposed pussy lips while wearing them. Finally unbuttoning her blouse, she swapped her solid cotton bra for Sir’s lace one. Re-fastening her top, Sara felt the thrill of the soft material sliding over her bare, extremely sensitive nipples. Sir knew very well that one of her favourite things was to nipple-orgasm, a fact he often took great delight in as he was most definitely a “breast man” himself.

Sara knew Sir now had her erotically primed, but even on her big day, this didn’t trouble her; in fact, it gave her confidence knowing he was helping control her presentation – albeit in a rather unconventional way. Her nervous had now fully abated, something which she silently thanked Sir for. Sir was a true gentleman who had called her twice a day, virtually every day, since they’d met on-line over a year ago. At exactly twice her age, his 46 years gave him wisdom and maturity to not only support and encourage her, but they combined with his sexual experience and wickedly erotic mind to ensure that by his commands she came at least twice a day as her body so desperately needed. Unless she’d been bad of course … then he’d work her up to the point of raw sexual desperation, but not allow her to cum until he called again the next day. Those times of punishment for her transgressions were pure agony for her ever-needy body, but when Sir did finally tip her over the orgasmic edge, that beautiful agony was sooo worth waiting for!

A rap on her door startled Sara out of daydreams filled with her Sir; he lived inter-state, though had come to visit her twice so far and had spent both weekends showing her the incredible heights her arousal could reach under his strict control.

“Off we go!”, said her CEO. “There’s a taxi waiting for us downstairs.”

The ride was uneventful and Sara did her best to sit still, not wanting the Ben Wa balls to bring her too much pleasure just yet. Any further arousal would cause her big nipples to begin to harden, and that’d be way too obvious to her CEO in the tight confines of the taxi. Upon arrival at their prospective customer’s site, they were mustered into a waiting room. The slick young men of one competing organisation were de-briefing each other after having presented first, and the high-powered older executives of the company scheduled to prevent fourth had arrived just ahead of Sara and her CEO.

Twenty minutes later, the business-suited salesmen presenting second re-entered the waiting room. Taking their cue, Sara and her CEO walked through the door and onto the stage of the small auditorium. While her CEO gave a company overview, Sara scanned the selection board. As expected, they were all men in their 30’s and 40’s. Surprisingly, their own CEO was also present – Sara knew she was a wildly-successful but very private single woman called Lucy Wu. She was a startlingly-attractive, slim, Asian woman who appeared to be way younger than her actual age had to be; Sara guessed this would be early 40’s. Miss Wu was most definitely a power-dresser, with everything about her exuding strength and control despite her slight frame.

With her CEO now passing the presentation over to Sara to cover the detailed technical aspects of their tender, Sara was again surprised to see Miss Wu catch her eye and smile at her as she made her way to the podium in the centre of the stage. This is where Sara’s presenting skills really came into their own; she was a dynamic speaker, literally bounding from one side of the stage to the other in addressing different members of the audience as she impressed upon them the excellence of her designs. And it was this energy and enthusiasm that began to have a new effect on her, mostly thanks to Sir’s Ben Wa balls. The more she responded to her audience, the more those balls teased and caressed her needy cunt, and the more aroused she became. Sara didn’t need to look down to know that her big EE-cup breasts had firmed considerably, making them stand out even more than usual. Plus her long, thick nipples were now rock-hard, and there was no way that anyone in the audience could miss the sharp peaks they were making in her now-tight top. The tight material caressed them over & over again as she moved, causing Sara to occasionally catch her breath as he most favourite body parts were continually tantalised. The more eagle-eyed of the audience were also salivating as the white of Sara’s blouse did a less than passable job of hiding her large aureoles, now darkly-engorged in their desperate need for Sir’s physical pleasuring. All this extra attention from the male audience made Sara hornier still, though she had no idea what Miss Wu was thinking of the display which her Sir had most masterfully crafted. Still, she managed to keep her professionalism intact until finally she settled behind the podium when the lights darkened for a 10-minute video clip.

With everyone’s attention on the big video screen, Sara’s sexual desperation finally broke through and she began to rhythmically squeeze her thighs together, unseen behind the podium. Thinking of Sir as he’d directed – not that she wanted to do otherwise! – she envisaged that the sensations now coursing through her pulsing clit were those brought by his magical tongue. Not only had Sir previously shown her how good he was at oral play, but he’d proved how much he really did love pleasuring her that way, giving her orgasm after orgasm while his face was trapped between her bouncing, creamy thighs. Sara’s bare pussy lips were now fully engorged in her erotic excitement, puffing out of the slit in the special panties Sir had supplied, which made her feel oh-so-slutty … she loved feeling that way, and Sir knew it! Remembering further how Sir had deepened her orgasmic throes by caressing her G-spot with two fingers while his tongue had been thrashing wantonly over her excited clit, Sara began to intersperse squeezing her thighs with contracting her pelvic muscles. This so greatly enhanced the deep, sensual pleasuring of the Ben Wa balls that it caused Sara’s legs to wobble and give way as she was overcome by raw lust for her Sir – she would have fallen if she had not propped herself up on her elbows on the podium. Sara knew that her orgasm was inevitable; Sir clearly knew the effect his presents would have on her too, which is why he’d allowed her to cum, and she loved him for it. Somewhere in the back of her sex-crazed brain she recognised the video was about half way through, and as much as she desperately wanted to cum over and over and over again thinking of her beloved Sir, she knew that after the one he’d allowed her she’d have just long enough to recover before wrapping up her presentation. He was a brilliant, kinky, loving master and Sara knew that she could know no greater fulfilment and happiness than devoting her life to him.

As her orgasm built, Sara dropped her head down like she was reading her notes to prevent the audience from seeing her pretty face contorting in pure lust. With eyes rolled back her breath panting frantically through her wide-open mouth, Sara knew that Sir would be well-proud of the overwhelming desires he had wrought so publicly in her. Sara’s legs began to shake uncontrollably and although the podium helped hide her wildly-excited state from the audience, in the semi-darkness her huge pendulous breasts were visibly shaking as the erotic need for Sir’s touch overcame her. Both he and Sara loved her incredibly-sensitive breasts, and Sir told her over & over again how special she was to be able to “nipplegasm” from stimulation of them alone. Knowing she had to cum NOW, Sara rotated her body slightly to each side so she could rub each thick, turgid nipple against the insides of her arms. Remembering how Sir had worshipped her breasts, and especially her nipples, for hours and hours while she came over & over again, this much-beloved tantalising finally sent her over the edge. With a quiet shriek – hopefully hidden by the soundtrack from the video! – Sara’s orgasm thundered through her entire body like a rushing freight train. It took all her failing strength to remain upright as she clutched the podium, her frame wracked by climactic shakes as her sexual overload slowly subsided.

It was a few more minutes until the lights came back on as the video finished. By then Sara had fully re-composed herself, the only sign of her recent erotic explosion being the warm trail of girl-cum running from her bare pussy down her inner thighs. Fortunately her long pencil-skirt allowed no sign of this, so Sara was able to wrap up her presentation with the same confidence and exuberance with which she’d begun. Her CEO was extremely happy with the very positive responses from all the men in the selection panel, but it was the huge smile and sly wink that Sara received from Miss Wu that made the greatest, but somewhat confusing, impression upon Sara.

Being late in the afternoon, Sara headed directly home from the presentations in a taxi when a message from her beloved Sir popped up on her iPhone. “Congratulations on your promotion, my special girl!”

Confused, she replied with a simple “??? Sir”.

“Your presentation just won your company the contract! On the sole condition that you’re promoted to Senior Engineer and work on the customer’s site for the project’s duration”.

Sara was excited, but confused … the final competitors couldn’t even have finished their presentation yet, let alone the customer’s selection panel being able to meet to make a final decision. “How could you know, Sir?” she responded.

“The decision came right from the top. Lucy just thanked me for the present I sent to her today”.

Sara was gobsmacked. “Sir, may I ask how do you know Miss Wu? And what did you bribe her with??”

“You 🙂 No-one else knows this, but Lucy is bi. I know because when we were at University together, she wore a collar for me”.

Sara sat stunned for a minute. Of course given Sir’s age and experience he’d had previous partners, and Sir knew that she enjoyed good female porn as much as he did, but this was an incredible convergence that sent her still-moist pussy throbbing again. Combined with the unexpected career boost and substantially higher salary this would bring, tears of pure joy began to run down Sara’s face as she realised to an even deeper level just how much her Sir cared for all her needs.

“Thank you Thank you THANK YOU my SIR!!!”

“You did all the hard work, my dear girl – you very much deserve the rewards for your genius and determination! I simply let Lucy know to expect a surprise today. We’ll talk soon.”

Sara’s mind was still in a tizz of excitement when the taxi dropped her off at her apartment. Putting her hand on the door handle, she was surprised when it opened immediately; she must have been so nervous on the way out this morning that she’s forgotten to lock it. Pushing it open, she paused at a slight sound coming from her bathroom at the rear of her apartment.

“Hello …?” she called, a little worried. All thoughts of dashing back to the taxi were erased when the response came.

“That’s Hello SIR to you, young lady!”

Sara’s heart jumped with joy and her always-needy nipples tingled in both anticipation and delight as she realised that her Master had already flown interstate so he could congratulate her in person! And she knew all too well how little sleep she’d be getting tonight. She rushed into his arms as he planted a passionate kiss on her longing lips.

“Come into the shower with me now, my Dear. But we can’t have too much fun just yet … we need to get ourselves ready for that at Lucy’s mansion tonight!”

“By your command … Sir!” Sara responded cheekily, squealing as he slapped her ample ass hard. She squirmed in delight at this punishment; her bountiful EE-cups firmed, her big aureoles began to puff in desire and her already-hard nipples poked into his broad chest as she now imagined her beloved Sir and his beautiful former Sub focussing all their attentions on pleasuring her own curvaceous, craving body all night long …

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