The Peeping Mrs. Robinson

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The woman across the way never closed her blinds or curtains in her bedroom. I never considered myself a voyeur, but I did live on third floor with an extravagant view of the city and had a pair of binoculars sitting by the window.

The woman across the way never closed her blinds or curtains in her bedroom. I never considered myself a voyeur, but I did live on third floor with an extravagant view of the city and had a pair of binoculars sitting by the window. I bought them when I moved in, thinking it’d be neat to once in a while sit on my easy chair and zoom into certain areas of the city.

I didn’t do my peeping that often. If I got bored and had nothing better to do , I’d do it. I even got a pair of spy binoculars that took video and still pictures, which I intended to post on social media. I wanted to get great views of the city, especially during thunderstorms.

She must have been in her late 40’s to early 50’s. I never knew her name or her true age. She moved in about a year after I did. One night, while I was trying to capture some great pictures of the city, I noticed the woman in her bedroom window. She was hot for her being an older woman. She had dirty blonde hair down her back, nice big round tits and a flat stomach. She appeared to live alone and I never saw her have any company over.

On one particular night, I saw her getting undressed. After taking off her blouse, she revealed black thong bikini bottoms and a black bra. Her tits looked like they were too big for that bra and were bulging out of it. Before she took off her undergarments, I saw her laying on her bed. Her bed was within direct view of me. Why she put her bed in direct view of the window, without any obstruction is beyond me.

She laid down on her bed and I noticed that she appeared to be getting herself off with her fingers. One hand was cupping her tit and the other was inside her. Even though, I knew that I had no business watching her, I couldn’t help myself. At least I never took any pictures or video because I always felt that would be crossing the line, even as perverted as a mind I had.

I watched her do this probably twice a week at night around 11pm. There were times where I admit, I had one hand working the binoculars and the other hand on my shaft. Sometimes, she would use a dildo or vibrator. I had pretty good zoom and saw everything.

Well, it just so happened that after about 6 months, after she moved in, she got herself a pair of binoculars too! I found this out the hard way, when I zoomed in on her one night, she was zoomed in on me! Funny thing is, that instead of dropping the binoculars and finding a way to conceal herself from her window, she waved to me. Embarrassed, having just been caught peeping, I dropped my binoculars and pulled up my pants, shutting off the light so I wouldn’t be seen.

I didn’t peep again for at least a few weeks after that. When I started again, it was the same thing, she was standing by her window, looking at me looking at her and I would chicken out and stop. The last thing I needed was the cops at my apartment and my landlord and neighbors finding out what I was doing wouldn’t be cool at all.

One weekend afternoon, spring had just broke, it was a nice day outside and I decided to go for a walk to the deli for lunch. I had to pass her house by the deli and she was outside prepping the yard for the warmer weather. She looked slamming hot, she had on jogging pants, but they fit her curves nicely. She wore a tight button down shirt that exposed her awesome cleavage. Her hair was tied up behind her back. As I passed her house, not thinking that she knew who I was (Hoping that she didn’t), she stopped me.

“Hi, are you the neighbor that lives on the third floor of that building over there?” she said to me pointing in the direction of my apartment.

“Yeah, you must be the new neighbor” I said, trying to act innocent.

“So you’re the one who I caught with the binoculars” she said to in a semi-sarcastic tone of voice.

“I…” I didn’t know what to say to her.

“It’s alright don’t worry about it” She said laughing. “As a matter of fact, I was wondering why you stopped peeping” she said to me. I was stunned.

“Excuse me?” I said to her.

“Well, I have to admit, the first night I saw you looking in my direction, I was a bit stunned. I got over it. By the way, how long have you been looking before that if you don’t mind me asking”?

“I uh…”

“You’ve probably seen what I do at night before I go to bed, don’t you!” her voice became tougher.

“I, I didn’t …I accidentally saw you. I wasn’t intending to…I’ve been looking out at the skyline long before you moved in, and before you moved in there was nobody in your place. I didn’t mean to alarm you” I told her trying to play all innocent and everything.

“Well, alright then, you seem harmless to me, I mean how old are you 18?”

“I’m 32 miss”

“I didn’t catch your name”


“Hi Keith, well, don’t let me stop you from the view. Don’t be a stranger, the weather’s getting warmer. Stop by some time when you get a free moment and we’ll have a few drinks, it’s just me here.”

I was waiting for an introduction. It never came. She still didn’t tell me her name. Maybe it was best I didn’t get her name.

“Ok, maybe sometime” I said to her.

That night, I began peeping again. First, she practically gave me permission to. Secondly, I was curious as to what she would do, probably knowing full well that I would be watching her.

11pm came, I pulled out my binoculars, and there she was with hers. Looking at me. She waved. I waved back. She put the binoculars down and began posing in the window like some fashion model. Tonight she was topless with string bikini bottoms! She turned around and bent over. I was so tempted to begin snapping stills with my digital camera on the binoculars but I didn’t.

I slid off my boxers to reveal my hard on. She saw it after she zoomed back in with my binoculars. She actually gave me a thumbs up and looked like she was laughing. I sat in my chair, that I usually sit in by the window and leaned it back. She was definitely putting on a show now. On purpose!

Like the other times, she was masturbating. Only this time, because she knew I was watching, she did it like a stripper would on stage. I was stroking my cock with my other hand and right before I came, I turned off the lights.

About an hour later. I shit you not. She came knocking on my door dressed in her bathrobe.

“Keith! What the fuck? I put on a show for you, I see you jacking off and right in the middle of everything you turn off the light? What the fuck is that shit!”.

“Oh you saw that?”

She sat there with her arms crossed and tapping her left foot.

“You know Keith, this was fun for a while, but you apparently got yourself off and closed up shop, but just as I was about getting ready to finish myself, you shut off the light! What the fuck! What am I supposed to do with this?” She yelled as she opened her robe. She was totally naked.

My jaw must have dropped at the sight of her. I was speechless.

“Well, um”

“You going to invite me in or what?” She said. She now had this ‘Fuck Me Now’ look on her face. Was I dreaming this? Do things like this really happen?

“Oh yeah, sure” and she came inside.

She immediately dropped her robe, got on her knees, slid my boxers down and started blowing me! What was I going to do? Try and stop her? Hell no!

Her head slowly bobbed up and down across my cock as I held her hair back. She moaned with each sucking sound as she made eye contact with me. She sucked my dick for a good 5 minutes before she stood up, turned around and leaned up against the chair where she stuck out her beautiful, tight round ass.

I knew what this meant. I wasted no time taking her from behind. I rammed her hard. The chair and kitchen table was shaking.

“Oh Fuck! My god! Fuck that pussy harder!” she said as I was hitting that cunt faster and faster.

“Oh shit!” I started saying “I’m going to cum!”

She turned around, got back on her knees as I held my cock to her face. She opened her mouth and I shot my load in it. Some of my spooge got on her lips and under her nose.

“Not bad for a 50 something year old ehh?” She said “You! You got the good stuff!” she said smiling at me.

She put on her robe, said ‘Goodbye’ with a smile before walking back to her place.

I still don’t know her name. I had to make one up. I call her “Mrs. Robinson” but I don’t use it in front of her. The peep show turn sex show goes on at least once a week now.

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