right hot tub wrong timing

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Right Hot Tub Wrong Timing So it was the end of a long work week and I was just feeling like getting away for the weekend just by myself to do nothing. I packed a bag hoped in…

Right Hot Tub Wrong Timing

So it was the end of a long work week and I was just feeling like getting away for the weekend just by myself to do nothing. I packed a bag hoped in my truck and just started drivng north. So I make it to Blue Mountain and figured this was far enough so I found a nice hotel and got a room for a couple nights. I get up to my room and just crashed. Later that evening i decided id head out to a local bar there for a few beers then head back to the hotel that was the plan anyway. So im at the bar and few beers turned into a few more and few more. I started talking to this girl who was up there with her friend who hooked up with another guy and was left alone. So me being of sound mind and body stood up infront of her and said hey you wanna hook up to, and thank god she was a little drunk too because she said hell yes. And wouldnt you know it she was staying in my hotel too. so we stumble back and were in the elelvator and get to her floor and she turns to me as the doors open and says wanna get a little freaky and i obviously agreed. so her idea was lets go to the hot tub downstairs and do it there beacause this late at night no one will be around itll be great, and im like well what are we waiting for. SO i reach for the lobby and she says no no im gonna go get ready quick and ill meet you down there i said what do you have to get ready she says i wanna put my stuff away and get naked im not gonna wear any clothes down there and neither are you she syas meet in the tub in 20 minutes i said ok great. so she gets off at her floor and i go to mine. so im in my room and im stumbling around taking off my clohtes so i sit down on the bed and say ok let me wait a few extra minutes so i dont beat her down there well i closed my eyes and i fell asleep. i jumped up in a panic thinking i missed my window. so i grabbed a robe and ran downstairs thinking maybe she waited. i get down to the pool area and there is no one in sight and i was cheesed, but i figured hey im here and naked why not relax for a bit in the hot tub. so i throw my robe in the corner and walk to the hot tub naked as can be i turn the jets on and just take in a good soak. well a minute or two passes and i here someone coming and i think yes its her i didnt miss my chance i got so excited this was gonna happen, but i played it cool and kept my back to the entrance i hear the door open. i hear multiple voices tho i turn my head and in walking are two woman that ive never seen before and lets just say there were older than me (me being 23 and them being over 40 for sure). and they ask got any more room in there hun I say nothing. I’m freaking out at this point like what do i do here do i just leave and be naked infront of them or do i stay in and hope they dont notice. well i just froze and they get in the tub with me and introduce themselves and start telling me why they are here and had to get away so i relax a bit and kinda forget in naked in there so i put my hands up on the sides of the hot tub to stretch out and then i notice one of them lean over to the other and whisper something and then they look at me and the better looking one leans overtop of me and says i told you he was naked in here. i was so embarrassed i didnt know what to say i covered up at best i could and said im so sorry i gotta go they say no no please dont worry nothing we havent seen before here let us make you feel more comfortable. AND they stand up and take there suits off it took alot of restraint not to blow my load right there. so i tell them what happened and why im naked they laughed quite a bit so im getting ready to go and there like no no sweetie your staying and one slides over next to me and starts rubbing my chest and shoulders while the other takes a huge deep breathe and goes under the water and starts giving me the best blow job i have ever gotten it was quick cuz i guess she couldnt breathe but i wanted to shoot hot jizz in her mouth she comes back up for air and we all start making out both of them got a hand each on my cock and i have one of there boobs in one and my other hand was rubbing the others clit. then the hotter one starts riding my cock while the other climbs out of the tub and crouches over me so i can eat her out. and theres water flying everywhere and were all moaning and groaning. i bent one over and fucked her from behind and the other starts talking into my ear you close baby you gonna cum for us and before i could even say oh yes. she pulls me out of her friend spins me around and now they are both kneeling in front me one grabbed my balls while the other stuck her finger right up my ass and started finger fucking me at first i was like WTF then i was like OMG and i shot the biggest load ever all over their faces. then i fell back into the tub ust drained completely. so i catch my breathe and start to think to myself what happened to the orginal girl from the bar. then i was like whatever i got these two sexy milfs now guess she passed out.Rest of the story to cum later….

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