They fisted me wideopen Part 1

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Met some guys online and found out they were into fisting and I have always wanted to be fisted. Let them take me back to their room and have their way with me.

I was overdue for a night out with the girls and we had it all planned out and scheduled however, one by one they all backed out by the weekend. I decided it was whatever and I was going to go out by myself. I went downtown to a nice little bar I had never been in before and started throwing back shots. Some guys were sitting next to me and saw I was alone and invited me to come have shots with them. By the end of the night, I had learned they were from out of town here on some construction business. One of the guys had been rubbing my thigh all night and he whispered in my ear asking if I had ever had a whole hand in my pussy. I said no but I had watched some videos and it looked fun. We got to talking about being fisted and soon the whole group joined in some had done it before to their wives some to randoms and some never before. At this point, I was completely drunk and not ready to head home so I suggested we go teach the newbies including myself how to fist. They couldn’t move fast enough getting me out of the bar and down the street to their hotel. As I was riding up the elevator I thought to myself now how am I going to take 8 fists in my pussy. One of the guys must have seen the concern on my face and said don’t worry we all won’t fist you but everybody will get to cum tonight.

We get on their floor and as we’re walking someone is rubbing my titties and my nipples are rock hard he says yea she is ready she wants this bad. I didn’t even get int he door good enough and they pulled my romper down and off me and had my bra off and slung across the room before I knew it. Everyone started rubbing on my body and one of the guys said lay her down let’s taste her pussy. They begin to take turns eating my pussy and shoving dicks down my throat one the guy that started it all with the conversation said ok lets get this pussy stretched open and he put me in a doggie position someone threw him some lube and he lubed his hand up and all around my hole and said ok newbies this is how you get a fist in a pussy. He begins to ease fingers in and out in and out and I could feel every time he added more and move until I felt my pussy pop and he said I’m all in. He dug deeper and deeper and the pulled out as soon as I was about to cum. He told me to relax they were not ready for that yet. And he lubed up who turned out to be his brother’s hand and told him to give it a try. His brothers hand was a lot bigger then his I felt him try and get 4 fingers in me at once and he was pounding his hand and laughing and asking why they are taking it slow they want to destroy my hole. I tried to jump up and he pushed me back down and said no bitch this is what happens when you go back to a room with 8 guys! We’re going to abuse this pussy all night long, as he said that he punched his entire fist into my pussy making me scream like I never screamed before.

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