My Brother (part three)

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Later that evening, the same day my brother got home from his training for the Army, we were having dinner. My mom had made lasagna just like my brother had asked her to. We sat and…

Later that evening, the same day my brother got home from his training for the Army, we were having dinner. My mom had made lasagna just like my brother had asked her to. We sat and ate like we had before he had left. Everything seamed so normal. That fact that him and I had been alone in my room earlier and I had swallowed a belly full of his cum didn’t appear to change anything.

Not to him anyway. He was the same person. I on the other hand couldn’t stop thinking about his dick in my mouth of his fingers in my pussy. Several times I was caught in thought and something was said to my for a second time because I wasn’t listening the first go around.

After dinner. My mom said she was going to look for a show on Netflix for us to watch. I offered to clear the table and do the dishes. Jeremy offered to help.

Alone in the kitchen he came up behind me and kissed my neck. “I don’t feel like watching a movie.” he said to me.

I shivered at the thought of what else he might rather want to do. “I don’t want to either.” I said and turned around to kiss him. “But we better anyway. You are here for two weeks. We will find time without mom home.”

He smiled and took a dirty plate out of my hands. We finished the dishes and joined mom in the living room. She was sitting in the middle of the couch so Jeremy and I had to sit on either side of her. I cried out inwardly that I wouldn’t be next to him but resolved to what had to be.

The movie wasn’t my focus, nor was it his. We sat there, clearly not watching. Hoping that mom would fall asleep. As the credits started to roll she suggested watching another. My heart sunk, not having a reason not to.

“I actually have to be up early tomorrow.” Jeremy said. “I have to be down at the recruiters office at 6 am. This isn’t just a vacation for me unfortunately.”

“What about you Brady?” she asked. “I took a few days off so I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

I shrugged. “I’m actually tired. I think I’ll go to bed.” I said hoping she wouldn’t call my bluff.

“Alright, I’m the old on here and I’m the only one that wants to stay up. Whats up with that?”

“Why don’t you go out mom?” suggested Jeremy. “it’s Friday night. You never have a chance to go out.”

Her eyes light up. “You’re right.” she said and hopped off the couch. Jeremy gave me a look that indicated that he wasn’t planning on going to bed at all.

We sat there on the couch for a bit longer making small talk while mom go ready to leave. She cam out of her room wearing a simple black dress. I had never seen her wear it before. It fit her body well and had a plunging neck line. For her age, mom was quite attractive. She had a great figure and large breasts that looked like the were fighting to get out of the dress. Her slender shapely legs were bare and she had on simple black heals. Her makeup was simple but complemented her eyes and lips. She had beautiful lips that were full but not overly large.

“Damn!” Jeremy said when he turned around to look at her. A small sting of jealousy pricked at me for a moment.

“Oh stop it.” she said. “I probably won’t be out late. But if I am, don’t come looking for me.” she said with a smile. When she walked out the door and we heard the car drive away Jeremy looked at me with a smile a victory and desire.

I moved closer to him and kissed him passionately. I wanted him so badly, it was all I could do to keep from pulling his cloths off. He on the other hand wasn’t wasting any time. He lifted my shirt and was tugging at my bra before I could tell what was happening. I threw out my reserves and started at his pants. He stood to allow me to pull them and his underwear down. His dick was already half hard and I took it into my mouth. He stood there with his hand on the back of my head as I sat on the edge of the couch sucking him off. I started to play with myself and touching my breasts he had exposed.

After a few minutes of blowing him he pulled his cock out of my mouth and reached for my shorts I had put on after earlier. I didn’t bother with panties. The ones I had on earlier were soaked and I didn’t want to worry about another pair if we had a chance to be together again tonight.

He dropped to his knees and lifted my legs up to expose my pussy. He moved in close and began to lick my clit. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his head, pushing him in deeper his tongue felt do good. I didn’t know if I would be able to keep this up without cumming. When he started to tongue fuck me I knew I wouldn’t be able to. I moaned and gasped as he ate me out. My body squirmed and spammed, I had not control over my movement.

Jeremy used two fingers to spread my lips and sucked my clit, rolling it between his lips. I could feel a fire starting inside me and I knew I was going to cum. “Jeremy-” I started.

“Cum for me Brady.” he said and sucked and licked harder.

And then, I burst. My whole body arched, I grabbed his head and pushed it into me. I grabbed my breast with my free hand and squeezed. I cried out and my body shook. My breathing was erratic as I came all over his face and in his mouth. “Yes, Jeremy, oh yes!”

As my hold on his head weakened he came up and kissed me, his face wet from my juices and I could taste myself on his mouth.

He wasn’t done though. He leaned in and I felt he head press against my pussy. He moved it up and down to tease my swollen clit. I shook each time his large tip flicked it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer, wanting him inside me.

I felt the pressure of his dick against my wet pussy and then it slid in. it was huge. He filled me entirely and stretched me from the inside. I looked down to see that only a little more than half of him was inside as he started to move back and forth, moving in and out. Each time I felt him go a little deeper. Each time I felt him have to make more room for his cock. Each time my breath got caught in my throat. He kissed me as he went. I was being driven deeper and deeper into the couch that not more than 30 minutes ago we had been sitting on with out mother.

Then, he pulled out. I looked up at him with confusion. Displayed on my face. “I don’t know if I can keep going with out cumming.” he said.

“It’s ok.” I said. “I’m on birth control.”

he smiled and picked me up. He turned around and sat down placing my on top of him. I kissed him, cupping his face in my hands. I placed both hands on my hips and kissed me back. I could feel his dick pulsing and tapping my pussy. I reached down and guided it back inside my desiring pussy.

I moved up and down his shaft, my small breasts bouncing each time I came down. I was now pushing it all the way in, he head hitting the back of my vagina and hitting my cervix, but it didn’t hurt. It felt so good, feeling him all the way inside of me was amazing. He took on of my breasts in his mouth as I bounced up and down and sucked my nipple, even playing with it a little in his teeth.

“Jeremy, oh God, Jeremy, I love you.”

“I love you Brady. Oh you feel so good.”

He grabbed and squeezed my ass with both hands and helped my move up and down. When I started to gyrate my hips be started to lose control and I could tell that he was close. I came down hard and rolled my hips to feel his dick twist inside of me. I could feel myself close to cumming again. But I didn’t want to yet. I wanted to feel just him explode in me first. I wanted to feel his cum fill me up. He looked up at me with a look that told me he was about to burst and he slipped down, adding even more to what could go inside of me. I lost control and came hard all over his cock. I buckled and started to convulse on his dick. I came some much harder than the time before. I could feel it run out of me and all over him.

And then, I felt it. Hes dick pulsed hard and with that, he unloaded inside of me. His hot cum filled me. There was so much I could feel it pressing out against the inside to make room. A fire of hot liquid rushed my insides, once, twice, three times his cock pulsed, pumping more and more into me each time.

I sat there, his dick still inside me, his cum deep inside me with no way out. I shivered as I sad there still penetrated. I could feel his heart racing inside his thick chest, his breathing was heavy and ragged.

I sat up, his dick shifted inside me and I twitched. “I guess you aren’t in great shape in every way.” I said to him smiling.

He let out a slight chuckle. “Well we don’t practice this in the Army.” he said and kissed me. We sat there, me on top with his dick still inside of me, kissing, loving one another for some time before I felt his cock starting to get soft. I slipped off of him but didn’t move far.

“Mind getting me a towel? I don’t want to lose any of this on the floor.” I said looking down a my red, swollen and very wet vagina. He smiled and kissed me again before getting up. He came back a few minutes later with a towel.

“I’m going to take another shower.” he said, I can’t go in tomorrow morning smelling like a had sex.

“No? Don’t want to explain that you fucked your little sister?” I said with a evil smile on my face.

“I don’t think they would like that to much.” he laughed.

“Want some company in there?”

He smile. “I don’t know if I would end up getting to clean if you joined.”

“Saves water though.” I protested.

“I somehow doubt that we would save any water.” he said with a coy smile. “But I would love to see what you look like completely wet all over.” he said and helped me off the couch.

As we walked up stairs, naked, I thought to myself. I really do love him. It doesn’t feel strange at all. I wanted to be with him for ever. If only there was a way to make that happen. But surely there was no way that we could be together for ever. Right?

When we went into the bathroom and he turned on the water. I turned back and said to me. “If only there was a way that I could marry my own sister.”

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