spicing things up…

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I’ve seen the way you stand at the café waiting for your chia late, and my arms ache to encircle your tight, slim waist.

“i like lit erotica” she said in a conversational tone, “really…” i replyed trying to hide the excitment i suddenly had for this turn towards the sexual. Just thinking about her full figured beautiful body in a state of arousal was a massive turn on for me. i controlled my thoughts however, no point jumping right on this, we were just discussing what we might be able to do to spice things up for us. And this was an excellent first step. “maybe I’ll read to you some time” i said, with a smile. “while i stroke myself” throwing in the selfish comment so she wouldnt think i was serious. “yeah, maybe” she replyed off handedly. we stripped off and got into bed setteling into our normal nightly routine. me reading, her on her phone playing puzzle games. after she was asleep i set off to searching for some good quality sexual literature, i couldnt find anything substainal on tumblr (my goto porn spot) tho i did find one story that worked for me, my hand slid down to my waist band, groping at my erection that had grown, from browsing tumblr. i read through the story enjoying myself. but it wasn’t a long enough story to get me off. it did however have a link to web site “juciy sex storys” it boasted free access to tones of stories. and you could write your own! this gave me an idea… I’d write a story & annonimasly send it to my partner as a secret admirer… “The the beautiful woman, whos name I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing as yet… i have been watching you for some time, and i must tell you, my thoughts are quite impure. the very sight of you sends a tingles to my crotch. the way your hips sway as you walk, makes me wish i could see you naked, when i spy you from behind your juciy backside, has me panting like a hound. i must hear your voice for i am sure it would send me into a spin. I’ve seen the way you stand at the café waiting for your chia late, and my arms ache to encircle your tight, slim waist. the other day you where walking towards me down the street, you had a green shirt dress on with shinny highwaisted leggings underneath, I had to cross the street for fear you would notice my erect penis in my jeans! this was my first glimps of you from the front, you have the most beautiful sillouet i have ever seen, buxom enough for any decent man, i could massage those breasts for hours if you ever let me, tho i would find it hard not to explore the rest of your figure, you are perfectly proportioned from every side, your full hour glass figure is the kind that men would die to hold in their arms & women would work themselves to the bone to achieve. i like to imagine how how first physical interaction might playout… …our first date was amazing, so much chemistry! you’d think we were super villans. i asked you if youd like to go for a walk “yes please” you reply excitedly with a big grin on your pretty face. i take your hand & off we go. your delicate fingers feel so at home in my grasp, i think that I’ll never want to let you go. we walk for a good hour just talking, holding hands & talking, letting our feet take us away. we come across a gorgeous old tree, with roots large enough to sit on, we sit down and i finally have a proper chance to look deep into your eyes, our cafe date was a crowded mess (the only negative of the event), & its almost impossible to look someone in the eye walking sidebyside. your eyes are the most beautiful hazle colour i think I’ve ever seen, my own eyes are hazel but more of a green, your eyes are a dusty grey, i get lost in them. i don’t even notice that your arm has entwined sholder, i also suddely realise that our hips are touching, and my junk is generating quite the buldge, i look past your eyes to your face, your cute smile and attentive expression, now ive never been a very forward person, but something came over me. i lean in towards you, as did you intuitively & we kiss, a most perfect first kiss, your lips on mine, my tongue probing your mouth, your tongue just as eager, before long we are full making out, wet, juicy kissing, my hand around the back of your neck holding your face to mine, your arm is at my waist moving down to my thighs. my other hand grasping at your curved bo

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