Sir Philip & Rebecca – Chapter 4

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Rebecca looks back over her time with her online Master

Chapter 4

The torment she felt being sat in his car, with his cum filling her soaking wet panties, whilst he finished filling the trolley was on a level she had never felt before.

Once he’d cum deep in her ass and pulled her panties up they continued down the aisle. His cum dribbling out of her sore bum hole, tickling her legs as it slid slowly down. Once they’d got to the end of the aisle he’d left the trolley, pulled her by the belt round her neck out of the store and to the car.

He pushed her in, making sure she knew who was in charge “Wait here like a good little cum whore”. He’d whispered it into her ear as his hand slapped her tits. She gasped with the pleasurable pain and raw feeling of being completely at his mercy.

As she sat there, waiting like a good little girl, her mind regressed back to memories of her previous acts of deviance for her new, real life master. The acts she’d carried out in the past had been fun, they’d been real but had been to an invisible man (she assumed) over the Internet. It had made them seem less real. It was all just a game. Not any more. This was real. She was sure she shouldn’t be enjoying it as much as she was. She was also sure that she was enjoying it way more than she ever expected. She’d have never sucked cock in a car park, or sucked a stranger’s cock in a shop.

It terrified her. How far would she go? She wanted to please her master, wanted to be the best slut she could be.

She quickly decided the terror she felt was consumed by an overwhelming urge to never say no, whatever her master asked of her she would say yes, an overwhelming sense of pride at being a better slut than he could ever have imagined.

Everything he had done to her today made her wet, made her pussy, her clit and her entire body tingle with excitement.

Her lips curled upwards as she smiled, she could feel the cum sliding slowly down her cheeks as she moved her face, she stuck her tongue out to lick it. She’d have never done that before either.

She realised she’d been waiting for her master for some time, her mind continuing to wonder, with sheer excitement what he could be buying. She was excited. She knew whatever he had planned would turn her on. Knew whatever he had planned she’d say yes.

Besides, she’d told him in the past her three taboos.

She didn’t have time to contemplate any further before she saw her master return. He was smiling, trolley completely full.

He paid her no attention as he loaded everything he had bought into the car. A sign of his dominance, even that sent shivers down her spine.

The boot slammed shut.

The driver’s door opened and slammed shut as her master entered the car. He continued to carry an aura of elegance, an air of domination with everything he did. The sweet scent she could smell, almost taste, of sex, of filth, that instantly whirled her mind into a dark place hung over him.

She loved it.

The smell never faded.

His cum continued, albeit slowly, to ease out of her sore bum. She had almost drifted to sleep when a trickle of his cum made its way down her bum along her pussy.

She shifted slightly in her seat, loving the feeling of her wet, cum filled panties against her pussy. It brought back a fond memory she kept hold of, right at the opening of the dark, filthy place in her mind.

It had occurred 2 months ago, four months after they’d started talking. She’d obeyed him before, treated him to photos of her, clothed, at first. Underwear followed, she was careful to never show her face. Then he demanded a photo of her face and boobs, naked. It took her a week to muster up the courage, she’d felt dirty, felt used, felt vulnerable as soon as she pressed send.

As soon as he responded with how hard it made his cock, how much of a good slut she was she realised those feelings of dirt, used and vulnerability were all feelings she now loved, feelings she now associated with sex. Feelings associated with being turned on. She’d needed more.

Luckily her online master obliged.

He’d surpassed her expectations. Massively.

He’d told her he had something special planned immediately after the photos. She expected him to publish it, he hadn’t. She was grateful, she loved it being there dirty little secret. When he didn’t publish it she expected him to want a video. He didn’t.

He’d asked her to wear her favorite knickers. They were a black set, matching with her favorite bra. Silky, smooth against her skin. Cold to the touch when she first wore them, making her pussy flinch with pleasure.

He’d told her exactly what to do. Exactly how to lie in her bed and exactly how to touch herself.

She’d obeyed, took every word he said as gospel. He’d told her to only use her fingers, to play with her clit, specifically telling her to use three fingers in a rough circle, rotating clockwise.

He’d made her stop, made her play with her bum, sliding her fingers deep inside herself and immediately back to her clit. It continued.

She moaned as she read his messages, smiling as her pussy twitched with excitement, her hand inside her panties as she dug her fingers deeply inside her pussy.

He told her to cum. He told her to push her fingers into her cunt through her panties. She struggled, moving into the position he’d ordered made it easy. He’d done his research. She giggled to herself as her body shattered, he pussy exploding in emotion, cum soaking into her black silk panties as she gasped out a loud uncontrollable moan.

As she removed her fingers she read his final message.

She was to send him her panties. Immediately.

When her hand let go of the packet into the letterbox she again felt vulnerable, excited, naughty and even more filthy.

As the Range Rover pulled into the drive of his house she realised those senses from before we’re w her again, only multiplied. She knew sending him her dirty, cum stained panties was dirty, she now knew she’d have more memories sitting at the entrance to the dirty, dark place in her mind very soon.

He pressed a button on his visor and the garage doors rolled up. The car sunk into the darkness. She couldn’t believe she was now at her master’s house.

She couldn’t wait to feel even more vulnerable, afraid with anticipation and ready to be the best slut she could for her master.

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