Sir Philip & Rebecca

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Rebecca had been talking to her online master, Sir Philip for some time. One day, he picks her up after work & take her home to show her how a slut really behaves…

Chapter 1

As the rasping sting from his palm settled on her cheek she knew she’d made the right choice, she also knew it was the last, and first, time she would look at him without his permission.

She was sat silently in the passenger seat of his brand new Range Rover staring straight ahead. Jet black on the outside, just like his fantasies. Cream on the inside, absolutely spotless, orderly and precise, just like his fantasies. It smelt new, brand new, with a faint whiff of sex in the air. As soon as she smelt it she knew without any doubt she was in her new master’s car. For real.

The past one hundred and twenty seconds had been a complete blur for Rebecca, from the text as she stepped out of work from her online master, followed by a second as she’d stood for ten seconds contemplating whether to follow the first order of “Get in the passenger door of the black Range Rover, Slut.”

She can’t remember what the second text had said, it had made her pussy tingle, her mind go into overdrive, she loved being told what to do. She loved being at the beck and call of her online master. She’d done things he’d asked in the past. Never though, had she got into a strangers car. She’d always had distance. Always had control over how much he could make her do.

Her overwhelming feeling was excitement, apprehension and an all round buzz. She was actually in the car with the man she’d shared her wildest fantasies with through text and online messages. She never thought this moment would happen. Now it was her mind was running in overdrive.

Sixty seconds after she’d stepped out of work and receiving the first text she was sitting in the passenger seat. Sixty five seconds after leaving work and receiving the text was when his right palm connected with her left cheek.

She’d glanced at her master. It was a natural reaction to look at who was driving. She hadn’t quite expected it to be him.

The glance was enough for her to catch her first glance of him. She’d sent him many photos, videos even, he’d never even described his looks. All she knew was his age. 29. The same as her.

Now though, she was impressed. He was in a dark blue suit, white shirt and matching tie. His light ginger hair scruffy, his long ginger beard hiding most of his face. He wasn’t thin. Not fat either. The big shiny watch on his wrist highlighting his vast wealth.

As she worked to focus her mind on his looks she felt herself smiling, relieved he was her age. Relieved he looked strong. Relieved that she found him mightily attractive. She continued staring straight ahead, knowing he loved her to behave and do as he said.

Ninety three seconds after she’d stepped out of work and received that first text she had a shot glass in her hand. It was full to the brim with his cum. The smell made sense now.

He’d opened the centre console, reached in, brought out the glass and handed it to her. Without deviating from looking straight ahead she took the glass in her right hand. She heard him speak for the first time.

“I had a wank whilst I was waiting for you, whore. I thought you’d deserve a treat after obeying my orders. Drink it, all. “

Her gaze straight ahead, she raised the glass to her red lips, opened her mouth slightly and tipped her neck back, the glass following. The cum oozed slowly from the glass. She could feel his eyes peripatetic her as she felt the still warm cum trickle over her tongue and down her throat.

“Wow, this tastes good” she thought to herself in disbelief as to what was actually happening. She could feel her pussy getting damp as she poked her tongue out into the glass, licking the bottom and the sides until it was completely clean of her new masters cum.

He smiled as he watched her devour his cum. His cock hard again.

“Well done, my cute little whore. Did you enjoy your masters cum? “

As he finished his sentence she felt his left hand on her cheek, gripping her face and turning her towards him.

She now saw his green eyes, through his dark rimmed glasses, for the first time. Immediately infatuated with what was behind them. She smiled sweetly, unable to hide her excitement. He was nothing like she’d imagined, tall yes, other than everything about him was different. Not a normal looking masculine fantasy man but there was definitely something there that she liked. She was intensely satisfied with her new master and wanted him to know.

“Yes sir, I loved your cum. Thank you so much for rewarding me with it. I’m such a lucky little slut”

His cock grew again as she spoke, her soft, sweet voice like music to his ears. His hand moved down her face, over her cute round chin to her throat.

His hand on her throat, his fingers spread one side, thumb the other. The first time he’d really had hold of his new slut, the slap before not really counting, that was punishment.

He smiled, unable to hide his excitement as he gently squeezed her throat, choking her slightly before planting a kiss on her lips.

As there lips touched for the very first time she let out a tiny uncontrollable gasp. His cock grew again. The feel of her soft lips on his made him appreciate his new slut more. Made him realise the hard work of the last 6 months, and especially the immaculate planning in the last fortnight was absolutely worth it. He was going to own Rebecca. She was his.

His grip on her throat got tighter as the kiss carries on, she retaliated to the kiss with her tongue, he loved that she was so eager to please him. His grip tighter still as she gasped out again.

As he moved his face away from hers his hand stayed on her throat, she was smiling, her gorgeous, “fuck me” eyes piercing deep into his, almost as if they were talking directly to his thick erect cock.

He now knew she wasn’t all talk. He knew that the last 6 months had been real. The last 6 months had been her real fantasies and now, now he was able to treat her to them. Naturally, he was also getting immense pleasure too.

He pushed against her throat for a final time, his tongue movie in his mouth produce some flem. She could tell what was about to happen. Her mouth opened slightly, biting her lip as he spat on her face.

His hand let go of her throat as it landed across her mouth, cheek and nose. His hand grabbing the shot glass out of hers and putting in carefully back in the centre console.

“You’ve been a perfect little slut so far, Rebecca. Look forward as we drive”.

She obeyed, her pussy tingling with the most intense reaction she’d ever had to being kissed. Her mind working in overtime.

One hundred and twenty seconds after she left work and received the text he started the engine. She hadn’t realised they’d been sat in silence, the only noise the hum of the traffic passing, the occasional voices of pedestrians passing the car, probably heading home from work on this glorious sunny Friday in July. It was then she felt the thumping beat of her heart, almost audible from her excitement. She wondered if her new master could hear it, wondered if he’d be happy to hear it or whether he’d punish her for making noise. Her lips curled up to a smile as she realised she’d be happy with either outcome.

As he pulled off from the kerb the vibration of the engine moved her thoughts again, the radio kicked in. Only it wasn’t the radio, she recognised the music. It played for a full thirty seconds before she figured it out. The Suicide Squad soundtrack. A filthy record, so very apt, she thought.

As he pulled away he couldn’t believe his luck. She was just as cute in real life as in the pictures and videos he’d coerced out of her.

She was wearing the clothes he’d had delivered to her house that morning.

She’d been startled when she woke to a delivery, upon opening it was a note from her online master reading: “For my good little whore, wear these on your special day”.

He’d remembered her birthday.

She thought nothing of wearing what he’d sent, he’d never know if she had or not but it made her mind whirl knowing she was doing the right thing.

As soon as he saw her step out of work in the clothes he’d sent he knew he’d made the right choice. Her gorgeous, slightly curvaceous body, topped by her perfectly made up face and her long, dyed blonde hair.

Her bare feet looking splendid in the red high heels, really making her legs shine. Working up her bare calves, the very bottom of her tattoo poking out from under her black knee length skirt. The top half of her body covered in a tight black V neck t shirt, chosen to accentuate her gorgeous breasts. He wasn’t disappointed. Her breasts so pert they didn’t need a bra, her package included a gorgeous pair of red silk panties, just the right size so as to expose the very bottom of her cute ass. He knew she’d have them on. .

When they had first started sharing messages he’d been extremely inquisitive to her likes and dislikes, often asking particularly personal questions. He remembers everything. He knew she often went out with no bra, often with no panties either.

He loved his sluts in panties, loved to tease them through them, keeping them in them as they got damp, moist, wetter with everything he did. He knew Rebecca would love to feel the panties he’d made her wear get wet with her pussy juices.

His mind now filled with his imagination running wild. Picturing Rebecca in his cellar, naked but for the panties, wetter than he’d imagined before. His mind kept running with the fantasy. The fantasy that will become a reality. His moustache curling up with his smiling lips as he imagined what her reaction would be to him cutting her panties off with his brand new knife.

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