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My first

My older brother would come home from college about once a month. And he would bring home friends with him. I used to try and talk to them but my brother would always send me away.
Anyway one weekend I woke up to go the bathroom. When I came out I looked in my brother’s room everyone looked asleep. I went back to my room got in bed. When there was a tap at my door. I opened it and two of my brothers friends were there. Continue reading

Me and my neighbors mom part 2

It had been a couple of days since my surprise blow job from the mother of my crush and I was still in shock. I wanted to tell my friends but who would believe me? Maybe it was better to keep it a secret. If anyone found out, who knows what would happen.
I was in my backyard throwing my baseball thru a tire when I misfire. The ball went behind the neighbors garage, so I went to retrieve it. Continue reading

Sex with aunt

We have a joint family but me my dad and mom stay abroad and my dad’s elder brother and his wife (my mother elder sister) along with my grandmother stay in India.
I had to go to India as my grandmother was not well and she was asking for me uncle said its her last and to be there urgently. I took next flight and reached home in morning meat grandma by evening she passed away. I loved her very much I cried a lot and still miss her. Continue reading

My first girlfriend

When I was young I lived next door to a girl about two years younger than me.
One day, we were playing around at my house and although it started innocent it soon got a bit daring. We ended up naked in my mom’s bed exploring each others body’s, tickling and wrestling.
Soon I was on top of her with my little erect penis at the entrance to her pussy while she wrapped her legs around my waist. Continue reading

My first time was with my virgin cousin!

My name is Thyago, I am 16 years old, 1.69 tall, I am a little skinny. I have a cousin of 15 years, her name is Luara. She is 1.61 tall, is blonde (natural), short hair, fair skin, clear eyes. She has always been a very beautiful girl, since I was a child, I was kind of in love with my cousin.
So I’m from Brazil and this is my first erotic story here in “sex stories 69”, and, how my english is very bad, probably you will not understand all the story, but I hope you understand and that you like too, enjoy
Since when we were kids we used to play, we used to be and we are very friends, my first kiss was with her, when we were 8 years old, and we were kind of a sweetheart, and even though our cousins ​​did not see our parents No problem at all, because we were kids. Continue reading

My mom my slut

I was 11year old when my mom 28 year old took my virginity. My dad left us for a 15 old girl he impregnate her he was 40. He left my mom and me. I was watching cartoons while my mom came naked in front of me. She put her tongue inside my mouth grabbing my crotch same time. She gave me this blue pills. That make my penis bigger and hard. I grab her tits start sucking and grabbing hard. Continue reading

A Mean Dick

“But she could suck a mean dick,” he elbowed one of his friends, “Good thing I got one.” Grabbing his crotch.
They all laughed, so hard that they didn’t even notice me, but boy’s talk. Honestly, not a whole lot different from girl’s talk, but I never heard a girl say that her boyfriend could lick a mean pussy.
“What’s that mean?” I laughed, and they straightened up, putting out their cigarettes. Continue reading

Personal Sex Edd

Hi, my name is Eleanor Walts and I want to say that I am a teaching whore. And when I mean whore I mean a giant O between my slutty thighs. Let me explain why this is the case.
I am 26 year old science teacher and I worked at a University. I have black raven hair, white skin, green eyes, and a small nose with little lips. My boobs are tear drops with the cup size of DDD and my ass is plump like a peach. Continue reading

Tara 10.0

Divorced dad makes it with young daughter’s next door neighbor school mate.
My marriage to my wife ended in typical fashion. She was a nympho slut that fucked other men. If you think your wife is any better it has just not been your turn yet. A wife will contend that it is the husband out there cheating. Who with? Is it one cunt fucking hundreds of men or do you suppose the make up between cheating men and cheating women is pretty much even? Continue reading

My Dog Daisy

I’ll never forget that day when I lost my virginity to a dog. My name is Damien and this happened when I was 12 years old and my penis size was exactly five inches, I gotta say it was a major risk but it happened to turn out successful.
I lived with my mom but every weekend I would always go to my Dad’s house, which was ten minutes away, to see his dogs and his wife’s kids. They have good and a lot of bad moments but I would only go into the details of the dogs. Continue reading