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Fucked by friend

one day i was at a sleepover with my best friend, we were at her house while her parents were out picking up food. we were looking for something in her sisters room. we were looking in secret drawers and we saw a dildo. i was a young teen and i had never seen a dildo before. I asked my friend what it was and she told me she would show me. she told me to take off all my clothes. and i did, she then told me to go on my knees and i did that too. Continue reading

My Girlfriends Best Friend – Part 4 The Summer of 77 Ends

All good things must end, and the summer of 1977 was no different. It had been an awesome summer for a teenager living on the Central Coast of California. I had played at a lot of the festivals in the area that celebrated the local crops; the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, the Artichoke Festival in Castroville, the Broccoli Festival in Greenfield, and the Strawberry Festival in Watsonville, just to name a few. Continue reading

Finally fucking my mom

Hi, my name is Robin. I come from Sweden. I’m 15 years old and have a 6,2 inch dick. I’m not in great form but still fairly decent. My mom’s name is Angel. She is 42 years old and still in fairly good shape. She has a huge ass and some good sized double D tits. Her name is Angel. So anyway, I’ll get into it fairly quick.
I am one of those people who hadn’t watched Harry Potter, but decided to do so while I was visiting my mom. Continue reading

First Time With My Sis

Hi I’m Marian male 15. My Sister is also 15 and her name is Maria. One day our parents went a few days away. Me and my sis were alone so i was in my room and listen to music. After a while i heard my sister screaming i ran to my sisters’ room and saw her naked on her bed with a Dildo in her hand.
I asked her why she is screaming but she said i should go out of her room. I went back to my room and laid down on my bed. Continue reading


By Silver Fox
Young girl is shown what sex is all about by her girlfriend’s father while her friend’s family is away on a trip to visit a sick Aunt.
I’m calling this story “EXVIRGIN” Because that’s what I am. Actually, this happened five years ago when I was only 15 years old, and my virginity was still in tact. I had been masturbating for about two years. I had a girl friend whose name was Kathy. Continue reading

Me and Chanel

Hi, my name is Josh. This is a story/fantasy that gets me hard thinking about it. I hope you enjoy. This takes place in my highschool. All people are depicted as 18+.
Me and this girl named Chanel were forced to go back to highschool on Saturday for getting paint all over the whole classroom in an art lesson.
She wasn’t the hottest girl in the school but she wasn’t ugly either and was pretty alright looking. Continue reading

Me and my 10 year old cousin

Hi im Marian male 15 and today i tell you how i fucked my 10 year old cousin.
My uncle asked me if i can watch on their dauther (my cousin) for 3 days becaus they have to go on an business trip. I said yes and went the next morning to their house. After they started i played with my cousin a while and then we watched tv. At 6pm i made us dinner and said after that to my cousin she shoult go in the bathroom to have a shower. Continue reading

I was raped by my teacher at 10

My names Ari and when I was 10 I was raped by my teacher, I’m 13 now so this happened 3 years ago, It was one or the worst experiences of my life and I really hope it doesn’t happen to any other girls.
just so you know i was 10, 4ft 4 Inches, Pretty much flat chested, and as you could guess i was pretty tight. I have long brown hair down to my butt, i’m Tanned, Brown eyes and that’s about it. Continue reading