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Curious Friend

I move my mouth from her lips, I follow the curve of her face with tender, soft kisses, I drift down onto her neck. The wonderful silky neck of a woman is a joy to kiss and nibble, usually an action greeted with delicate moans, as they turn for you to allow you access. Yes, she is one such woman. I move down her body, kissing every inch of skin I cross. She is starting to wriggle beneath me, this is getting her desire flowing, she wants to see what more I have to give her. Continue reading

I just had nudist beach sex with my boyfriend (we let people join in)

I like to think that everyone likes to ‘let go’a little on holiday, I don’t know if for me it’s the sunshine, the carefree attitude or just spending time with my boyfriend that does it to me but when I am holiday I get horny, very horny.
We went on holiday last summer to a popular tourist destination in Europe, I won’t name it but once there you are blessed with endless sunshine, a beautiful blue sea, and amazing food. Continue reading

List Of Affair & Cheating Stories From Real Couples

This category has been known to get a little fucked up on my blog, I have had normal cheating stories and stories which involve step-fathers and even friends. There’s something for everyone here and whether it turns you on, it’s a fantasy for you or just something that makes your pussy wet or your cock hard you have come to the right place.
People submit these real stories because they want to turn others on and show them into their world so enjoy as you read all about some of the most erotic experiences of some people’s lives. Continue reading

Im a Voyeur and I want people to watch me have sex (a window into my bedroom)

Jess allowed me access onto her blog, she told me I was free to tell you all about myself and my slutty ways so here I am. I also just wanted to tell you all about Jess’s VIP members-only area where only the filthiest of content is released.
Treat this story as a window into my bedroom, your own private show for you to read and enjoy. Yes, as you will learn I am into voyeurism but I don’t tell just anyone about it and thanks to this blog you can take a preview under my sheets and rate my misadventures for yourself. Continue reading

My first time giving a blow job

all the guys in the chatroom claimed to have 8 inch cocks…..i had to see one in person…

Chat rooms were fun. I would go there just to fantasize, nothing more ever happened. One day while chatting, i observed that just about every guy claimed to have an eight inch or more cock that was thick. I am only about 7 and was wondering if that was really the case. Continue reading

Im a woman with a fetish that makes me love swallowing cum

Ever since I first started having sex and giving blowjobs I knew that I had a fetish for cum and swallowing cum. I find it erotic, it makes me horny and I love the sensation as the warm liquid oozes itself down my throat.
The first time I discovered that I loved swallowing cum was when I was giving my first boyfriend a blowjob, he told me he was going to cum and tried pulling up my head, I told him it was fine and to just enjoy it. Continue reading

I just gave my boyfriend a p-spot orgasm (using a prostate massager)

We were a completely normal, average couple, if you could have peeped into our bedroom you would have said we were probably a little bit boring. I don’t mean this is in a mean way, I mean it in the best way possible because things are different now.
We never used to experiment, we would never explore our bodies, we had sex very rarely and sex was more of a chore than something exciting and pleasurable for us both. Continue reading

Accidentally forced creampie with my boyfriend (my experience)

Jess the owner of bitch topia has allowed me to share with you all one of my favorite memories, a memory that my boyfriend and I often laugh about and then get horny about all over again. My name is Kelly and today I want you to sit back and enjoy my forced creampie story, I hope you love it!

I Was Head Over Heels For Him…

It’s true. When I first met my boyfriend I was absolutely blown away by him, don’t get me wrong I am still head over heels in love with him but at this point at the start of our relationship, I was totally obsessed. Continue reading

Getting what I want

Yes they call me things.

Slut, mole, bitch whore… Maybe I am? But at least I now get what I want.

Jamie was the first married man I corrupted and slept with. Yes he was a friend’s partner but that just made it all the more fun.

I can tell you where it started… I had just had enough.

Man after man promising the world. Then giving me an atlas.

I was sexually unsatisfied and decided ‘no more!’

I also realized that all the best men were taken. Continue reading

Sugar Daddy Sex Story (My First Time With A Mature Man)

I had so many requests for my part 2 of this series so here it finally is! I hope you enjoy it my horny friends. If you’re new here make sure to read part 1 before continuing on, it will give you some serious backstory to this whole experience of mine.

I Thought That Would Be The Last Time I Saw Him…

After that sensual night with him I washed up and headed back to my own hotel and met up with my girlfriends. Continue reading