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My fathers friend watching

I knew I will be alone this weekend so my girlfriend and I (girl too) were planning to play around at my house. I was looking forward to it. But, thing doesn’t go the way we expected! We had a guest! But it was planed and the show must go on!

(I’m sorry for my English but I’ll try my best)

My name is Min. I have long hair with medium build. My parents never daubted that I was into girls not boys. Continue reading

Christening the Shower

“That box can wait. I can’t. Strip down lover, and meet me in the shower.” I lean in to kiss you, and trail my hand down your body to your cock. I cup your balls and rub my hand up and down, feeling you harden. I love touching your cock, but I force myself to pull away, pulling my dress over my head as I walk toward the bathroom. I can feel my pussy start to pulse a little, knowing you are watching me. Continue reading

My Best Masturbation Story

I thought it was cute, this 55 year old guy, happily married with two kids (one my age) kept looking at me while I masturbated.

I wondered if he thought about me when he fucked his wife. The thought of it, sent a pleasure hit straight to my zucchini fucked cunt and as I came hard the little green fellow slipped out of my hand as my juice squirted across the table and trickled to the floor. Continue reading

Sexy rough fuck story of a planned and very naughty filmed encounter

Josephine was feeling very frisky tonight. She wondered if Jasper would notice just how much. She’d been hatching a plan for a few weeks now, and today everything had fallen into place.

When she and Jasper had first met, he’d revealed to Josephine his deepest desire was to be watched unawares while fucking. And to be filmed without his knowledge. Consensually of course. Continue reading

Washing my car naked

Washing my car and getting caught.

It was a hot day in July and I needed to wash my car, but I didn’t have any change to go the car wash. I was by myself since my parents to Las Vegas for a week and half. I came up with the idea to do it in the backyard since the backyard is big enough to fit my jeep back there. I open the fence for the backyard. Then I drove my jeep back there. Continue reading

My Life As A Sissy (rewrite)

This is equally on the topic of “FIRST TIME STORIES” or “TRANSSEXUAL” and is an updated version of the story I sent less than 24 hours ago ***

My Life As A Sissy

From the earliest awakening of my sexuality I felt a strong desire to be girly. I was the smallest boy in my grade at school and my slender body was milky white and nearly hairless. I felt that my penis was unusually small as well, and I didn’t have any pubic hair until at least a year later than the other boys. Continue reading

Stormy Affair

Daughter with astraphobia seeks comfort with parents.

© 2012 by Salacious Scribe. All Rights Reserved.

Authors Note:

This story contains father daughter incest, and a cuckolded wife, as well as minor mother daughter. If you don’t enjoy this kind of smut, please choose another story.

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I was a normal guy, living a normal life. House, pool, wife, 2.5 kids (my stepson only lives with us part-time). Continue reading

The Office Affair

Pam and the new accountant find a new use for the multipurpose room

© 2015 by Salacious Scribe and whtwlf1790. All Rights Reserved.

Authors Notes

This is set in Dunder Mifflin Scranton, but in an alternate reality so relationships and positions are not the same as in the show.

I want to thank whtwlf1790 for the premise and coauthoring this with me.

This story contains fellatio, consensual rough heterosexual intercourse, and impregnation. Continue reading

Romance with Bhabhi

She’s 23 years old. Just a year elder to me. She too have round and firm tits. She has a tight ass. And yes, she’s a very good licker. She blows very well. Well cutting the rest, I’ll begin with the story.

This is Naps, with a more thrilling and horny story of how I fucked my bhabhi and my sister together on 1 bed. First let me tell you about my bhabhi and my sister. Continue reading

Kinky boots make a kinky night

she spread her legs and laid back, the full moon glinted off her patent leather boots as her feet rested on the dashboard.

I’d been with my second wife for a good while now and slowly but surely her kinky side was coming out, a lot of it was helped by the fact that I kept buying her various outfits. She had boots of all styles, materials and lengths, from black Chelsea boots that she wore for work, right up to some really slutty, black leather thgh-boots that she wore for, well, I’ll leave that to your imagination! Continue reading