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Horny and full

First off here’s what I look like I have black long hair, I have 14C breasts and I’m 16.
I have two dogs ones a great Dane his name is name is Grizzy and my second dog well I don’t know his breed but he’s big and his name is Duke and he did something I didn’t know was possible.
My parents were going out for a few days they were going to a casino so I was home alone. I was sitting on my couch watching tv grizzy came around and lied down with me. Continue reading

I Caught My Wife With My Best Friend – Part 2

After making the bitch suck my cock and swallowing and then fucking her in the ass for the first time, I sleep in the spare room. We were in a 2 bedroom – 2 bath apartment since we married about a year ago. I had been with her for the year before we got married. My favorite thing is getting my cock sucked but she was not into letting me cum in her mouth. I initially thought she would come around but everytime I did, she got pissed or any way acted like it. Continue reading

My wifes drunken night

One night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for drinks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5’9 and about 190lbs with most of it in her fat ass. She has olive skin and average size breasts, about a C but with huge brown areolas and big nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge butt. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass.
She is by no means a model, but she more than makes up for it with 2 things. Continue reading

Sullen neighbor gets fucked on corvette trunk and gives first blowjob

Shirley was the neighbor across the alley from us in a small town and had twins about 12 years old. She was in her early 30’s as I was and not too bad of a figure with what appeared to be nice tits. Her husband and I were friendly but she was always very reserved. Kinda had a better than you opinion of herself. As the kids got older they needed money so she went to work as a telephone operator for the phone company PacBell. Continue reading

The End of the Beginning -Part 2

Around the beginning of May, 1978 I hooked on with another band that seemed like they were going places. Even though three of the band members would still be in high school while two of us graduated in June, they already had a Southwestern U.S. tour booked for the summer, from mid-June through Labor Day weekend in September. The only reason that the drum position opened up was because the regular drummer’s parents wouldn’t let him go. Continue reading

fucking big sister barb

We were in our family building where we used to keep animals there were wire fence dividers I showed her my cock and she showed me her vagina letting me rub my cock between her lips and wet slit …I was 21 barb was 22 I arrived at the bar we all frequently went to around 11 I got a drink and was talking to a few friends when barb kinda staggered up to me asking if I could take her to her friend’s house because she wasn’t feeling well I walked out with her and before we got to the parking lot she leaned against me and slumped I caught her and picked her up carrying her to the van I put her in the front seat and was going to swing her inside I noticed her skirt had ridden up exposing her panties.. Continue reading