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I am 35 years old unmarried Lady with good figure.I have no interest in boys so I never had sex. I worked in pvt company.. I stay alone in one bed room apartment. One day when I was coming from my office .I saw a lady standing on road was 9 pm. I stopped my car and asked her why are you standing she said she is new in this city.and searching
A place to stay . I asked her do you know any body in city she said no.I felt pity so I asked her can you stay with me to night ..she said its my pleasure
She came with me in my room. Continue reading

Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife

At the mere age of 25, Mrs. Jennifer Brenner felt so helpless and scared, praying daily that somehow things would improve across the world. Such would only be the case that would bring about a cancellation of the recent call up of her husband’s guard unit. Prior to marrying her true love, Jennifer knew of her fiancé’s military commitment and grudgingly was forced to accept it if the marriage was to take place. Continue reading

One in 3

“I’ll see all yall later,” I said goodbye to my friends, after school, and looked back. Before I got to the car, they turned the corner. So, they wouldn’t see what I was doing, I grabbed the door handle, but it was locked.
“What do you want?” He leaned over, but he didn’t roll down the window.
“Uh, let me in.” I didn’t even have to lean over, “I just want to talk.” He finally unlocked the door, so i could get in. Continue reading

Personal Sex Edd

Hi, my name is Eleanor Walts and I want to say that I am a teaching whore. And when I mean whore I mean a giant O between my slutty thighs. Let me explain why this is the case.
I am 26 year old science teacher and I worked at a University. I have black raven hair, white skin, green eyes, and a small nose with little lips. My boobs are tear drops with the cup size of DDD and my ass is plump like a peach. Continue reading

Driving shotgun

I picked up my sister, and her friend, Astrid. From the middle school, they said “Pop the trunk,” and loaded it up with old gym mats.
“What are those for?” I asked Astrid, when she got in up front, then Harmony closed the trunk, and left the rest by the curb. There was piles of them, apparently “They got new mats, so they said we could take the old ones.” She shrugged, getting in. “Drive around the school, real quick.”
I shook my head, but then Astrid said “Hey,” and smiled at me. Continue reading

Beach holiday

It was meant to be a nice summer holiday, the last week of the school holidays, just mom and me. My mom was thirty-six and I had just turned twelve. We had hired a small, two-bedroom batch for a week. We were excited and packed our clothes and togs ready, then we set off on a four-hour drive to get there in the early evening.
As we pulled up at the batch we noticed lights on and another car parked in the carport. Continue reading

Time for their 12-year-old son to learn about sex

John Edward George arrived home between one and three a.m. after having been in a tavern since he had gotten off work at noon. After eating, he informed his wife that it was time for their 12-year-old son to learn about sex. Under threat of force he had his wife wake up their son and made him dance with her while she was nude. When they resisted, he hit his wife with a belt, at one time knocking her out. Continue reading

Gus X Ben

9 years ago, I was taking a visit to a friend’s house, in which they (1 male and 1 female) lived together on a huge farm, all to themselves. No one else was even living close by. We were all 9 years old at the time. One day, they and their family went on a vacation for 2 days. They wanted me to look over their house, because when they came back, we had a sleepover for one night. They had 2 dogs, an English Mastiff (Gus) and a terrier dog (Archer). Continue reading

Horny and full

First off here’s what I look like I have black long hair, I have 14C breasts and I’m 16.
I have two dogs ones a great Dane his name is name is Grizzy and my second dog well I don’t know his breed but he’s big and his name is Duke and he did something I didn’t know was possible.
My parents were going out for a few days they were going to a casino so I was home alone. I was sitting on my couch watching tv grizzy came around and lied down with me. Continue reading

I Caught My Wife With My Best Friend – Part 2

After making the bitch suck my cock and swallowing and then fucking her in the ass for the first time, I sleep in the spare room. We were in a 2 bedroom – 2 bath apartment since we married about a year ago. I had been with her for the year before we got married. My favorite thing is getting my cock sucked but she was not into letting me cum in her mouth. I initially thought she would come around but everytime I did, she got pissed or any way acted like it. Continue reading