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Rape my cuz part 1

Yeah bro best day of my life……I and my cuz did not meet very often but 1 day she and her parents came to visit us . My parents and hers were out and wouldn’t be home before late night. Luckily my bro was out with his friends which left us alone. I am really a guy who always dreams of fuck I was 19 and she was 27. She was gorgeous and slim body. I always imagined her naked. That day as it was morning when everyone left I sneaked into her room and fit my brand new hd video camera in her bathroom which was connected to my laptop. Continue reading

The intruder and the vibrator

On April 4, 25-year-old Kristi Mills went to sleep in her Bloomington apartment around 12:30 a.m. Sometime after she went to sleep, she awoke to find an intruder standing in her doorway, shining a small round light on her. The next thing she knew, the man was on top of her. He put his gloved hand over her mouth and told her not to scream. He said that he did not want to hurt her, but that if she screamed, he would shoot her. Continue reading

A sexy news reader forcefully fucked chapter II

But he chroformed me. I didn’t expect that from him. I didn’t know what he was going to do. After 4 hours, I gradually regained my consciousness. But, I felt severe pain in my abdomen and my private areas. I wept for getting raped by that man.
I felt my hands were tied with a rope which was tethered to the beam on the roof. I was in standing position with my hands upraised. I was unable to predict his thoughts. Continue reading

Just curious

I am a female. I was put in a position where I had to have sex with a stranger. And I just have a question for you guy’s why does this turn you on to force a girl into sex? Even worse to get her pregnant. How does this make you happy?
I have to put more text on here or it won’t take it.
On spring break I got a ride on a motorcycle with a guy I didn’t no. He rode a long way down the beach to where he was staying. Continue reading

Sandy gets more than a gangbanging

Me and my wife Sandy have been married for 28 yrs. We no longer have a sex life for each other so not knowing when she was off her period and safe for sex without getting her pregnant.we haven’t spoken much,neither fucked in months she has become kinda bitchy and rigid. So I figured that I could take her out Friday night to a club dancing and sexual pleasure. I was planning on getting her stoned and drunk to see where it would take me. Continue reading

The abandoned house

On August 4, Donna B., age 27, and her husband Stanley L. Barton, had dinner at the Embers Night Club in Indianapolis and took in the show after having had the evening meal and several drinks.
At about 11:00 p.m. they left to go home in their car. While proceeding home by way of Massachusetts Avenue, Mrs. Barton and her husband got into a “silly” argument purportedly over the manner in which Mr. Continue reading

Get even with wife

This was years back when my wife was in her mid 30’s. Very attractive with a great body and she loved the attention men gave her. I should have left her the first time I caught her cheating but just could not. She was so hot and a great fuck. Over a few year time period I caught her cheating several times she really did not even try to hide it. After the 3rd time I was starting to get pissed and decided to get even. Continue reading

Marcus Claudius (part 3)

Marcus Claudius , his Adiutor, and his two favorite Decurions (leaders of a 10 man tent) slowly climbed the slope to the small village he had just taken on the Romans Army’s invasion of Gaul .
He was still slightly annoyed that the village had held out for two days, but at least it had given his men time to relax, eat the villagers crops they had been growing in the fields where he had camped. Continue reading

The County Deputy Sheriff

Christine Brown was a Cook County Deputy Sheriff. In the early morning hours of May 27, she was dressed in uniform and leaving her home to go to work at the Criminal Courts Building. She did not have a gun. As she was getting into her car, a man approached her on foot, put a gun to her side, and demanded that she move over. He then got into the driver’s seat and drove away with her. The man first drove to a building which he said was the home of his grandparents, then drove around the area near the home of Ms. Continue reading

Surprised sex

I had sex with my sister. And I will tell you how it happened.
First of all, I never thought about having sex with my sister. It just happened. But it was not a one time thing. After the first time it occurred frequently. We also never talk about it. We just pretend it never happened. The first time was absolutely an accident. Me and my sister loved to annoy each other but she was much better in it than me. Continue reading