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Mother and daughter

On October 28, Adrian, Trae, Alexander, Michael, and Demetre were at an apartment in Indianapolis where they drank liquor and smoked marijuana. The five men drove to a liquor store in a vehicle Michael had borrowed from another person, purchased vodka, and shared the bottle in the vehicle. The men drove to a neighborhood, obtained powder cocaine, and everyone used cocaine. The men also smoked marijuana dipped in embalming fluid and took some pills. Continue reading

His stepmother

A gang of robbers numbering about ten surprised Raphael Okwach Ogolla at his house at Ajigo sub-location in Bondo District, after forcing open the door into his said house. He was asleep and suddenly a person flashed a torch directly on his eyes. Immediately another person cut him with a sharp weapon, dragged him out of bed and forced him to go under the same bed.
After a moment the same person ordered him to come out after which that person and several others demanded some money from him. Continue reading

My rape Story

I just started to work as a waitress in a hotel. I would mainly work at the restaurant in the morning, but a few weeks into working there my boss asked me to work at the bar sometimes. I was 18 y/o just finished school and moved out… I really needed the money, so I said yes even tho I didn’t wanted to work with drunk people.
It was a hot summer evening. It was Saturday and I had to work at the bar. Continue reading

5 Yard Penalties

I went out for a smoke, while I had the house to myself. I wasn’t about to smoke in the house, even though it was cold out, but I heard the swing next door. The chain shake, and looked over just in time to see the boy next door land.
He jumped off the swing, and came right over to the fence. I was a little disappointed that it was him, but I looked around. At the windows, then back at him when the fence shook. Continue reading

Thank you, have a good night

At 7:00 p.m. on December 3, a young engaged couple, Brett B. and Lisa C., were watching television in their apartment in Metairie. The front door was left slightly ajar, as the couple was expecting guests. Two African American men entered the apartment through the door. The first man to enter carried a gun. The men closed the door, drew the curtains, and disconnected the telephones. The gunman did most of the talking, angrily demanding to know where the money was. Continue reading

All in the Family

On the evening of January 26, Mr. Willis visited an apartment where Nelyen M.,a distant relative of his , lived.
Living in the apartment were also Nelyen’s 13-year-old son, Rasheed B., as well as her two daughters, Michele J. and Keena M., aged 7 and 5 years of age, respectively. Also residing in the apartment was Sandra M., Nelyen’s sister.
Approximately 9 or 10 p.m. Mr.Willis had to be asked to leave by Nelyen. Continue reading

Huge mistake

You men act like it’s a great thing when women get raped. We have to live with it forever. Two years ago I was raped by a man I was just nice to I didn’t think I was leading him on. I was 22 yo old and married I was a waitress at a place where we kind of flirt with the customers it improves our tips.
I had a customer who came in a lot he was older in his 40s I think he would tell me if he was younger he would take me home with him. Continue reading

I was raped by my teacher at 10

My names Ari and when I was 10 I was raped by my teacher, I’m 13 now so this happened 3 years ago, It was one or the worst experiences of my life and I really hope it doesn’t happen to any other girls.
just so you know i was 10, 4ft 4 Inches, Pretty much flat chested, and as you could guess i was pretty tight. I have long brown hair down to my butt, i’m Tanned, Brown eyes and that’s about it. Continue reading