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You think your having it tough,try being a hooker during a pandemic. Part Three

I stood looking at Brandy as she struggled to get up off the big oak box she had just been fist fucked over by her elder brother, I went over and lift her under the arms so she slid off the box onto her feet. She stood looking at me, tears had ruined her make up and she let out a big sob, she tried to smile at me but it was a very weak attempt of bravery on her behalf. “Are you OK ” I asked her softly, she said ” yes , but where did my brother go” and I said “I don’t know he just left ,slammed the door ,he didn’t say anything to me he just left”. Continue reading

His stepmother

A gang of robbers numbering about ten surprised Raphael Okwach Ogolla at his house at Ajigo sub-location in Bondo District, after forcing open the door into his said house. He was asleep and suddenly a person flashed a torch directly on his eyes. Immediately another person cut him with a sharp weapon, dragged him out of bed and forced him to go under the same bed.
After a moment the same person ordered him to come out after which that person and several others demanded some money from him. Continue reading

Discovering my older sister part II

A few months after our first sexual encounter, my older sister, Nova, returned to town for my mother’s 51st birthday. We had spoken over the phone about our earlier sexual encounters and were equally excited to see each other again. My twin sister, Teresa, was still locked up but nearing the end of her 120 day sentence.
When Nova arrived the night before mom’s party I was surprised when she walked in the front door with her daughter Brandi, my niece who is a year and a half younger than me. Continue reading

A night at the glory holes has a twist

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen and soon found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle. This was a stark difference from both of our upbringing as we were both raised in religious families in a very conservative small city. And Lynn being a preacher’s daughter was especially sheltered. But one night after taking some nude pictures of her with a polaroid camera she was hooked on being photographed nude as she finally realized how sexy she was. Continue reading

Mom and son caught, but do they know it

This happened back in early feb.i was looking for a site to post my story and came across sex stories 69.i am a married man,age 52,my wife Kathy is 42,she has brown wavy hair,about 5/5 125 pounds,very hot.we both have professional jobs during the day,my job starts two hours before hers,we have a 19 year old son that just graduated out of high school months afternoon getting home Continue reading

Raping my Mother and More

I suppose I should start back when I first discovered my mother’s sexiness. I was 12 and the pleasure of masturbation had been discovered. I enjoyed playing with my cock as much as I could. I was at school in the gym getting ready for class when a couple of friends came up and pushed into my hand the panties of one of the hottest girls in school. Her name was Tammy, and she was the fantasy of every boy there. Continue reading

Finally fucking my mom

Hi, my name is Robin. I come from Sweden. I’m 15 years old and have a 6,2 inch dick. I’m not in great form but still fairly decent. My mom’s name is Angel. She is 42 years old and still in fairly good shape. She has a huge ass and some good sized double D tits. Her name is Angel. So anyway, I’ll get into it fairly quick.
I am one of those people who hadn’t watched Harry Potter, but decided to do so while I was visiting my mom. Continue reading

The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 2)

On the second day of my marriage, my father in law showed his true color. At night, he called me to his room and told me to massage coconut oil on his body. He was wearing only a dhoti and I was wearing a sari without any tops. The bare nipples poked on the sari and made a bump.
He told me to close the door and take off my clothes as well so that it will not disturb my work.
When I started massaging his thighs, he started touching my breasts. Continue reading

First Time With My Sis

Hi I’m Marian male 15. My Sister is also 15 and her name is Maria. One day our parents went a few days away. Me and my sis were alone so i was in my room and listen to music. After a while i heard my sister screaming i ran to my sisters’ room and saw her naked on her bed with a Dildo in her hand.
I asked her why she is screaming but she said i should go out of her room. I went back to my room and laid down on my bed. Continue reading

Got my dad to finger me

A couple of nights ago, I was really horny and laying in bed madturbating with a hair brush handle. My mom had gone to work, she’s a night shift nurse at the ER, so it was just me and my dad at home. I started thinking about what would happen if he caught me and just got hornier and wetter. I was trying to think of a way to get him to touch me, but was pretty sure nothing would work. Continue reading