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Rape my cuz part 1

Yeah bro best day of my life……I and my cuz did not meet very often but 1 day she and her parents came to visit us . My parents and hers were out and wouldn’t be home before late night. Luckily my bro was out with his friends which left us alone. I am really a guy who always dreams of fuck I was 19 and she was 27. She was gorgeous and slim body. I always imagined her naked. That day as it was morning when everyone left I sneaked into her room and fit my brand new hd video camera in her bathroom which was connected to my laptop. Continue reading

Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 2

Hi friends i am Mr Reddy. Those who want to chat with me can contact me using [email protected] After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my mom.
This is the 2nd part of the story if anyone didn’t read please read 1st part Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 1.
Now coming to the story Next day morning while mom coming to my room I lowered my underwear and make my bull visible to mom. Continue reading

I finally fucked my little sister

Hii i am sam, male 21 and i have one little sister (2 years younger then me) i use to have a big crush on her when i was 15 but i never did anything about it. Now in 2020 this lockdown thing happened because of which i was stuck with her for whole day, every day i see her going upstairs downstairs in her shorts and little top, she is a attractive girl, asian B size breast i think and really cute. Continue reading


All characters age is over 18
Routines, who says they are boring
Its 7:30 Saturday morning and I’m in my recliner sipping my morning coffee. I’ve been up about an hour. Long enough to do my morning things of getting showered and shaved. Had a small bite of breakfast. Now I can relax with my morning coffee, anticipating the coming day. Without really watching it I have Kali’s favorite cartoon program on the TV. Continue reading

My sister has a members only account

While the whole world was in the state of lockdown, everything was affected. Before we knew it we were poor. Our father lost his job, my mother couldn’t work anymore. Before we knew it all of us were sitting together thinking about how we were going to pay the bills this month and what would we do after that.
We really had no money, then something really happened. My elder sister got up and said that she have enough money to pay every bill and a lot of other things. Continue reading

Fun with sister

It was about me and my sister we used to live in small town .I was 17 years and my sister was 15 years at that time .we both were studying. And used to go to cock was ready and 7 inch long .I had relations with boys.we enjoyed anal fucking .and getting my ass fucked.I used to enjoy very day while I was coming from school I saw my sister talking to one boy .about 20 years old .I thought that she is now grown up.and she is searching boy friend.I though it is my sister and I have a right to fuck before outsider fucks her…so I was searching and planning how to fuck I live in small home with two rooms.she used to sleep in mother bed. Continue reading

The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 1)

Hi, my name is Priyanka. I’m 21
I had always been a slut. There isn’t one man left in my hometown, whom I didn’t fuck. I had a nice, curvy slim body with big boobs, butt and a pretty face. So men kept coming to me since I was a teenager. My parents didn’t care. They are too poor and weak to care actually. Those men who fucked me, gave me money, clothes and expensive gifts and occasionally sent gifts for my mother as well. Continue reading

Cousin got me drunk

Im Jake and this is how I became bi. When I was about 12 yrs old my family and I went to visit our cousins for the weekend. My uncle was very rich and had a huge house. My cousin Johnny age 13 and I took over the entertainment room in the basement. After eating Johnny and I went down stairs to set up our sleeping arrangements and watch movies. After about a half hour Johnny asks me if I want to get drunk. Continue reading

Uncle fucker

I was a mistake. I’m the youngest of 4 and significantly younger than my siblings. I wasn’t planned. I was a mistake.
My sister, the older of the 2 I have has 4 kids. The oldest is just 2 years younger than me. Her name is Katie and she’s 14 and in 8th grade. She’s thin and athletic and an aspiring gymnast. Her black hair reached just to her shoulders, and she has dark brown eyes. She’s tall with long legs and very flat chested. Continue reading

Sex with aunt

We have a joint family but me my dad and mom stay abroad and my dad’s elder brother and his wife (my mother elder sister) along with my grandmother stay in India.
I had to go to India as my grandmother was not well and she was asking for me uncle said its her last and to be there urgently. I took next flight and reached home in morning meat grandma by evening she passed away. I loved her very much I cried a lot and still miss her. Continue reading