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Ditched (Gm Molest)

SPLOOSH! He was at it again. This boy kept coming out to the ditch out back, picking up rocks with a grunt, and throwing them in the water.
Then, he got out of breath, and hot. So, I went out on the porch to watch him. Over the fence, he didn’t even notice me, coming out the kitchen door. He lay back against the other fence, across the creek, looking up.
I bet he was looking at the billboard, and I could hear the cars rushing on the highway, it was so loud. Continue reading

The Hangover Part 1

Previous: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… for this part (Parts 1 & 2)
My dogs are also included, but, my friends are new to it, so technically, it is something different. Hope you enjoy my story!
The Next day after the 24th (Friday, Snow day. I brought my 5 friends over the day before, considering the school knew about severe snow. My parents went on vacation 2 days earlier, and were to return the next 2 days), we had a conversation about our dreams. Continue reading