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My first dog knot

I was raised in the country, rural Texas, normal country boy. I was no stranger to watching animals fuck. I was always interested in the many different sizes and shapes of their dicks, especially dog dick.
We had a number of dogs through the years, a few males. I loved to jack them off and try to get them to mount me, but never got them in my asshole. I would use all sorts of items to fuck myself in the ass. Continue reading

Cousin got me drunk

Im Jake and this is how I became bi. When I was about 12 yrs old my family and I went to visit our cousins for the weekend. My uncle was very rich and had a huge house. My cousin Johnny age 13 and I took over the entertainment room in the basement. After eating Johnny and I went down stairs to set up our sleeping arrangements and watch movies. After about a half hour Johnny asks me if I want to get drunk. Continue reading

Mamas little Bi

Incest is abuse, even covert incest. I’m skipping past the years of grooming here, to get on with the action, but these things don’t just happen. They take preparation, and that prep is sexual abuse. Even before the incest becomes more overt, and physical. Don’t try this at home…
“Momma,” my little boy came in, “Are you pregnant?” Not so little any more, he’s just turned 13, and next year, he’ll be going to high school. Continue reading

One afternoon

Several years ago when I was still trying to appear straight , my girlfriend thought I was Bi and knew that I sucked and I wanted her to watch me have sex with a man or more,
One day while she was at work I went to the bookstore about noon time. This store was near Brownsville TX, and most of the clientele were Mexican Which was OK with me I was looking for brown meat, I love to have sex with Mexican men I love their big uncut cocks. Continue reading

Remote Torture

Guys im telling you my story of probably the worst and best day of my life. About me: I’m a 16 years old boy, I’m straight but was always interested of having a prostate orgasm since I had read about it on the internet. When my parents weren’t at home I always jerked the fuck out of myself, when my dick was starting to hurt I just started to use pens and stuff go get my prostate to the job but I never really shot. Continue reading

Had no idea I was getting raped

I think I was about 8 or 9 when this happened. It was a normal school day and it was a sports evening so I had to stay at school until like 5PM. My brothers friends brothers were about 2 yours older than me.
So the one brother took me to the toilet because he wanted to show me something weird. At that time I had no idea about sex and about cocks and that. So he said take your pants off, but I didn’t want to then he took my pants off. Continue reading

Ditched (Gm Molest)

SPLOOSH! He was at it again. This boy kept coming out to the ditch out back, picking up rocks with a grunt, and throwing them in the water.
Then, he got out of breath, and hot. So, I went out on the porch to watch him. Over the fence, he didn’t even notice me, coming out the kitchen door. He lay back against the other fence, across the creek, looking up.
I bet he was looking at the billboard, and I could hear the cars rushing on the highway, it was so loud. Continue reading

The Hangover Part 1

Previous: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… for this part (Parts 1 & 2)
My dogs are also included, but, my friends are new to it, so technically, it is something different. Hope you enjoy my story!
The Next day after the 24th (Friday, Snow day. I brought my 5 friends over the day before, considering the school knew about severe snow. My parents went on vacation 2 days earlier, and were to return the next 2 days), we had a conversation about our dreams. Continue reading