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No dogs allowed

This story isn’t too crazy but at least it’s true. As they say, truth can be stranger than fiction.
A girlfriend of mine lives in another town where I visit every month and we catch up and get down. Always had great chemistry and we’ve known each other for years. We probably would have ended up married but while on a hiatus from each other during college she married another dude and remains with him to present day. Continue reading

Invading Virginias Virgin Valley – Part 8 The Confrontation

From the time we got back from Winter Camp, December 1976, I began seeing Jocelyn two or three times a week. But I was still also fucking around with other girls and women, especially when our band played somewhere. By this time we were getting bigger gigs than just bars and clubs; we were playing a lot of community events and festivals around the central coast of California. And I wasn’t giving up random sex after playing a gig for anyone, not even for the sweet pussy of Jocelyn. Continue reading

I Caught My Wife With My Best Friend – Part 2

After making the bitch suck my cock and swallowing and then fucking her in the ass for the first time, I sleep in the spare room. We were in a 2 bedroom – 2 bath apartment since we married about a year ago. I had been with her for the year before we got married. My favorite thing is getting my cock sucked but she was not into letting me cum in her mouth. I initially thought she would come around but everytime I did, she got pissed or any way acted like it. Continue reading

My Girlfriends Best Friend – Part 4 The Summer of 77 Ends

All good things must end, and the summer of 1977 was no different. It had been an awesome summer for a teenager living on the Central Coast of California. I had played at a lot of the festivals in the area that celebrated the local crops; the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, the Artichoke Festival in Castroville, the Broccoli Festival in Greenfield, and the Strawberry Festival in Watsonville, just to name a few. Continue reading


As soon as he let the police in, I confronted Pastor John, and demanded an annulment.
“Wh?” he folded the Warrant, “What for?”
“Do you know what they’re looking for in your office?” I pointed at the door. Unlocked, of course. It doesn’t even have a lock, he said himself his doors are always open. There wouldn’t even be a bar on the doors to the Sanctuary if it weren’t for the local delinquents, breaking in. Continue reading

The First Weekend

Jenny and Robyn were polar opposites mentally and physically. Robyn was a self centered stuck up bitch 5’0 100 34DD with no ass. Jenny was 5’6 150 36C with an amazing ass that was rivaled only by her selfless and kind nature.
My sex life with Robyn was about as boring and predictable as you could possibly get. She hated anything outside of “the normal” unless she was drunk and then if she was too drunk she was an even bigger bitch than when she was sober. Continue reading

Strip club and married women

My buddy and I were in the military and only in this city for a couple of days waiting for the aircraft to be fixed. We decided to take a trip downtown and found this bar. Inside we were quite surprised that the place was literally filled with women. We couldn’t see another guy in the entire place. My buddy and I took a seat at a table and a waited to get served. While we waited, all of a sudden loud music started and a guy quickly appeared on a small stage in the corner. Continue reading

Well What A Surprise The Sister-in-law Was

My sister-in-law surprised me yesterday when I went over to borrow their sink reamer as she said NO problem provided I fuck her first. Very surprised I ask what this was all about and she answered – She had heard about my monster cock and wanted some of it. I ask what and where she had heard something as she said at Bunko one of the gals commented she heard I had a huge cock.
I said Well let’s see if what you heard is true and since I was already half hard from what she had already said, unzipped and pulled Big Boy out. Continue reading

Boyfriends Best friend -2

I was on my knees and his cock was hanging right in front of my face. I’d never been able to resist a good – looking dick when I saw one. The reason why poor Ryan thought that I was satisfied with having sex once a month was because I fucked guys from my cheer team on a regular basis. They had great cocks too, no doubt. But the 10 inch hanging before me was much bigger.
Zander looked at me staring hungrily at his cock and said, ‘ Tongue out whore! Continue reading

I cheat too fucking much

I have a friend who loves reading all types of adult stories, her name is Cindy, and she made sure that I tell my stories online. So here I go. Please bare with me…I’m a stay at home wife and was a stay at home girlfriend since I met my boyfriend who later became my husband, David, an English born financier that really never has the time to spend with me, either socially or sexually. Continue reading