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Vacation in the Domincan

I guess I can get a little jealous. Not that I think you can blame me. My husband Kyle likes to flirt. He says it is just being friendly, but I think it’s far more than that. He is a salesman and says it is part of how he has to work people.
Tension has been high between us lately. Kyle drifted off one night and left his computer open. I wanted to look for dinner recipes and my tablet was dead so I used his. Continue reading

Sandy gets more than a gangbanging

Me and my wife Sandy have been married for 28 yrs. We no longer have a sex life for each other so not knowing when she was off her period and safe for sex without getting her pregnant.we haven’t spoken much,neither fucked in months she has become kinda bitchy and rigid. So I figured that I could take her out Friday night to a club dancing and sexual pleasure. I was planning on getting her stoned and drunk to see where it would take me. Continue reading

Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife

At the mere age of 25, Mrs. Jennifer Brenner felt so helpless and scared, praying daily that somehow things would improve across the world. Such would only be the case that would bring about a cancellation of the recent call up of her husband’s guard unit. Prior to marrying her true love, Jennifer knew of her fiancé’s military commitment and grudgingly was forced to accept it if the marriage was to take place. Continue reading

The beginning

The names have been changed to protect the We will call my wife Robyn and her friend Jenny. They met over the summer during baseball games. Robyn recently giving birth to our daughter. Robyn worked all the time which left me to coral 3 kids by myself. Jenny would help me every time she was there. This of course was greatly appreciated and a great fondness began to grow. One day after hearing Jenny had received some bad news about her dad I sent her a message and told her if she needed anything to let us know. Continue reading

The revenge sex

Hi I am Rachel, and this is my story (true story). So i had a friend named Lisa we are friends for over a decade since middle school. She was better than me in every thing like subjects, sports etc.. so my parents always compare me and her and it was really irritating to me. We went to high school were very one really wanted to be in a relationship or lose their virginity. So i had a boyfriend in my high school days he was really and hot and one of the popular guys in the school so every girl would look at me in jealousy and i liked it so much. Continue reading

Older sisters

My one sister got married at 28 to a man 65,,i think he was just lonely because she said the only had sex the nite they got married..anyhow i was 14 and he used to ask me to come stay the weekends ..he worked from 3 pm until 1 am,,i knew my sister had her tubes tied early,and i knew what it meant at 14..this one saturday he left for work..she went and showered..and i was lating on her Continue reading

Fucking My Relatives

As I grew up and my cock started getting to what it is today 9″ x 2-1/4″ when I was 14, just about all of my aunts started sucking and fucking me. I don’t know how the word got around even though I tried most of my cousins but had too much cock to ever get it in. Then one day my aunt June cornered me in the bedroom when I was staying with them over spring break and made me take off my pants and shorts. Continue reading

Cheating On My Boyfriend With His Brother

When me and Ryan started dating I had already slept with my cousins so I had never cheated on him. That was until I found out he was cheating on me. I had know he was cheating on me for a while but stayed with him because “he was mr right”. DONT EVER DO THAT. So over spring break we threw a party at my house. My dad and brother were gone so I had the house to myself. Ryan asked me if he could invite his brother to the party and I said yes because I didn’t really care. Continue reading

Four Hours with Him

The night before I leave for an out of town trip we meet up with a buddy before heading to a bar for drinks. They hug when he arrives. They always hug. She likes it. She likes him.
They always hug, long and deep hugs in which he almost always reaches down and playfully starts his hug around her waist. He lifts her up so her feet come completely off the ground by about a foot. She is suspended there with her waist above his and her shoulders easily above his and he almost face to face with her breasts. Continue reading

Checking the swimming pool

I was a construction surveyor who investigated construction faults and at the time thirty years old. I had arranged to visit a private house who had made an insurance claim regarding a leaking swimming pool.
I arrived at this large country house in large grounds and pressed the bell on the entry gate. A women voice answered and said drive up to the main door. I arrived and she met me dressed in a robe she asked me if I minded but she was having a sun morning around pool with four friends. Continue reading