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Carlos Garcia Governor of The Paradise Club Womens Prison (part 3)

Carlos Garcia left school after seeing the careers master ,who suggested a position of oil change boy at speedy lube, and left him and his Mother Luciana sitting at a table looking dumbfounded at the lack of interest he showed in her sons future.
The following week Carlos applied for a job in the Prison Service, where a 6 foot 2 inch, 200 plus lb man was gladly taken on, to say it came as a shock when Carlos received a letter in the mail on the Friday informing him he had been assigned to The Adora Hermia WOMENS prison as of Monday morning. Continue reading

You think your having it tough,try being a hooker during a pandemic. Part Three

I stood looking at Brandy as she struggled to get up off the big oak box she had just been fist fucked over by her elder brother, I went over and lift her under the arms so she slid off the box onto her feet. She stood looking at me, tears had ruined her make up and she let out a big sob, she tried to smile at me but it was a very weak attempt of bravery on her behalf. “Are you OK ” I asked her softly, she said ” yes , but where did my brother go” and I said “I don’t know he just left ,slammed the door ,he didn’t say anything to me he just left”. Continue reading

My rape Story

I just started to work as a waitress in a hotel. I would mainly work at the restaurant in the morning, but a few weeks into working there my boss asked me to work at the bar sometimes. I was 18 y/o just finished school and moved out… I really needed the money, so I said yes even tho I didn’t wanted to work with drunk people.
It was a hot summer evening. It was Saturday and I had to work at the bar. Continue reading

Ditched (Gm Molest)

SPLOOSH! He was at it again. This boy kept coming out to the ditch out back, picking up rocks with a grunt, and throwing them in the water.
Then, he got out of breath, and hot. So, I went out on the porch to watch him. Over the fence, he didn’t even notice me, coming out the kitchen door. He lay back against the other fence, across the creek, looking up.
I bet he was looking at the billboard, and I could hear the cars rushing on the highway, it was so loud. Continue reading

A little slut in africa

The story i write from somewhere africa my name is mariana my job is slut without to want it how or why i will exprain.All start before six years i was 10yearsold a happy little blonde with pigtails brown eyes girl wearing her schoolgirl uniform α white shirt black jacket and blue skirt.Schoolday ends and i take my road for my house all was normal until in a place with no people a van stops in frond of me and when big door a man with hood catch me and he put me inside i have her go and van start again realy fast help me please i scream and cry but the big man lie down me and with a band closed my mounth and put my hands together with band and now sit easy and he put me to stand to other six girls like me to also cry. Continue reading

A Bad Day at School

My phone begins to ring “shit it’s the school.” I say to myself as I answer. “I’m looking for Mr. Plowman” the female on the phone says. “This is him” I reply. “Mr. Plowman this is Ms. Smith Janine’s 6th grade Science teacher.” “Hey how are you today. Is everything ok?” I ask quizzically. “Mr. Plowman there was a little incident this morning in class.” Ms. Smith says. “An incident is Janine alright” I ask now worriedly. Continue reading

Josie Jo gets doubled

Saturday night 6/9/19 Bob was taking his wife Josie Jo out to a dance club so his darling sexy wife could dance with some strangers and enjoy her night. I’m Josie Jo I’m a 48 yr old mother grandmother to my 5 yr old son. I’m married to a man named Bob ,my husband is disabled so our day’s that we use to spend on the dance floor holding each other is gone. It has been a while since I have been out dancing or with someone. Continue reading

Disgracing my Mother in-law

Since the very beginning my mother in law has been a self-righteous bitch.
Always placing herself above others in moral judgment. When I first met her, she was bent over the oven pulling out some chicken dish she had prepared for Sunday dinner. I remember thinking dam she has a nice ass. She stood up and said hi. Nice smile a bit older I found out later that my future wife was the youngest of 6. Continue reading

Drunk hot girl

Passed Out Girl
My wife and I had moved to a new city about 40 years ago. We moved into small apartment building. Next to it was also another similar apartment building. Most everybody that lived in both units were under 20-30.
My job required me to sometimes have to go in pretty early every now and then. My wife usually just grunted when I kissed her goodbye those early mornings. One morning there was a light frost. Continue reading