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I just myself the most realistic fleshlight I could find (what happened)

Today I am handing you over to ‘Lee’, he is a good friend of mine who made his wife watch him fuck a tight, realistic fleshlight for his pleasure only. He told me the story and I asked him if he would share it with my naughty readers and he eagerly agreed. Let Lee know what you think in the comments below. – Jess <3
You can see way more intimate pictures of Lee and his partner in my VIP members-only area, everything is on show in there. Continue reading

I just let my friend have anal sex and cum in my ass (Im a woman)

Hi, everyone, it’s Jess and today I am handing my blog to ‘Samantha’, she has an amazing story for you all today. She is a great friend of mine and I can’t wait for you to hear her sultry, sexy and daring story.Update: If you want to read my sex stories with full nudity (the ones way too kinky for my blog) you can get my membership.

He Was My Best Friend…

I am sure many people around the world can relate with having a best friend, it isn’t an uncommon thing and it definitely isn’t uncommon when it comes to boy/girl best friend relationships. Continue reading

Our First Date

She gasped, leaning back on the sofa, her legs spread slightly, accidentally of course. Eventually Dan couldn’t resist and ran his hand under her dress. Lucy lay down; her legs spread more, revealing her shaven pussy. Dan was on his knees in a flash, licking her; she shuddered with every teasing tickle of his tongue. “You do taste good, my sweet”. Lucy grinned.

They sat across from each other, the flicker of the candlelight adding to the glow of sexual anticipation on Lucy’s face. Continue reading


Karolina can’t help but cheat on her lawyer boyfriend


Karolina was a young, beautiful woman with a great relationship. She lived with her boyfriend, Will, and worked with him as well. They had met when Will was in law school and Karolina was in financial administration. Will convinced Karolina to join him in law school, and eventually, Karolina joined Will’s law firm, first as a secretary before working her way up. Continue reading

A Quirk of fate again-V-a porn theater-[GH-104]-part-1-of-1

I heard about The Log Cabin through the grape vine. It was a dingy little adult bookstore in Kennedale. The big attraction was the porno theater that was located in the back. It had regular movie theater seats and a big screen. When you walked in the door the screen was to the right. There was an aisle that ran down to the front. On the right side of the aisle the rows were about 6 seats and on the left about a dozen. Continue reading

Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

My husband and I have been married for 30 years and quite frankly, our sex life has become stale, boring, almost non existent

Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

Let me begin my story by telling you a little about myself. I am a white married woman in my early 50’s, fit and athletic, about 5’6 135 with still firm 36c breasts, medium length auburn hair, and green eyes. Continue reading

My First Lover Was An Older Man

I met Dave who was a patient at the hospital

My name is Anne and I was a candy striper at the hospital. The uniform I wore had pink stripes on white. I wore white shoes and a nurses cap. You had to be at least 16 years of age with the plans of going to nursing school. I volunteered to bring blankets, magazines or fill the patients water pitchers. I would talk with those patients who wanted talk to me. Continue reading

She had her Mother’s Cute Little Freckles

My mouth dropped, and things seem to be in slow motion, like in one of those movies, where a beautiful girl, pulls herself out of the pool, with her wet hair, and her big tits popping together, as she pulls her self completely out. Only this was real life, and the beautiful girl was my 16-year-old sister in law.

Danielle and I met immediately after college. Continue reading

A hot bath on a cold night

Your eyes are glittering as you move your cold drink to your lips to sip it.

Your head turns slightly back, exposing your neck, and you let out a low moan of pleasure as the cool mohito slips down your throat.

The condensation quickly collects on the glass and a small trickle of water makes it way to the foot of the glass, ready to fall as a light rain straight towards your left nipple and expose it… Continue reading

My Mother, My Love

This erotic narrative is recounted in the words of Wilma Harris. It portrays her obsession and heartfelt love for the woman, who gave birth to her nineteen years ago.

Cast of Characters:

Ellena Harris: Title character and Wilma’s mother.

Wilma Harris: Viewpoint character and Ellena’s incesbian daughter.


I love her and I will love her forever. Continue reading