The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 1)

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Hi, my name is Priyanka. I’m 21
I had always been a slut. There isn’t one man left in my hometown, whom I didn’t fuck. I had a nice, curvy slim body with big boobs, butt and a pretty face. So men kept coming to me since I was a teenager. My parents didn’t care. They are too poor and weak to care actually. Those men who fucked me, gave me money, clothes and expensive gifts and occasionally sent gifts for my mother as well. My father tried to protest a few times but couldn’t say anything over my mother. She was the Queen of the house.
I went to College with the money I got from the local grocery store owner but got pregnant two times and had abortions when I was a college student because I don’t like using condoms. I was always busy going to parties and having sex with unknown men I met on the streets. Even lived for one week in a Hotel, where prostitutes and customers go and even took my father’s friends as customers in that hotel.
When I graduated from college I didn’t find a job because I didn’t study very much and my grade was bad. My parents tried to get me married but no one wanted to marry me because I had a bad reputation. My mother searched for a boy everywhere and finally an aunty told my mother that she knew a man who will marry me. But he is a fat, ugly, middle aged man and a widower. His first wife died few years ago and he didn’t have any children. My mother immediately agreed because he was rich and he lived in a foreign country.
The night I married him was the worst night of my life. He had a big, fat dick and he kept fucking me until I fainted. The next morning when I woke up, semen was dripping out of my pussy. I had semen on my face, breasts and on my belly. I was still wearing my blouse but the buttons in the front were torn. I was lying on my Red Silk sari with my legs wide open.
I got up and washed my body. Then I went to the kitchen wearing only the sari with no blouse. In that house the only woman besides me was only my mother in law. There was the gardener, the cook, three house cleaners, two security guards and a driver, and all were males. My Father in law is a big, fat man with dark skin and a big mustache just like my husband.
My father in law is a very angry man. He told me not to wear blouses in his house as it’s not a traditional piece of clothe. He also told me that I had to give him bath everyday and massage his whole body with coconut oil every night. I agreed to it as he looked scary.
After all the houseworks, I took my father to the bathtub and started washing his back. Suddenly he told me “Take off your clothes Beti (daughter) or they’ll get wet” As a good Indian Bride I had to obey my in-laws and fulfil their every wish. So I took off my sari and wore only the red bikini. My father in law suddenly got angry and slapped on my breasts. He snatched the bra and my breasts got out. He squeezed them hard and pulled the nipples towards him.
I fell on his chest and he shouted “Never disobey me!”

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