Fun with sister

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It was about me and my sister we used to live in small town .I was 17 years and my sister was 15 years at that time .we both were studying. And used to go to cock was ready and 7 inch long .I had relations with boys.we enjoyed anal fucking .and getting my ass fucked.I used to enjoy very day while I was coming from school I saw my sister talking to one boy .about 20 years old .I thought that she is now grown up.and she is searching boy friend.I though it is my sister and I have a right to fuck before outsider fucks her…so I was searching and planning how to fuck I live in small home with two rooms.she used to sleep in mother bed. During summer exam we were preparing for our exam. And in my papas village there was a marriage. So we cold not go .my parents went .now I had good chance to fuck was summer she was bearing top and skirt and sleeping below fan as we had only one fan.I did not want to miss this chance as my Lund was slept by her side.I was wearing only Lund was erect so placed my hand on her boob over the top.she did not react.I proceeds further and put my hand under her top and started pressing her boobs they were hard and about Orange size
I wes pressing hard she might be feeling pain but she did not react that encouraged me to move further she was pretending to sleep as her hear beats increased .now I removed her skirt and she helped me by lifting hrt I removed her underwear she was naked .I removed my underwear .and I put my Lund on her was wet .I tried to insert but it was not put one finger in her so that she can take easily I was moving my finger in and out she was responding. By saying I was unable to control so put my Lund and pushed hard my Lund was now in her about one inches he criedi stopped and started suckkng her nipples and boobs.after sometime I pushed further she again cried.but I was not in a mood to give up so I pushed harder and harder and my whole Lund was inside her.she was crying take it out I am dying in pain but after some times she started pressing up as I press down she was moving her hips and keep on saying ah ah hha.
I kept on fucking as I was experienced.she grasped my body with her legs and my head with her hands now she was enjoying fully I ejaculated in her .and slept .after that we used to fuck whenever we go chances.

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