First time with divorced woman

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Story about first sexual experience with divorced woman

First experience with divorced woman

It was the time of june or july of 2015 me and my friend were sat at tea shop and having tea with sutta. While talking he asked me do you have any affair with married woman i laughed on him and said bhai ladki nahi mil rahi bhabhi kya ghanta milegi then he gave me a number of one divorced woman whose name was neeta and said whats app her she will reply it can take some time but definitely worked out. I said okay and messaged her. After some time she replied me whose is this i replied with my name and she said do i know you and with this our conversation started but after some time she blocked me

By the way let me introduce myself, myself vishvesh and my friends call me vishu having avg. athletic body structure dark colour but good personality and mainly having good size of weapon (7 inch )

After she blocked me i didnt made any extra efforts for that and left the topic but after some days again her message pinged on my whats app and then i replied to her and after that we started chat again my friend already gave me her information that she is divorced and having one adopted girl child with her

Let me tell you about neeta now she was 5ft in height fair skin with good breast size of 30C she was in her forties but looked like in thirties hairs upto shoulders little wrinkled on face but maintained

After chatting so much one day she said lets meet so i went her house at first instant i seen her she was wearing 3/4th and tshirt and feeding her girl evening snacks i knocked her door and said is that neetas home

she said yesss whose this

i said vishu she said yes come in

I entered in her flat it was well maintained and cleaned she offered me chair to sit and i settled down there i gave the bag of snacks which i purchased to her child to her and she said no need of that curtesy i replied its not for you it is for her because i like girl kids that evening we went for walk to near by garden and while walking she was telling me her story and then after she said dont think that i am interested in you or you get something i smiled and said after long time I realised what is pain and hows life while listening you

Then i said lets be friend

She said okay

Then we started talking usually on calls and whats app and then she offered me for lunch one day and i accept it so the day fixed for lunch she invited me at her place and said what would you like to eat I replied whatever you like it was the indication from her side that be ready for adventure today and I prepared for it

The day arrived and reached at her place she was alone and wearing classy nightwear she greeted me and then closed her door i settled down on her sofa cum bed i asked her where is grace (her baby) she said she went to school i said okay then she offered me wine prepared by her after having one glass of wine while watching tv i said come here and sit along with me(by taking chance) she came and settled beside me and again we continued to watch tv

After sometime i asked her do you want a hug she was full of tears and hugged me it was long hug and she hold me so tight that her boobs were literally felt on my chest after sometime I loosened hug and now we were face to face watching each other i moved forward towards her lips and kissed her and waited for reply from her side and she replied positively by kissing me in return I started smooching her smoothly and slowly and started roaming my hands on her neck and back she held my hairs from back and pulled me towards her more intensely I held her and moved her on me now she was sat on my lap and her legs were wide around me and we continued smooching each others my confidence was on seventh sky on that time and that was indicated by my risen weapon which was fairly noticeable on my pant

Now i moved my on hand towards he gown and shift in inside it and she whispered in my ear “ remove it i don’t like it wearing this” I followed her and on the second moment her nighty was separated from her and laid on floor now she was totally naked infront of me because she didn’t wear anything inside it her wet pussy dripping on my pant and it made my pant wet too now she started unbutton my shirt and followed kiss on every button my shirt was opened now and she slide little beat and started kissing my chest while kissing she was biting me softly which was feeling so sexy she moved downwards and kissed my abs and now she was on floor and she unbuckled my belt and opened my pant and pulled my pant and underwear simultaneously and release the beast hidden inside waiting for the quest after watching my penis her eyes was wide open and she murmured it is so big i didn’t seen that much before i replied you liked it she just smiled with blush and then she touched it with her tongue to my weapon her blow job was so awesome and it was my first time so i was feeling every bit of that moment and she was working on it like professional while giving me blowjob she removed my pant completely and i removed my shirt now we both were naked she admired my body structure and said nice

Now it was my turn and let explore the education which gave me porn sites to convert it in practical. I hold her hairs and then her face in my hands and let her sit on sofa and started smooching her while that i massaged her boobs with one hand and my other hand was moving on her cleaned soft pussy which was feeling so hot and wet. I moved towards her neck and below her ears my lips were roaming there so softly that she held me tightly with her hands then i moved towards and well shaped breast and started kissing on them she was whispering that crush them so hard bite me like hell and i did it just beside her left nipple i bitten her so tightly that she held my hairs and pushed my towards her boob and said more tightly don’t worry if it bleed i bitten her so tightly that my teeth marks fixed on her boob the area was red but didn’t bleed yet after that moving towards her vagina i insert my middle finger in it and start kissing her clit while moving my finger inside outside in slow motion and then i put one more finger in her pussy and kissed her like hungry dog she was so wet that she ejaculated on me she pressed me inside her pussy and let me wet with her fluid then she pulled me and swallowed all the fluid which was on my face now she told me to stand infront of me and put my penis in her mouth and started licking him up i picked my pant using my leg and took the packet of condom from pocket she smiled and said so you know it was about to happened i said I guessed so she winked me and said brilliant chap she put one condom and wore me up on my penis and then she said let me wide the sofa so we can enjoy betterly i nodded my neck and we wide up that sofa and convert it in bed

Now i pushed her on bed and went on her she was so horny that she was not able to handle herself and said put it inside i just want to experience that cock so badly i smile and said wait for some time be patient she hold me and started kissing on my shoulders and her nails was hurting my back that was the sign of complete success in making a woman mad for sex i slightly moved my hand towards my penis to put it into her pussy but i failed in it she smiled and removed my hand and hold my penis in her hand and kept it on tip of pussy and smiled my penis was so hard that kn first instant it entered in her pussy and she moaned sssssss…… ohhhhh visshhhuuu it is hurting me and it is soooo biggggg i again pushed some part in her pussy and she held my back with her nails so badly that i felt it inside on my back and on the third push my penis was completely inside her pussy and then i took a pause and let her settle down we were in missionary position and her legs were wrapped around my waist and her hands were on my back after a moment I removed slightly my penis and again penetrated her and then i started my motion slowly on her in up and down motion she was moaning so hard in my ears yesssssss ohhhhh yessssss vishuuuuu fuck me harderrrr increase your speed and drill my pussy so baddddd… and let me be your whoreeeee….. ohhhhh yessss baby fuck me harder your lund( she spokein hindi) is so good and big let me be your slut slave fuck me fuck me harder while having motion she also started being up and down her waist so we both can enjoy it and then she mumbled let me be on you now i want to enjoy your every inch of weapon inside me and without removing my penis she came on me and that was amazing talent I experienced first time she sat on my penis that not a single mm of my penis was outside her pussy and now she started her motion up down on my penis i gave her my hand to make her movement comfortable her wide bubble butt ass was shaking my thighs so good and after sometime she release my hands and settled them on her butt and she was squeezing her boobs with her hands i hold her ass so tight that my nails were printed there mark on her ass and i changed her up down motion to forward backward and on that moment she was stunned with that she squirted after that then she said let me be your slutty bitch and she stood on floor and pulled me up

After that i pushed her towards wall and inserted penis from behind and started fucking her it was around 15-20 minutes that i was in motion to fuck her i grasped her boobs and squeezed them while fucking her badly and then i moaned would you like to taste my cum she said what and then i didn’t reply her anything and continued my motion my speed was increasing on her and certainly i removed my penis and let her sit on her knees and removed my condom and ejaculated every drop of cum on her face her face was filled up completely with sticky fluid and i put my penis inside her mouth and told her to suck every drop remained she did it so well and finally we laid on bed….

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