Addicted to dicks

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Girl who wants to do blowjob…

An elevator was slowly going up. “Oh my God, sixty floors of hell. Why to build so high?” A man was pissed. His friends said it was best escort-girl in town. Turned out she was cheap hooker. And, she didn’t do blowjob. Her religion beliefs don’t allow her to do it. You are fucking escort. It’s your fucking job. You do, what client wants you to do. He just wanted great blowjob. A girl needs to adore doing it. A hotel located on the first three floors of the building, but man lived on the 58th floor. Now he was going home, on the elevator. Technologies, Jesus Christ.

A man closed his eyes and tried to relax. Elevator’s door opened, people walked in. 5 floors after the same people left the space. A silence. The door opened again and he smelled light citrus aroma. Barely noticeable, very seducing. Only girl could wear this kind of perfume. He got very interested and opened his eyes. The girl was standing on the right side and was “scanning” numbers on the screen. She looked 23-25 y.o. Cream color silky blouse, pencil skirt, black stockings and high heels. Her look was very seductive. He wanted to kiss her long beautiful neck. The girl caught his gaze.

“Hi. What floor do you need?”

“The 58th. How about you?” He started to check her out more detailed.

“Wow, forty more floors. Will talk?”

“Nah, I’m fine. Don’t feel like it. Just terrible day.”

“Yeah, I hear you. Same here. There are good days and there days like this one.”

He noticed how girl started to check him out, paying more attention to the area where his dick was.

“Do you think it’s quite awkward, the way you look at me?” For some reason he forgot that he did just the same 5 minutes ago.

“I think it’s normal. We always do it,” the girl started to do messy tress with her hair, “you were checking me out also.”

Her light “attack” got him very curious and he decided to continue conversation.

“What floor do you need?”

“I thought you didn’t want to talk?”

“Now I want, so where have you been?”

“I had a meeting.”

“A meeting? You were at work?”

“I wish. My parents forced me to visit this stupid 5 meetings, or they won’t pay for my vacation.”

“And what was this meeting about?”

“I can’t talk about it. It’s part of “therapy”.” She did “quotes” with her hands and rolled her eyes.

“Give me a hint.” The man was very curious. What is it, she can’t say out loud?

“Okay, watch my gestures.”

The girl came to him, took his pointing finger and slowly licked it from the beginning till the end.

“Damn, I don’t want to assume anything, but this kind of gesture “says” only one word. Sex?”

She closed her eyes and said. “I’m addicted to blowjob. I want to do it all the time. Everywhere. And I don’t know why.”

The man swallowed very loud. It will be unfair towards her. She is “sick”. He can’t ask her to do blow job for him.

The girl stepped back to the wall, and started to calm down herself, mumbling weird sounds. Then she came to him and whispered in his ear. “How big are you?”

“My dear, I can’t “use” your addiction, but God knows how much I wanna do it. I’m trying my best not to ask you about it.”

Her lips were kissing lobe of his ear.

“I adore deep throat. I can cum because of it.” Her hand unzipped his pants.

“I-it’s not right. I can’t do it. You don’t control yourself.”

His dick was already in her hands and she moaned.

“I’ll do it only once, can I?”

He closed his eyes. It was torture. Dick’s addicted girl asked him to do blowjob. And he had no power to say “no”. Man kept silent and felt her hand covered his throbbing flesh. Soft, lightly wet tongue started its journey up and down. It felt like she was building tower with such moves. One lick up, kiss and down. His hand grabbed her hair when dick disappeared in her mouth. Tip of his cock was touching tight muscles of her throat. It was unbelievable. Not every woman could take his 8.5 inches. Her lips kissed his balls, while all his length was inside of her mouth. The girl was done playing with his length and started her seducing sucking moves. With every time she would suck in more and release. He forgot how to breath. It was so intense, so deep, so crazy. He didn’t remember when he had such a good oral sex. She didn’t try to finish, she were enjoying every move. His dick was quite wet and girl’s hand felt like tight, warm and dripping pussy. The man clenched his teeth. Dear God, it was so good. The girl started to do deep throat again and he got lost. Her lips, her throat, her tongue – everything was so perfect. Feeling of her tight throat muscles were so good, and it ended with light sucking motion and tongue playing. He knew he wouldn’t be able to have it too long. She started to suck very hard and man exploded. He tried to do it aside, but she didn’t let him. Her sucking moves kept going, and he felt another orgasm. The knees were shacking, head was heavy. It was too much.

He opened his eyes and find out she disappeared. It was not fair. Man really wanted to give her money for her vacation, and maybe ask for one more blowjob. He was fucking sure. It was first and last the greatest oral sex in his life.

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