Good dog

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Growing up I always had the tendency to rub my virgin pussy on things like pillows or chairs. I’d just hump against pillows, feeling the wonderful friction against my clit. I didn’t truly understand what I was doing until I got into middle school and learned about sex and masturbation. It became an addiction, just humping whatever I could when I was home. A few nights after I turned 13, I was home alone and I was naked in my room. I had a pillow between my legs and I was humping it, moaning softly with every roll of my hips. I heard my dog walk in at some point but didn’t really acknowledge his presence until he started to sniff my pussy. I stopped humping the pillow and put my ass a bit higher so he could have better access to it. He sniffed my pussy for a while before he started to lick me. I moaned loudly, his tongue went over every sensitive part of my pussy and I loved it. He kept licking me like I was a bowl of water and he hadn’t had a drink in hours. I kept moaning, my body wanting more and more pleasure. I turned onto my back and moaned loudly as his tongue hit my clit. “Good boy~” I moaned as I pet his head. I looked down and saw his seven inch cock showing itself. I was so glad we never got him fixed. I moaned loudly and squirt as I came, my dog licking everything up. I pushed him off gently before moving him onto his back. I started to rub his cock with my hand before taking most of him into my mouth. His cock tasted salty but god it tasted so good. I wanted more, I wanted him inside of me and I wanted him to fuck me. As I was thinking to myself, he came inside of my mouth and I happily swallowed his load. I looked at him as he got up and panted happily. I smiled before he started to lick my face. I laughed and opened my mouth, his soft tongue against mine. I couldn’t help but start to get turned on again just by simply making out with him. “You’re such a good boy.” I smiled as I took a break from making out with him. I reached down and started to stroke his now hidden cock. I opened my mouth and he started to lick me again. Once I knew he was hard again, I stopped making out with him and turned around on my hands and knees, putting my ass up for him to see. His front paws landed by my sides and he started to thrust against me, his cock just rubbing against my back. I reached back and tried to guide his cock into my pussy. Once it was inside of me I moaned. His thrusts were quick and deep, pleasure overwhelming my body. I moaned loudly with every thrust. It felt so good and yet I still wanted more. He bit down on my hair and pulled it, keeping me right where he wanted me. His thrusts got even faster as if they could. After a few moments of his fastest thrusts, he came inside of me, his knot locking us together. I moaned and fell against the bed. He waited a few moments before pulling himself out of me, his cum slowly falling out of me as I was overfilled with his cum. He and I both panted and he laid down next to me. I rubbed his belly and smiled before kissing his head. “Good boy.”

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