Erotic First Night

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“After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma spread across the basement”—————————————————————————————————————————————————-Hello‚Ķ

“After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma spread across the basement”


Hello all, this is your Nagraj, who is here with my first ever story (a fiction out of my own fantasy) on ISS. This story is about the first night of a couple who have been recently married (love marriage with the support of elders). Since they have been brought up with values, they have decided to have sex only after marriage and have been eagerly waiting for their first night. Let us see how they have enjoyed their first experience.

The man (Mohan) has been waiting for his woman (Maya) in his basement. He has specially decorated his basement for his first night with his wife. The entire basement is fragranced with Jasmine flavored incense sticks, a bed decorated with rose petals and with multiple branches of jasmine flower tied together hanging from the top of the bed to the edges of the bed. There was a small teapoy which is filled with fruits and sweets and the setup reveals a typical Indian first night room. The special attraction in this room is the swimming pool that is filled with rose petals and one can get aroused just by looking at the atmosphere.

After an eternity came Maya in a typical Indian first night attire, a white saree draped around her tender figure, a white blouse covering her 34B size boobs, a slender waist with her deep navel visible (she purposely tied her saree below her navel) from a mile to Mohan. Mohan’s dick was already bulging underneath his dhoti. He was naked on the top and just wore a dhoti (to not waste much time).

As Maya approached him, he got up, held her hand that had the milk glass and took it from her hand. He sipped milk from the glass and offered her a sip. Then he held her hand and made her sit on the bed on to his left. There was an adrenaline rush between both since it was their first time getting very intimate. Silence overtook their excitement and they stayed still for a few moments. Breaking the silence, finally, he placed his hand on her waist (one of his favorite parts of a woman). That touch gave her a lightning bolt inside her body and she immediately gave a big jolt and hugged him from side.

He continued squeezing her waist and slowly planted a kiss on her neck, the most delicate part of her body and probably the most submissive. She just closed her eyes and breathed heavily. He then kissed her lips. Probably the best kiss one get ever experience. He kissed her for a long time that time itself lost track of it. Then, he made her stand up and he stood behind her as well and continued this action. Placing hands one her waist and kissing her neck, he was just making her submissive to his actions. He then removed her saree pallu clips and removed her saree from her breasts and left it fall on the ground yet staying on her body hung around her petticoat, thus exposing her midriff completely.

She was adorned with ornaments and he removed all of them one at a time and with each touch he made with the excuse of removing them, he was increasing her arousal state. He removed her saree completely along with her ornaments. So, she is now in her petticoat, blouse and her under garments. He bent down from behind and kissed her waist from behind. She was just lost in ecstasy and was allowing him to do anything with her. Probably she knew that she had her turn waiting. By kissing the back, he untied the strings of her petticoat and let it fall on the ground.

Then came the part that made her heart skip a beat. He brought an ice cube out of nowhere and placed it on her pussy over her already wet panties. She was shocked at this act even though it eventually turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He shifted to the front and continued his painting with ice over her waist and stopped at her navel and kissed it. She was losing control and was craving for a rough ride already. He then advanced towards here blouse and squeezed both her boobs over her blouse and unclipped the blouse clips and let it fall on the floor. She was almost reaching her climax.

Now left with only two pieces of clothes on her body, she has already lost control of the situation and was just letting out soft moans, closing her eyes and having a pleasant smile on her face. He untied his Dhoti and let it fall. He then grabbed her by her ass and pulled her closer. His driller was already wet with his actions and it was touching her navel and with this action she hugged her tightly and they were united in an undivided hug. He then placed her on the bed, placed a few rose petals one her waist around the navel region. He kissed her navel and she was enjoying it every bit. He took one of the rose petals in his mouth, travelled along her waist through her breasts and reached her lips. She invited his lips by opening her mouth and they united over a divine kiss. In the meanwhile he was squeezing her boobs over her bra which were just about to tear her bra.

He then reached her back, found the straps of the bra and removed it, exposing her 34B boobs for the first time to him. He started squeezing them and kissing them and licking them. He then took some grapes, crushed them and made the juice spill on her boobs. Then he took some honey and started pouring it on her neck allowing to fall it on her boobs, flowing through her waist and settling in her navel. As each drop of hone fell in her navel, she was having enough and she wanted Mohan’s dick in her pussy. Mohan too felt that he was done with his foreplay and wanted to reach the climax. He ripped her panty off her body and threw it on the floor. He took the remaining honey, poured it on her pussy and started licking it. She was getting crazy with his licking and started moaning very loud. He started fingering her pussy with his three fingers and started increasing his pace, she was moaning “Oh my god! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh Myyyyy goddd! Mohan! I caaaannnt bare it anymore! Please fuck me baby!!!! Please! Aaaahhh! ohhhh! ” He then placed his dick on the opening of her vaginal lips. He entered her in one stroke. She moaned due to the pain which in turn changed to pleasure. He started stroking slowly, then increased the pace rapidly. He then got up and made her sit in her lap facing him and hugged her tightly and increased the pace. She had pain and please while he was stroking and her boobs touching his chest gave him even more energy to increase the speed. Finally they both came together and he released loads of sperm in her womb. Then fell on the bed in each other’s embrace and relaxed for a while.


“She applied some honey, some milk, and some chocolate cream on his dick and then put it in her mouth for a great ride.”

Guys I hope you have enjoyed the first part. I am coming up with the second part of this erotic wet first night series soon. If any girl wants to interact with me, please reach out to me at [email protected] Till then blast your missiles!

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