Fucked by friend

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one day i was at a sleepover with my best friend, we were at her house while her parents were out picking up food. we were looking for something in her sisters room. we were looking in secret drawers and we saw a dildo. i was a young teen and i had never seen a dildo before. I asked my friend what it was and she told me she would show me. she told me to take off all my clothes. and i did, she then told me to go on my knees and i did that too. she then stuck the dildo in my mouth without washing it or anything. i could taste what must’ve been her sisters pussy juices. she fucked my mouth while i just sat there in shock. she then told me to lie down on the bed. i did as she asked. she told me to spread my legs. i was a little reluctant because i had always been told to never show anyone your private parts. but she reassured me and told me she wasn’t going to hurt me. i spread my legs and she put the dildo inside my pussy slowly. it wasn’t a huge dildo but it was big enough to hurt my little teen virgin pussy. she left it in my pussy and went back into her sisters room. she came back with a smaller dildo and a tiny vibrator. I didn’t know what the vibrator was at all. She put the small dildo in my mouth and it tasted like shit. i realised that the dildo had probably been inside her sisters ass and i was sucking it. she left the dildo in my mouth and put the vibrator against my pussy. she started fucking the big dildo in and out of my pussy. right before i came her sister walked in the room with her boyfriend right behind her. they must’ve heard my muffled moans and the vibrator. Her sister looked confused, then a little mad. she walked towards us with her boyfriend standing in the doorway. he looked very unsure. they were both 4 years older than me and my friend. she told her boyfriend to shut the door. she went over and grabbed my friend. she undressed my friend and put her down on the bed next to me. she took the dildos and the vibrator off of me. she then put them down. she told us to stay there and not move. she started whispering to her boyfriend so we couldn’t hear her. her boyfriend look horrified for a minute but he then looked exited. he unzipped his pants and walked towards my friend. he stuck his medium sized dick into her pussy. it went in easily. he fucked her until he came inside her. me and my friend were 12 and had not had our periods yet so there was no risk of getting pregnant. the boyfriend took his dick out that was covered in pussy juices and cum and walked over to me. he put his dick in my mouth so i could taste the juices. they tasted so good. he took his duck out and walked over to my friends sister. they whispered some more and walked over to me. i heard them say something about “breaking me in” the sister grabbed both the dildos. they stuck the smaller dildo in my pussy first but then they put the second one inside my pussy as well. they fuck my pussy and tried to stretch it as wide as possible. they took the dildos out and the sister put a few fingers in my pussy. she kept adding fingers until her entire hand was inside. she started to fist me very painfully. after she was done my pussy was so wide and stretched. she ordered me and my friend to 69. i licked all the cum out of my friends pussy. she then told us to stop and she took off her pants and so did her boyfriend. she sat on my face and told me to lick her asshole while her boyfriend fucked my friends ass. they finally left after her sister came on my face and her boyfriend came on my friends back. i figured out that my friends whole family are perverts and i went back there all the time after that.

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