Discovering my older sister part II

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A few months after our first sexual encounter, my older sister, Nova, returned to town for my mother’s 51st birthday. We had spoken over the phone about our earlier sexual encounters and were equally excited to see each other again. My twin sister, Teresa, was still locked up but nearing the end of her 120 day sentence.
When Nova arrived the night before mom’s party I was surprised when she walked in the front door with her daughter Brandi, my niece who is a year and a half younger than me. Mom seemed equally surprised but happy because she’s quite fond of her only granddaughter. While mom and Brandi were saying hi to each other, Nova and I took a moment to speak quietly.
“I didn’t know Brandi was coming too. It’s going to make it a lot harder for us to be alone” I said with disappointment
“No it won’t, she’ll sleep in Teresa’s room instead of me now” she responded.
Just then mom interrupted us.. “Where is Brandi going to sleep?” She asked
“She’ll sleep in Teresa’s room and I’ll sleep on the sofa” Nova suggested. “She needs her own space more than I do” she continued.
“You don’t have to sleep on the couch, we have the fold out bed. You can put it in either mine or Cyrus’ room.” Mom mentioned
“Alright, I’ll take this opportunity to annoy you little brother.” Nova said with a smirk
I played along by acting annoyed, when I was excited and surprised how well Nova’s plan worked.
We ordered pizza and started watching a movie but as soon as she was done eating, Brandi went to bed. Shortly after that mom went upstairs to her room and Nova went to take a shower and “get ready for bed” as she put it. I finished the movie but remember nothing of the last 40 minutes of it because all I could think of was my big sister in the shower and our first encounter. Just as it was ending my phone went off. It was my sister and it was just a winking emoji.
There is a bathroom that connects mine and Teresa’s bedroom and is only accessible thru our rooms. Nova had locked my bedroom door by mistake and I didn’t want to wake mom up by knocking on the door so I had no choice but to go thru Teresa’s room. I slowly opened the door just a crack and whispered the situation to my niece who was still awake and sitting on Teresa’s bed wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties. It didn’t seem to bother her that I was there because she didn’t cover herself up. She looks like a younger version of my mom and seeing her in Teresa’s bed, the same bed Nova and I had drunk sex in last time she was here reminded me of what was waiting for me next door.
I didn’t say a to Brandi as I quickly peeked at her and then went into my bathroom. After brushing my teeth and freshening up a bit, I quietly entered my room, and locked that door as well. The lights were off but I could see Nova was laying in my bed. The scent of her shampoo and body lotion permeated throughout the room. I began to remove my clothes and walk towards the bed, accidentally kicking the fold out bed along the way. After a few seconds of anger and quietly whispering “fuck fuck fuck”, my mind got back on track. My eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness now and as I pulled the blanket back, another stronger whiff of her scent hit my nose. I slid into bed, pulled the blanket up and immediately pressed my body against my sister’s. Her large fake breasts pressed tightly against my chest. She wasted no time in kissing me. This time we were sober and our kissing was full of passion. Our tongues seemingly danced in perfect synchronization. This went on for about 5 minutes. Just us making out. My cock was throbbing! It was beginning to hurt, desperately needing some relief. Almost as if she could read my mind, her hand reached down and gripped my shaft. A shockwave went thru my entire body as I had been patiently waiting for this for over 2 months. Her hand slid up my shaft to the tip and she began tickling it with her thumb. All still while dancing her tongue around mine.
She pulled her mouth from mine and licked her thumb. “Pre-cum already?” She giggled
She reached across me and grabbed something from my end table and handed it to me.
“A condom?!” I asked
“Last time we were stupid and wreck less. We got incredibly lucky.” She explained
I was in no mood to ask questions or argue. I put the condom on and she immediately sat on top of me. Even with the condom on I felt how incredibly wet she was. As she sat down on my cock, it slid in without any resistance. Almost all the way in, she let out a moan. “Shhhh.. Brandi is still awake” I told her.
She started grinding on me. My hands on her hips, I aided her movements. She placed her hands on my chest to brace herself and her grinding turned to bouncing. Her perfectly round silicone tits were flopping all over now. Without hesitation my hands moved from her hips to tits to hold them in place. I began sucking on one of her nipples and giving them soft little love bites. Each little nibble she let out a moan thru her heavy breathing. Just then she sat straight up and I got a great view of her petite body and big fake tits. Even in the dark they looked amazing.
“Say it! Say it! Tell me to cum!” She moans
I didn’t think it was possible to turn me on anymore than I was but when she said that thru her heavy breathing and panting, I just about lost it.
“Cum baby! Cum all over that big dick!” I grunted
Her body collapsed on mine and she wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tightly. My hands went to her ass and held her firmly on my cock.
“Oh my god, I’m cumming so much!” She squealed in my ear.
I could feel drips splashing my hands and dripping on my balls and inner thighs. She was squirting everywhere. It felt like it went on forever. She continued to squeal in my ear.
Finally she stopped. Her muscles began to relax and she tried desperately to catch her breath still while laying on top of me. My cock still half inside her. She lifted up a bit and looked at me like she was going to say something, then collapsed back down on me. All she could say was a noise.. “Ahhhggg!” She released along with a deep breath.
A minute passed and she slowly started moving her hips again. “I want more! It’s your turn little brother.”
She has always called me that as far back as I can remember and I had thought that if she did it while we were fooling around, I would lose the mood but the opposite happened. For the last two months I just pretended she was a girlfriend and not my big sister but when she said that, I went nuts in my head. It felt great bringing pleasure like that to her and felt even better when the brother sister aspect re-entered my mind.
I flipped her skinny body off me and laid her on her back. As I climbed on top and began to slide my cock inside her she placed her hand on my cheek. I leaned in and began kissing her and I also began to thrust. She started moaning into my mouth and she wrapped her long thin legs around my waist. I pulled my mouth away from hers. As I did, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her throat. I gave it a light squeeze. “Harder!” She moans
I tighten my grip a bit and as I do I feel the explosive end to this coming. A few more thrusts and “Gaaaahhhh!”
I start filling up the condom. Wave after wave of cum pours out of my cock. Her hands dig into my ass cheeks and pull me as deep as my 10” cock can go.
When the last wave was done I sat up to my knees and pulled out of her. The tip of the condom was sagging almost to the bed from the weight of 2 months of anticipation cum. I sat back on my heels to catch my breath now and she popped up and removed the condom and threw it in my trash can next to the bed. She then got into position and started sucking my semi hard dick. Cleaning up the left over cum. When she was done she sat back against the head board of my bed and took a deep breath. “Jesus Christ little brother!” She sighed.
After she caught her breath, she laid down and signaled for me to join her. I laid next to her and put my arms around her. She fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. We said nothing.
I awoke the next morning still laying next to her naked body. It was early, before 8. Well early for me. A few minutes later she woke up and rolled over. Part of me was still worried she’d freak out when she saw me. As I continued to wait for one of us to have the “wtf are we doing moment”. If it was coming, it wasn’t this morning. She smiled and scooted her body closer to mine and kissed me.
“Good morning little brother.” She said. “Good morning to you too big brother.” She added as she pulled the blanket up speaking to my dick. I had a bad case of morning wood and she felt it as she scooted closer to me.
She kissed me once more and then slid down my body under the blankets and between my legs. Without me asking, or even hinting at it she started sucking my cock. It felt amazing. What a way to wake up!
A few minutes passed of me just enjoying my cock being sucked. “Come sit on this thing” I said with a cocky tone.
“I’m kind of sore down there, this is all about you right now.” She responded going right back to sucking.
Moments later I unleashed another fresh batch of cum down her throat. I couldn’t believe it, she swallowed! She swallowed every drop! When she was done she crawled back up to me and gave me another kiss. This time with her tongue and I could taste what was left of my cum.
“I gotta pee.” She said as she got up, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom.
Thanks for reading. I’ve got more stories I’d like to share with anyone that wants to read them. Part 3 will come soon.

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