Seeing my bf again after 4 months

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Me and my boyfriend finally saw each other again on Sunday, after about 4 months. We have been video chatting/sexting pretty consistently, but we haven’t seen each other in person. Finally my dad was going to be out for the entire day and my bf was able to come to my house. We were both so exited and immediately started making out. We quickly made our way to my bedroom, as we stripped naked. I was already soaking wet in anticipation. He pushed me onto my bed and started to eat me out. The feeling of a mouth finally on my pussy again made me cum within minutes. I looked down and his dick was already rock hard ready for me, and he started fucking me like an animal. It was so hard and rough and quick I came 2 more times, and within 5 mins he already pulled out and came all over my pussy mound and clit. I used his cum to start rubbing my clit while he reached under my bed. He pulled out our toy box and went straight for the ropes. He tied my arms and legs to my bedposts and then sucked on my biggest butt plug and forced in into my ass. My ass was throbbing not used to this aggressiveness and i moaned loud. he grinned and laughed, so happy to make me his bitch again. he reached back in the box and pulled out my gag, and gaged me so I couldn’t talk, just grunt and moan. His cock was already hard again, and he guided it into my pussy again. His cock in my cunt, along with my butt plug made me squeal, it felt so good. This time he began slower but deeper, making every stroke count. He bent down while fucking me and started licking my nipples, making me moan even louder, and then he started biting my nipple making me cry out, he was in total control and we both new it. There was nothing i could do, and that thought made my pussy so wet. slowly he started fucking my faster again the all of a sudden he pulled back and ripped the plug from my ass. my ass was gaping from the sudden change and he used that opportunity to slam his cock into my ass. His cock was already covered in my cum and juice and he slipped in easy. deeply he started thrusting into my ass then back into my pussy over and over. neither of my holes were able to recover before he was back in them, so they both lay gaping open as he went back and forth. I was moaning so loudly and consistently at this point i could barely think straight. Soon he started grunting harder and started just fucking my pussy, I could feel him tighten and knew he was going to cum soon. Normally before when we had sex he would cum in me all the time, because i was on the pill, but since quarantine had started I had stopped taking the pill. I was so exited when he had gotten there I had forgotten to tell him. I realized what was about to happen and started trying to buck him off of me, still unable to talk with the gag in my mouth, but it wasn’t much different to my normal motions while he had been pounding me, and he hadn’t noticed I was trying to get him to stop. Then He stopped deep inside me and started pumping his cum in me, I couldn’t help but cum while he did, my pussy reacting to his cum. Finally he pulled out his cock soft, and his cum slowly running from my pussy. With my orgasm over I began to realize again what had just happened, and I started to get very anxious. He untied me and could see something was wrong. He asked what it was, but I was too scared to tell him the fuck up I had just made, and told him I was tired from our fucking, but that it was amazing. My dad was going to be back soon, so he kissed me goodbye and left. Now home alone I started freaking out. I ran to the bathroom and tried to push all the cum out of me and took a shower, but I’m scared that didn’t do it. Since I’m still 17 I couldn’t go and get the morning after pill, and I’ve been to scared to ask any one I know to get it for me. It’s been 6 days and I still haven’t told him or anyone the problem. I’m just really hoping nothing will happen. I had just had my period, and so I shouldn’t be ovulating, but I know it’s still possible.

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