Mom and son caught, but do they know it

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This happened back in early feb.i was looking for a site to post my story and came across sex stories 69.i am a married man,age 52,my wife Kathy is 42,she has brown wavy hair,about 5/5 125 pounds,very hot.we both have professional jobs during the day,my job starts two hours before hers,we have a 19 year old son that just graduated out of high school months afternoon getting home from work,I get home before my wife does,I saw a wrapper about a foot underneath our bed,I bent down and picked it up,it was a condom wrapper,what the fuck I was thinking,it’s not mine I don’t use rubbers on my wife when we do fuck which is not that often I can’t be our son Matt’s rubber,he would fuck a girl on his own bed,my wife is fucking someone else or did and on our bed.i stayed calm and thought this out for a few son works different shifts at a sporting goods store,mostly afternoons with a few day shifts only.i have alot of power at my company,I took a day off that my son and wife would be working during the day and went to this place called the spy shop bright and early.the guy was showing me all kinds of cool shit,a alarm clock that had a camera and listening device in it,a DVD player that started recording the minute a movement happened,a smoke detector that had a camera and listening device in it.since I had my own private office with a computer in their at the house,I could record our bedroom and watch and listen on my computer in my office.i bought 3 things and hurried home to get it all set up before my wife Kathy and son got home.i hooked up the alarm clock and replaced the other one,it was facing the entire bed,it even had the numbers on it,it was awesome.i put the smoke alarm right over the bed on the ceiling,the other one was more in the corner.then here was the DVD player that was aligned with the whole bed was all set up to record and go to my computer.the only thing that would get noticed if it did would be the smoke alarm,but you could not tell unless you tore it apart.i was all excited and would come home go in my office and check it everyday.i came home on Monday went in my office and started watching,it showed me getting my clothes to take a shower,after leaving our bedroom to take a shower my wife Kathy gets up and opens her drawer and pulls out a pair of red fish net stockings,she put them on sitting on the bed pulling them up her lovely legs,she goes to her closet and picks out a pair of her 5 inch black shiny heels,she put them under her side of the bed.she didn’t put on no undergarment. I noticed her pussy was clean shaven.she got back under the covers and pretended to be sleeping,I got you now you cheating slut I said watching,who is the culprit I thought,it showed me return from my shower putting on my dress shoes,put on my watch andkissed my wife saying goodbye,she is playing the acting role have a good day honey.about five minutes after I leave it shows my wife Kathy get out of bed and put on her black heels,she yells out Matt,I’m ready,Matt is our son’s name.what the fuck is this I thought.our son entered our bedroom completely naked with a big ass hard on,what a cock he had,that must have been 8 to 8 1/2 long.pointing up to the ceiling.did you make sure he was gone Matt my wife Kathy ask our son,yes mom he’s gone.sure enough Matt had a condom wrapper in his hands,he tore it open and rolled it down his long thick shaft,I know we had two days off mom,but I could not wait until today rolled around,I had a perfect camera view with the DVD camera,Matt draped his mom’s fish net stocking legs back,I cold see the bottom of my wife’s heels pointing to the ceiling with the smoke alarm camera,I watched Matt go balls deep in his mom’s cunt,long deep strokes he went,I was watching my own sons ass cheeks going up and down fucking his very own mom,my wife.i should have been mad as hell,instead I was so turned on,full of lust,just watching Matt go deep up into Kathy’s cunt over and over he pumped that massive cock way up into Kathy,he had his mouth to the side of her ear,I switched the camera to the alarm clock,it got Matt’s face pretty good,as Matt was pumping his mom,he was saying in her ear,you like my cock mom,you like feeling my cock up your cunt every morning when dad leaves for work,you could hear our bed creaking and creaking as Matt drove it up her twat so deep,my own heart was pounding just watching them fuck,I loved it.this was hard to believe though,I would have never imagined Kathy would do this to me,and with our own son.i bet alot of mother’s are fucking their sons behind their husbands back.i had the biggest hard on,stroking my own cock watching my own son fucking his mom on our bed,Kathy’s legs went wide and Matt fucked that cunt so deep,just watching that boy fuck,I wondered how Matt felt to feel Kathy’s cunt on his cock,the lust and feeling he felt to be driving it deep into his own mother’s pussy,he just stayed pumping my God,he must of loved it,feeling his own mom’s juicy cunt as he buried it to the hilt on every stroke,I finally came a load that I have never came that much or that hard in a long time,not even when I fuck Kathy have I came that God watching them fuck was better than any porn I have watched.matt finally nutted in that condom,I got to get ready for work Matt his mom said,theirs something different mom about your room,I can’t pin point it though Matt said,as far as what honey she said,I don’t know mom.i bet it’s the smoke alarm he’s thinking off .I would love to watch my son in person fuck his mom,I could get Kathy to agree to it I’m sure,that would be easy,I could threaten with a divorce,tell our family,I don’t know how Matt would take it though,I don’t want to fuck this up.they fuck every morning after I leave for work,I’m enjoying this everyday when I get home,watching my wife wear sexy shit fucking our son ,I don’t want to join in,I don’t want a threesome,but I want to walk around the bed watching my son and wife fuck each other’s brains out.i want to be their watching behind his ass cheeks looking at his massive cock going in and out of his mom’s cunt instead of just on the computer.what do you readers think.

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