Curious Friend

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I move my mouth from her lips, I follow the curve of her face with tender, soft kisses, I drift down onto her neck. The wonderful silky neck of a woman is a joy to kiss and nibble, usually an action greeted with delicate moans, as they turn for you to allow you access. Yes, she is one such woman. I move down her body, kissing every inch of skin I cross. She is starting to wriggle beneath me, this is getting her desire flowing, she wants to see what more I have to give her.

It had

been the longest day at work, to finish off the longest week. I was so

glad it was the last Friday of the month, this meant only one thing, my

online book club was getting together to gossip about their latest read,

all of us would have a glass of wine or two as we swapped ideas on our

most recent book.

I had a feeling tonight would be a good session as

they had picked an erotic novel this time.

I was settled in front

of my laptop, wine in hand, waiting for all the other girls to log on.

Once they had all arrived, it became clear the topic of the book had got

them all in cheeky moods, there were lots of suggestive messages and we

hadn’t even got to discussing the book at that point. Once we got into

the main discussion, it was revealing to see what bits the other girls

liked and did not.

One section had an all-too-brief liaison between two

women; personally I would have loved to have seen more of this, 4 out of

the 6 of my friends weren’t bothered by it but weren’t overly turned on

and one friend had admitted it had turned her on and that it had taken

her by surprise. I was surprised that so few of us were drawn to the

physicality and sensuality of other women. I myself find both women and

men attractive, but the pastime of pleasuring a woman is a hard one to


We had finished discussing the book, but as always we took

our chatter late on into the evening. The wine had clearly taken effect,

as had the content of the book. Suddenly they all seemed to think it

was funny to post their bums and bra clad boobs as their profile

pictures, asking the rest of us what we thought the lead character would

like to do to that.

Mostly I was just thinking what I would like to do

the all the shapely figures I was being teased with. My curious friend

though, did not seem to be joining in, I admit I was a bit disappointed

as out of all the others she had always intrigued me most. She seemed to

have a very sweet nature, her comments were always kind and fair and I

was eager to put a face to her name.

As if the Gods had answered

my plea, my curious friend found her courage. I was not prepared for the

vision she was though. Her first picture was her beautiful face,

gorgeous plump pouting lips, lips I was certain I would kiss if they

were brought too close to mine, and beautiful eyes framed by the

loveliest long eyelashes. Everyone was quick to compliment her, and

rightly so, such a truly lovely face.

She rebuffed our compliments, but

did seem to find some added confidence from them, as she graced us with

two more pictures, fully embracing the game the others had started. A

fine body to go with that beautiful face, curves absolutely where they

should be, oh, her picture was almost too much to take. It had been a

long time since a woman had bowled me over like this. Then just as I

thought I would have to take a break so as not to say something

inappropriate she gave us all the treat of seeing her knicker-clad

bottom. So peachy and smooth, the compliments I wished to give entirely

crossing the boundaries. ‘Yes you have a lovely bottom, so lovely I’d

like to bite it and spank it.’ Hardly the best thing I could say.


could tell they were all getting progressively more tipsy and as

amusing as their sexual confessions and comical outbursts were, I was

starting to feel a little frustrated. It was hard not to imagine all

manner of naughty things when they were being so explicit. My curious

friend had also come out of her shell, and some of the information she

shared made me ache with a desire to pleasure her. So I excused myself

for the evening, and took the spoil-sport jibes on the chin and went to

bed to be alone with my thoughts.

Oh, how she teased me. Visiting

me in my dreams where I could not resist her. Her divine body encased

in a sexy red chemise, made all the more appealing by those luscious

dark locks tied in a ponytail that was begging to be grabbed.

I thought

where I could direct those plump lips if I took that ponytail in my

hand. I am rushing though. She is curious, needing to be shown how much

pleasure can be found in two women coming together, I need to take her

slowly through this new experience she desires. She is looking at me

through those beautiful lashes and I want all of her at once, I want to

lose myself in her and her pleasure.

I go to her, I take her soft

hands in mine, hands I want to feel all over my body, I want to feel her

little trembles as she moves uncertainly across my skin, unsure as to

what to try and where to go. I will tell her though. I will tell her, I

will show her, I will lay her down upon my bed and I will show her how

you touch and caress a woman. I will be patient and I will resist the

urge to ravish her. Where should I start with one so alluring? when

every bit of her is calling to me, begging for me.

As she lays

before me, I dip my mouth to hers. Oh my, to kiss those lips is like

taking a sip of heaven itself. So soft, so full, so tentative, and then

she relaxes into my kiss and those lips become eager. She likes this,

this kiss of mine upon her sweet lips. Will she respond the same when I

move my mouth to the soft, wet lips of her pussy? I hope so. I slow my

thoughts down, we have barely begun.

I move my mouth from her

lips, I follow the curve of her face with tender, soft kisses, I drift

down onto her neck. The wonderful silky neck of a woman is a joy to kiss

and nibble, usually an action greeted with delicate moans, as they turn

for you to allow you access. Yes, she is one such woman. I move down

her body, kissing every inch of skin I cross. She is starting to wriggle

beneath me, this is getting her desire flowing, she wants to see what

more I have to give her.

I free her breasts from the confines of

her pretty chemise, one single tug of a silky front tie and they are

free. Free and glorious. So full and shapely, her equally gorgeous

nipples are standing erect for me, showing me she is enjoying my

exploration of her.

I take one breast in my hand and a nipple in my

mouth, my free hand playing with her enticing ponytail. As I lick and

suck on her nipples I feel greedy for her, I use my hands to take as

much of her breast into my mouth as I can and she is moaning for me,

moaning for more, she loves to have her beautiful breasts adored by my

mouth. Oh curious one, I would adore you whenever you wished.


can wait no longer, I need to see how a divine beauty like this tastes.

As I remove her lacy red knickers, I am overjoyed to feel how her juices

have soaked them, confirming that I have been pleasing her with my

affections. I push those shapely thighs apart, so I can see how wet she

is for me. As I run a finger up her wet slit, I cannot resist the urge

to taste her, I lower my head and my sense are aflame.

The vision of her

is one thing, but her scent also has me giddy with lust. She smells

sweet and musky and so ready. I know then she will taste like no other.

Then my tongue is on her, she is warm and wet, my pussy is aching for

her now.

I lick her pussy and suck on her clit, she arches her back

and pushes up into me. She tells me this is good, that this is how she

likes it. I am pleased she is becoming vocal, she is relaxing now,

letting herself go to revel in the pleasure I am creating for her. I

keep going with what she likes, I also push my fingers into her for

added pleasure. She feels so perfect around my fingers, so eager for

them as her pussy pushes down onto them. I curve my fingers searching

for the spot that will cause her more sensations.

She is telling me yes,

that this is the spot. She is so ready, I can feel how close she is, so

I increase my efforts and give her what she is craving. She is ecstasy,

her sweet voice calling out to me as her juices flow for me. She is in

heaven, and she is my little taste of heaven.

As she returns to

me from her orgasmic haze she begins to show signs of shyness. No, my

curious one, don’t be shy, here let me show you. I lie beside her, take

her hand in mine and place it on my breast, I tell her to mimic my

actions, touch what appeals to her, those hands of her could do no wrong

to my body. She hesitantly follows my instructions, every now and then

looking up at me for approval through those thick, long lashes. Oh,

curious one, you are just so pretty.

She is finding her courage

now, she licks at my nipples and when I arch my back towards her mouth

she instinctively sucks at them. I can feel her hand slowly brushing the

skin of my stomach, I can feel she wants to explore lower but she is

uncertain still. I suggest a different approach, so she doesn’t feel

pressured to concentrate on bringing me pleasure.

I show her how we can

place ourselves pussy to pussy, clit to clit. How our individual desires

can bring the other pleasure. She likes this, she grinds with me, as we

both make each other moan.

As she becomes more aroused, she

becomes bolder again. I love this. I think that I would keep her aroused

all the time if I could make her feel courageous too. She whispers to

me so sweetly that she would like to taste me as I did her. This makes

me want to taste her again, so I get her to straddle my face as she

leans down to put her lovely lips and gentle tongue on my pussy.

She is

cautious, but it feels amazing. She is grinding her pussy against my

mouth, as I thrust my tongue up to meet her advances, her own efforts on

my pussy are increased. She has stopped being cautious or following my

lead, she has found her enjoyment of the task and she is lost to it now.

It feels wonderful. She is pulling my climax to the surface without

even trying. I start to call out to her, telling her how good it feels,

how she is going to make me come. She too is going to come again, my

mouth is eager to take her juices.

As my vision of her makes me

climax, as her own orgasm makes her pussy clench around my tongue and

her wonderful taste flow into my mouth, my own hand lost to my dream is

working frantically to create my own pleasure.

I wake in in the grip of

orgasm, my curious friend filling my mind. What I would give for it to

not be a dream. Oh, that the Gods would look upon me favourably once

more and bring her to me to sample her sweet delights in my waking


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