I Caught My Wife With My Best Friend – Part 2

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After making the bitch suck my cock and swallowing and then fucking her in the ass for the first time, I sleep in the spare room. We were in a 2 bedroom – 2 bath apartment since we married about a year ago. I had been with her for the year before we got married. My favorite thing is getting my cock sucked but she was not into letting me cum in her mouth. I initially thought she would come around but everytime I did, she got pissed or any way acted like it. But she had no problem letting Larry and then swallowing his cum.
The next morning I woke with the usual hard-on and went into the bedroom where she was. I threw back the covers which woke her and laid down next to her and told her to get her mouth on my cock as I wanted another blowjob. She said NO so i slapped her and said good enough for Larry, good enough for me, and used my hands to push her between my legs and her head on my cock. I then told her to suck it dry and swallow every damn drop like she did with Larry. She starts crying and says she is sorry. I say that’ not getting it now get a mouth fuull of cock and make it good. She was wearing a tee shirt and I reached up to the neck and tore it open so her tits were hanging free. I got her nipples in my fingers and told her to deep throat it and gave her a double pinch. She screamed – Stop That – it Hurts. So I did it again and told ask her did she hear what I said. She took more of my cock in her mouth than ever before.
I was pretty turned on by the whole thing and after a little bit felt my cum rising and put a hond on the back of the bitchs head and held her down as I deep stroke in her mouth. I was the best blowjob she had given. Some of my cum ran out of her mouth and down my cock and I told her to lick it up. She said NO, so she got a nice little pinch and then she did what she was told to do. After I was cleaned up I told her to get in the kitchen and fix me some bacon & eggs. As she started to pull on a robe I told her DO it naked. She said NO and I said I was not asking you – I am telling you and if you want me to butt fuck you just keep it up. She stormed off to the kitchen and i went to watch her.
She fixed a good breakfast and after the second cup of coffee, I tld her to get on her knees in front of me and do some more cock sucking – She said NO – so I said OK, let’s go in the bedroom so you can get that ass in the air so I can fuck it. She asks – Can’t you just do me normal. I said I am not going to follow Larry’s big cock in your cunt until I am sure all his cum is out of you. She said _ I can douce and then you can fuck me. I told her I don’t think so but the decision is yours – In the Ass or on your knees. She dropped to her knees and then said the floor is hard. My answer was then Make it quick and I want some more of that deep throating – it was damn good.
Turned out the Kitchen chair was not all the comfortable to me and after a couple of minutes had her stop and we moved to the couch with her finishing up and swallowing. I then told her she was getting into what I really wanted and for to get use to it.
Just as a safety measure I took all the car keys and put them away. The bitch was mine for the next 2 days. Around 2 PM after lunch she is still naked and i get to looking at her ass and decide to do it again. This time I decide to use some lube as last time was pretty tight on my cock. I tell her to go get it and she says – What For? I tell her of she does not know she is about to find out. She starts crying and I comment she should have thought before she let Larry fuck her three different times. She is saying how sorry she is but my answer is TOUGH> I take her by the elbow and lead her to the bedroom.
I get her on her knees and put my lubed cock at the entry to her asshole and after second thought squeeze some lube in it. Then I slowly push my cock in her ass and stop, letting her get use to it. After a minute or so, I start fucking her ass and it not as good as when it was un-lubed. I had only fucked a couple of gals in the ass before and it was not my thing, but this was punishment, not pleasure. So I started really romping in it. I noticed she was not complaining this time so I was not getting the effect I wanted. I thought she was going to cum, so I did and stopped – leaving her hanging.
I made her get a hot wash cloth and wipe my cock clean and then made her lick around on it for a little. I then told her to take a break and rest up as she had more cock sucking to do later in the day.

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