The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 2)

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On the second day of my marriage, my father in law showed his true color. At night, he called me to his room and told me to massage coconut oil on his body. He was wearing only a dhoti and I was wearing a sari without any tops. The bare nipples poked on the sari and made a bump.
He told me to close the door and take off my clothes as well so that it will not disturb my work.
When I started massaging his thighs, he started touching my breasts. I was never a shy girl but I was feeling shy. I moved my hands in his pants started massaging his penis. “Ahh…mm…good. Feels good. Take it out” he was moaning. I took out his big dark penis out of his dhoti and started putting oil on the tip. He started moaning even loudly.
Suddenly he grabbed my hair and shoved his penis into my throat. I gagged a little but then I calmed down started licking it with my tongue. After licking and sucking it, my father in law cum in my mouth and I ate it. “Good girl” he said.
Then he grabbed my breasts and pulled me on the bed. He slapped on my thighs so I spread them. He shoved his penis inside me and fucked me hard. That night my pussy hurt a lot when my husband fucked me too. I cried and screamed but he did not care.
After a few days two men from my father in laws village came to visit us. They were farmers so they had dark burnt skin and thin body with muscles. They were both middle aged man. My mother in law told me that they were her husband’s cousins so I will have to take good care of them.
They both starred at me like hungry hyenas all the time but I told them nothing.
At night, my father in law called me and husband and told us “Leave your room for the guests and sleep with us from today.”
I was shocked. They had a big house and they still wanted us to sleep on the same bed with them. I was confused but said him nothing because I was scared of his anger. I feared he will beat me. So I was quiet.
So we slept four people on the same bed. My husband sleeping beside his mother and I between my husband and father in law. My husband told me to wear the babydoll bikini like everyday. I didn’t want to but my mother in law said I should never disobey my husband. So I did it.
At midnight my husband woke me up and told me he wanted sex. I wad shocked and tried to tell him we should not. His parents are beside. But he was angry and slapped my butt. So I went on top of him and had sex. When I laid again I was feeling my father in law touching my breasts and butt.
He whispered into my ear “Let’s go in the toilet and fuck” I was scared to disobey him so we went to the toilet and he fucked me very hard.
The next morning my husband told me that he will go back to USA for work but he will not take me with him. He needed to look after his parents.
I was very sad because I thought I will have the chance to visit USA for honeymoon.
After few days my husband left India and I was alone. My father in law told me to not get sad. “Think of everyone in my house as your husband” he smiled like an evil man. I was very shy hearing that.
One day, at night my father in law called everyone to have dinner with him. The cook, house workers, security guards, driver and the two village uncles were there. “My bahu (daughter in law) will feed you with her own hands.”
My mother in law agreed “You should listen to your father in law” I was shy very much but I agreed.
“No no bahu, not in this dress. Take of your pallu and tie it around your waist.” my father in law told me. I was shocked. “I will be bare breast if I do it.” I told him. My father in law was very angry hearing it. “Do not take on me” he said.
I was scared and I quickly took away my pallu. I was still wearing Sindoor on my head and Mangal Sutra on my neck as a symbol of good married woman. The mangal sutra was hanging on my bare breast. I was feeling shy but I started feeding them one by one.
They touched my breasts, nipples and belly all the time but I told them nothing. Even my mother in law was silent.
At night when I went to sleep with my father in law and mother in law, my mother in law called me to her and said “Sit here bahu”. She was sitting on the bed. When I went near her she started taking away my clothes. ” What are you doing ammaji?” I said in shocked voice.
“Nothing to do beti. You were brought for doing this. Otherwise who will take a whore like you as their daughter in law? Just stay silent and do everything I say” my mother in law said.
I was sad. I wanted to be a good girl. I never wanted to be a slut like past. But is this what an Ideal Indian Bride is? Obey her in laws every wish no matter what?
I was also feeling shy but happy. Because I was a slut. I cannot deny that. This was my fate and it is me.
My mother in law massaged my breasts with a cream with good smell. Then she told me to lay my head in her lap. She was seating on head side of the bed and I laid my head on her lap. She massaged my breast and nipples more.
Then she started massaging my belly and slowly she reached her fingers towards my pussy. She massaged it and suddenly all the men in the house came into the bedroom.
My mother in law spread my pussy widely and smiled and said “This is the holy cave for you men. Fuck her as much as you like!”

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