First Time With My Sis

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Hi I’m Marian male 15. My Sister is also 15 and her name is Maria. One day our parents went a few days away. Me and my sis were alone so i was in my room and listen to music. After a while i heard my sister screaming i ran to my sisters’ room and saw her naked on her bed with a Dildo in her hand.
I asked her why she is screaming but she said i should go out of her room. I went back to my room and laid down on my bed. After ten minutes my sis knocked on my door and asked to come in so i said yes. She sat on bed and told me that she was trying to put a dildo in her pussy to prepare her pussy for sex but she said it hurts too much. She began to cry and said i have to promises that i never tell that anyone so i promised.
There was only one problem, i get horny about that story of my sis so i get hard and she laid at that moment her head on my dick. I hope she don’t feel it but she did. She asked why I’m hard so i told her the truth. After that she asked if she can see my dick because she never saw one before in real live. First i thought to do it not but then i put my 6,5-inch-long dick out. She asked if she can touch it so i said yes and i said she have to stroke it up and down. After a while she stopped and we kissed us and she said that she wants to have her first time with her brother so i agreed. We put our clothes of and she laid on my bed. First went down on my knees and licked her Virgin pussy for 5 minutes. I stand up and wanted to put my virgin dick in her pussy but she stopped me and said i have to do slowly. I put my dick in she screamed at the first 2 minutes but after that she liked it so i went faster after 20 minutes i pulled my dick out and came on her small breasts. She said it was amazing and asked if we can do this another time again.
3 months later our grandma died so we became a little house in the woods with animals so my sis and me went every day after school to that house to feed the animals, but after we feed them, we went in the house and have their nearly every day sex.

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