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It’s Jess and this is my shiny and new sex toy review category.
Since creating this blog I’ve made so many friends and had so many amazing stories sent in, which I’m so grateful for as this blog would be nothing without them.
I’ve been collecting a lot of the sex toy reviews and stories and finally, there’s enough for me to open a part of the site dedicated to couples talking about their favorite sex toys.
So, what type of content will be here?
Stories about how different couples and singletons use their favorite sex toys.
It’s a look into what other people get up to and what gets them off.
Why this is one of my favorite projects
It’s no secret that I love sex toys, I think they are one of the best ways to spice things up and my personal collection has brought me so many beautiful, intense and pure pleasure moments that I’d not trade it for anything.
So, whether you want to experience a g-spot orgasm or you’re looking for ways to make your cock bigger, there’s something for everyone.
Here’s what toys we cover:

  • Vibrators, dildos, pegging, BDSM, cuckolding, extenders, cock rings, chastity, prostate, anal, gay sex toys and lesbian sex toys.

Hopefully, the list will keep getting bigger as more of you send in your stories and recommendations.

My experience squirting using a rabbit vibrator

I keep hearing everyone talking about rabbit vibrators, literally all my girlfriends can’t stop telling me about them.
So, after a few months of hearing all the stories, I decided to go ahead and purchase myself a rabbit vibrator to see what all the fuss was about.
Did it pay off?…

The best glass dildo I’ve ever used

I’ve been so horny lately, literally, there’s not been a day go by where I’ve not slipped into multiple daydreams about fucking various hot men… Is this normal?
Well, this urge to do something kinky just lead to me buying a popular glass dildo set and then filming myself use them.
I’m not sure why I filmed it, but I know for certain that glass dildos are a must-own for any woman.

I just orgasmed using this little bullet vibrator

I have been really stressed lately and I stopped taking care of myself, so I decided to do a little late night shopping and treat myself to a new sex toy.
I went with the bullet vibrator, it’s small, easy to hide and has amazing reviews.
It came last week and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t used it every single day since I got it.

The cock cage I make my boyfriend wear

I like control and my partner likes being controlled.
So, I decided to play a little game with him. He’s a bit of a cuck, so I got a cock cage and decided it was time I took control of his cock.
I tell him when he can use his cock, I tell him when he is allowed to cum and I have full control over what he does in the bedroom.
It’s thrilling and a serious turn on for me. If you want to try chastity then you need to read this story and my experience.

My boyfriend just got this cock ring

I have fallen in love with cock rings, okay I never thought I’d say that, but have you tried one?
Well, my boyfriend surprised me by wearing one and it was f**king incredible.
It made his cock feel so much harder and when he turned the vibrations on I was putty in his hands.
Honestly, it’s never been so easy for me to cum during penetration and it’s all thanks to this little magic ring.

Trying a prostate massager on my boyfriend (Shocking)

Any man who hasn’t unlocked his prostate is missing out on a MASSIVE orgasmic experience.
My boyfriend was a little shy so I decided to take control and show him what he was missing.
I got him the best prostate massager I could find and learned how to use it and then I gave him one of the best orgasms of his whole life.
If you’re a man try it and if you’re a girlfriend/wife get your husband to try it, it’s one of the hottest things we’ve experienced as a couple.

Using a fresh pair of nipple clamps with my secretary

I have a really hot secretary and we’ve started having a little fling with each other.
She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever been with before and she let me use some nipple clamps on her while we fucked.
I decided to share my story on bitchtopia to see if anyone has had the same experience or one just as hot.

OMG I just tried this g-spot vibrator

I just found my g-spot and it’s all thanks to this beautiful g-spot vibrator.
Have you ever had a g-spot orgasm? I hadn’t and I was annoyed.
I kept hearing of woman talking about squirting and orgasms during penetration and I was so confused.
Then I asked a few people and they recommended a sex toy to me and I gave it a shot.
Holy cow, I had no f**king idea what I was getting myself into.
It’s probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my whole life.

My boyfriend loves watching me use this sex machine

I just got a new sex machine and it’s a big game-changer.
It doesn’t matter who you are sex can get boring sometimes, well that happened to my boyfriend and I, so we decided to try out some sex machines.
It’s like adding another person to your bedroom fun, it has made me so horny and it’s opened up so many orgasmic experiences I never knew possible

Boyfriend just tied me up using these BDSM restraints

It’s no surprise, I like being tied up, spanked and dominated.
I love when my boyfriend controls me and I have to submit to him in the bedroom.
My boyfriend just outdid himself by getting some BDSM restraints, he tied me up and it took our BDSM play to the next level.
If you’re into BDSM or would like to test the waters then you need to try these restraints.

My wife tried pegging me

I have a fetish, it’s called pegging and after some talking my wife decided to try it.
She got the strap-on and we looked at guides and this is the story about the whole experience and where we are now.
Find out if it was a good idea for my pegging fantasy to become a reality.We update this page every week with new sex toy stories so be sure to check back. If you have a story about a sex toy that blew your mind then be sure to contact me and we can talk about how you can get your story accepted.

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