A Bad Day at School

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My phone begins to ring “shit it’s the school.” I say to myself as I answer. “I’m looking for Mr. Plowman” the female on the phone says. “This is him” I reply. “Mr. Plowman this is Ms. Smith Janine’s 6th grade Science teacher.” “Hey how are you today. Is everything ok?” I ask quizzically. “Mr. Plowman there was a little incident this morning in class.” Ms. Smith says. “An incident is Janine alright” I ask now worriedly. “Janine is fine it wasn’t a fight or anything like that. Mr. Plowman here at Hanger Hall we have a very strict code of conduct. To say that Janine violated that code today would be a gross understatement.” Ms. Smith sternly replies. “Ok Ms. Smith what did Janine do exactly if it wasn’t a fight?” I ask now totally confused. “Mr. Plowman there’s no nice way to put this so I’m just going to come out and say it. Mr. Plowman Janine was masturbating during my class today.” You could tell that Ms. Smith was at a loss for words. “She was WHAT!?!?” I shockingly reply. “Yes sir in the middle of class.” Ms. Smith replies. “She’s 11 she goes to an all girls school what do you mean she was masturbating in the middle of class.” I’m baffled at this point. “Mr. Smith I would prefer to not go into the details. The principal has given Janine a 3 day suspension. So she won’t be allowed back at school until next Wednesday. Mr. Plowman the principal wants me to stress that this behavior is totally unacceptable and if it continues we will have no choice but to expel Janine from school.” “Me and Jenny will handle this when she gets home thank you for the call.” About that time Janine walks through the door like nothing happened “hey daddy I’m headed to my room to do my homework.” Janine says. I decide to play dumb to a point “hold on hold on come back down here and tell me about your day.” Janine stops dead in her tracks but figures maybe I haven’t been told since I haven’t acted mad at her. Janine makes up this great lie about what she did all day considering I already know she spent the majority of the day in the principal’s office. Once Janine is done telling her story I look at her and say “so how was Ms. Smith’s class today.” You would’ve thought the girl saw a ghost she lost all color and begins to stutter “it was ok nothing to major.” “Janine don’t lie to me what happened in Ms. Smith’s class today.” Janine turn red from embarrassment her face is almost as red as the red blazer from her school uniform she is wearing. “I’m not going to ask you again Janine what happened in Ms. Smith’s class today.” “But ……” Janine’s voice trails off. “No butts Janine I want the truth and I want it now! I always have your back but this is too much.” Janine starts to cry cause she knows when she does I will typically give in. “Janine your tears wont help you here. Now tell me what the hell you were thinking! Masturbating in class! YOURE 11 Janine!” “ITS NOT MY FAULT!” Janine yells. “Not your fault?!? What did the devil make you do it!” I snap back. “I couldn’t help it because I saw you ……” Janine stops immediately and looks at the floor. “You saw me what? Finish what you were going to say!” I yell. “I can’t daddy I’m sorry.” Janine sobs. I lift Janine’s face “Janine tell me what you were going to say.” “But you’re going to be mad at me.” Janine says softly. “Janine I want the truth.” I say sternly. “Daddy last night I was going to get something to drink. On my way back to my room I heard mom screaming at you. She sounded really mad so I stopped and your door was partially open I pushed it open a little more cause it was dark. I saw mommy on top of you naked. Daddy I know i should’ve left and went to my room but I just couldn’t. And then I heard what mommy said…….” Janine’s voice trails off again. “You heard mommy say what” I ask. Just then your mom speaks up out of nowhere “I cant wait to watch you fuck our little girl she’s finally old enough now that she had her first period last week.” “Mommy how long have you been there?” Janine asks panicked. “Long enough to know my daughter is a little slut who likes to touch herself in the middle of class!” Jenny (her mom yells. “Mommy I’m sorry I didn’t” Jenny stops her from talking. “You didn’t mean to what Janine watch your daddy fuck me! Yeah I highly doubt that! And you sick little bitch you loved it DIDNT you!” “Mommy I’m sorry” Janine sobs. Jenny reaches out and grabs a fist full of Janine’s hair. “Oh you’re not sorry yet but you will be” as she drags Janine down the hall to our bedroom. Jenny shoves Janine over the edge of the bed lifts her little skirt up and reveals Janine’s little white cotton Cinderella panties. “Hey Mark how fitting she’s wearing Cinderella panties.” Jenny says mockingly. Jenny rares back and slaps Janine on the ass hard. Janine yells as Jenny slaps her ass again even harder. “Your daddy loves Cinderella did you know that” Jenny growls in Janine’s ear. “No ma’am I didn’t” Janine sobs. “Mmmm he does. Do you want me to tell you a story?” Jenny asks. “Yes ma’am” Janine replies. “One time on your 8th birthday your daddy had me dress up as you in a Cinderella costume and he fucked me in your bedroom floor.” Jenny hisses at Janine. “What but why mommy.” Janine sobbingly asks. “Because little girl me and your daddy made a deal the day we found out you were a girl.” Jenny replies. “What kind of deal mommy” Janine asks. “That you would be my only child and if your daddy wanted anymore kids he would get them from you. I didn’t want to destroy my amazing figure by having a bunch of kids so we agreed to use you instead.” As Jenny’s hand connects with Janine’s ass. “Mmmm Mark her little ass is so tight and firm.” Jenny smiles and looks at me as I take my belt off. “This is definitely going to hurt you more than it hurts me” I saw to Janine. SMACK the belt cracks against her little ass. “Daddy nooooooo please stop it hurts! Janine screams!” Jenny holds Janine down on the bed. SMACK the belt crashes into Janine’s ass again. Janine screams in pain. Jenny reaches back and peels Janine’s panties off holds them to her nose. “Mmmm Mark I think she may have pissed herself some.” “I’m sorry mommy Janine sobs.” “You should be you dirty little slut.” Jenny growls as she rips Janine off the bed and forces her to her knees. “Now your going to find out what happens to dirty little sluts.” Jenny mocks. “Mommy no I’m sorry please I won’t do it again!” Janine begs. “Oh it’s too late for your apologies you just made my decision really easy now take out daddy’s cock!” “Mommy please don’t do this.” Janine sobs. Jenny grabs a fist full of Janine’s hair yanks her head back and spits in her face. “I’m not going to ask you again TAKE HIS FUCKING COCK OUT NOW!” Janine terrifiedly unzips my pants and tries to fish out my cock. “What the fuck are you doing just pull his fucking pants down” Jenny yells! Janine pulls my pants to the floor freeing my cock that jumps out towards her face. “Open your fucking mouth” Jenny growls in Janine’s ear. “Mommy please stop” Janine quietly sobs. SMACK Jenny slaps Janine across the face as she hollers “NOW!” Janine opens her mouth just in time for Jenny to force my cock into her tiny little mouth and down into her throat. Janine begins to cough choke and gag. Just before Janine vomits Jenny pulls her head off my cock. Her spit is everywhere as she sobs once Janine catches her breath again Jenny forces my cock back down her throat this time she holds Janine down a little deeper and a little longer. After pulling Janine’s head back to let her breathe again Jenny begins using Janine’s mouth as a flesh light on my cock. “That’s it you dirty fucking slut take your daddy’s fucking cock he’s going to cum all down your fucking throat like the little whore you are” as Janine stares up at me frightened. “Oh god Jenny don’t stop I’m fixing to cum” I bellow out. “That’s right daddy cum down your daughter’s fucking throat” as Jenny forces me down Janine’s throat i fucking explode so hard my knees buckle and I collapse to the floor. Jenny drops Janine who is spent on the floor next to me “oh little girl you fucked up bad. 3 days suspension connected to a weekend. You won’t be going to school for a week or so once we are done with you.” As Jenny leans down and kisses me hard “mmmm mark it’s what we have been waiting for! I’m headed to take a shower and get ready for later.”

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