Me and my 10 year old cousin

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Hi im Marian male 15 and today i tell you how i fucked my 10 year old cousin.
My uncle asked me if i can watch on their dauther (my cousin) for 3 days becaus they have to go on an business trip. I said yes and went the next morning to their house. After they started i played with my cousin a while and then we watched tv. At 6pm i made us dinner and said after that to my cousin she shoult go in the bathroom to have a shower. She asked if i can come with her to the bathroom because she don’t want to be alone. I said yes and went with her to the bathroom. She pulled her clothes off and sat in to the bathtube. When i went in she asked if i can help to clean her. I agreed and went to her to clean her. When i went with my hands down i get horny and when i was at her virgin little pussy i got very hard. My cousin saw something in my pants and asked what it is. I said nothing but she opened my pants and my rock hard dick went out. She asked why is my dick hard and didn’t know what to say. She grabbed it and that makes me more horny. I said to her she have to promis that she never tells anyone of this. She agreed and i said she have to strocke it up and down. Meanwhile i played with her pussy and fingerd her with one finger. After 5 minutes she moand and said it feels like she have to pee but i said her that she have an orgasm. Two more minutes and i came right on her breast. She asked what that was, i said her i came and she tasted with her finger a little bit cume and said that it is taysty. I asked if she want to do more like this and she said yes. I pulled her out of the bathtub and went with her naked to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. I started to lick her pussy for a few minutes. After that I stand up said to her i go to put my dick in her pussy and told her that i can hurts a little. I started to push my dick in her virgin pussy. I was with the head in and she said it hurts a little. I started to push more and more whene i was with my dick completely in i stated to go in and out. She said it hurts so i told her it will hurts only a few minutes. After 3 minutes she said it dont hurts anymore so i went faster she moand loud and had an orgasm. After ten minutes i came in her hot pink little pussy. After i pulled out my cum and a little of her blood cam out. After that we put our clothes on and went to bed. I gave her the pill for after that she dont get pregnant. Next day we did it two more times.
I hope you liked the story i konw my spelling isnt hood but i didn’t had the time to kontroll

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