Guilt Of A Wife: My Neighbor, His Horse, Dogs And Friends

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Let me make it clear about this admission about my true story of my shame and sexual submission. I am married to a wonderful man, that I truly love, and he knows and loves the sexual part of me that really turns him on. I am submissive, truly submissive in every way, and it’s my husband that first brought it out in me. Unfortunately, when we left California to move to North Carolina, both my husband and I truly enjoyed the first two weeks of our marriage, in the most loving and sexually satisfying way, that only two people in love can truly enjoy.
I’ve changed everyone’s name in my story, obviously, to ensure our anonymity, but the real names are closely related. I am writing this story as a type of catharsis. I am Katelyn, my husband is David, my lover and neighbor is Dean, his horse is Sheen, and his best friend is Steve. I cheated on David the first day he left Puerto Rico, he’s now been gone for 6 months, and I’ve been fucking, daily, Dean, his horse, his two dogs and Dean’s seven friends, and I absolutely love it and look forward to Deans’ depravity daily, but the guilt is fucking killing me because I’ve only spread my legs for my husband for only two weeks of fucking, and Dean has fucked me almost every day for 6 months, and I love him now too.
I’ve been shared with Dean’s 7 friends for 5 months, and have been sleeping with his best friend Steve, every time Dean goes to class or when Dean goes off to spend time with his football teammates for the weekend away games. But I’ve been fucking and cheating on Dean with his horse, their are times that I get up around 3am just to milk Sheen’s horse cock, by either letting him fuck me or by stroking, sucking and swallowing it’s cum, and when I crawl back into bed with Dean, he always wakes up and fucks me. I literally let Sheen fuck me every single day, sometimes twice a day, and I am still tight. When Dean fucks me I fantasize about his horse. I can take a foot and a half of it’s 2 and a half foot horse cock. I’ve been fucked by Sheen with everyone watching at one time or another. I still don’t know the exact date that my husband will return, but we do talk to each other daily and I masturbate on Skype for him, and a few of his military electrician coworkers, but he has no idea about the rest of my whore life behind his back. Anyway, while Dean was away at his last game for the season, Steve came over from Friday to Monday and he fucked me mercilessly with Sheen and both dogs and late Sunday afternoon he let his two African American coworkers come over and fucked me in the best orgy I ever had. Well, I’ve realized that I’m a true Submissive, and I’ve fucked way too many people and too many animals, and the guilt is weighing me down, but I also know that I won’t stop and I am going to cheat on my husband even after his return, whenever that is!
I will be detailing my real experiences on this website for everyone to read

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