Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 3

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Chapter 2… “Mom, where are you?” Jenny shouted, arriving home from school. “Are you in there?”
Jane had just completed her shower after Mr. Jones’ unwelcomed visit. She was in the master bathroom, having run to the shower hysterically after her ordeal. The bathroom door was left open, but her daughter was polite enough not to enter and spoke from behind the wall.
“Yes, honey, I’m almost done,” Jane called out looking frantically for something to put on.
“Mom, I found your robe by the front door. What was it doing there?”
Jane panicked. At Mr. Jones’ insistence, Jane had taken her robe off when he entered her house and she had left it crumpled on the floor. How was she going to explain that to her daughter? Then she remembered her daughter was in her bedroom where Mr. Jones and she had sex. The bed was messed up and soiled. Then she really panicked. Her shorn pubic hairs were scattered all over the bed. Jane quickly wrapped a towel around her body and emerged from the bathroom.
“I was just cleaning and got hot. I guess I forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it to me,” Jane said.
“Mom, it smells funny in here.”
Jane saw her daughter scrunch her nose as she inhaled and begin to look around. Jane grabbed Jenny’s arm and dragged her out of the room, talking to her as a distraction.
“It’s a new cleaning product. Never mind it. Come out of my room. It’s not right for a daughter to see her mother’s room so messed up.” Jane gave a nervous laugh trying to make a joke of it. “I feel so silly not having fixed it up yet. Next thing you’ll be asking not to make your bed. But I wasn’t feeling well and I guess I just didn’t have the energy.”
“That’s all right, Mom,” Jenny said when they were in the hall. “I didn’t mean to criticize you. I was just wondering…” Jane saw a strange look cross her daughter’s face as if she was about to say something. “I’ll go do my homework now.”
Jane wondered if her daughter knew what the smell was. She would die if Jenny had known what her mother had done. Jane leaned down and kissed her daughter on the forehead. “That’s a good girl.” Then Jane remembered where her mouth had been and what had been in it. She felt sick. Jane patted her daughter on the butt and sent her on her way.
Jane went back into her bedroom and gathered up the pussy hairs scattered on her bed. She dropped them into the toilet and flushed, then she pulled the soiled linen off. Jane put on her robe and went to the laundry room where she began the washing machine, and then put fresh linen on her bed.
Over dinner, Jane thought her daughter kept glancing at her, but hoped it was only paranoia. It bothered her nonetheless. Jane felt guilty about what she had done and wondered if her attempt to protect her family would some day ruin it.
The next night Ira came home from his business trip. They were in bed cuddling with Jane stroking his cock. She was tempted to put it into her mouth. After all, why should Mr. Jones have the pleasure of her mouth while her husband was denied? But Jane thought it was demeaning and, anyway, it would have been out of character for her, raising suspicions. Ira was pleased with the trimmed pussy he was playing with. Jane said she had done it on a whim. When Ira was ready, Jane moved onto her back and spread her legs. Ira entered her in their customary way and fucked her until he climaxed. Jane didn’t have an orgasm and couldn’t help compare her husband to his boss. When Mr. Jones’ larger cock was inside her, Jane felt much fuller and more stimulated.
Now that her husband was home, Jane felt like things were back to normal. That’s why she was shocked when Mr. Jones called her Monday morning. He told her to be at his office at 10:00, and to — the words haunted her — “where something pretty, like a dress.”
When Jane arrived at Mr. Jones’ office his administrative assistant looked up at her and said, “You’re Mrs. Marlow, right?”
Jane nodded and was shown into Mr. Jones’ large, plush office. When the admin left, Jane said to Mr. Jones, “She knows who I am.”
“So? My husband works here.”
“Sandy is very discrete. We, um, have an agreement.”
A cold shiver ran through Jane’s body when she heard Mr. Jones chuckle. She understood full well what his “agreements” meant. Jane thought about the young woman outside the office, and then blushed when she realized the admin must know Mr. Jones well enough to know that Jane also had an agreement with him. Jane thought back to the expression on the buxom blonde’s face when the admin had called her by name, and felt humiliated. The young girl, who Jane guessed to be in her twenties, knew Jane’s husband and evidently knew that Jane was cheating on Ira.
“Mr. Jones, why did you ask me here?”
“I didn’t want to go to your home.”
“Surely you don’t mean that we would do something here?” Jane said incredulously.
“We have complete privacy. It would be too conspicuous to have a bed in my office, but other than that we have all the conveniences of home.” Mr. Jones stretched his arms out for emphasis.
Jane’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Her eyes wandered around the office. There was the typical executive’s large desk and leather chair, but also a couch, other chairs, tables, bar, refrigerator, and a TV.
“I’m glad you took my advice and wore a skirt,” Mr. Jones said. “Are those stockings or pantyhose?”
“Um, pantyhose.”
“Please remove them.”
Jane knew the “please” was superfluous — it was an order! She felt embarrassed taking her pantyhose off in the man’s office and turned her back on him. Jane reached under her skirt and very carefully pulled the pantyhose down to her knees, ensuring her skirt covered her lower body. She knew it was silly, but she did it anyway. After stepping out of them, Jane looked around and then stuffed her pantyhose in her pocketbook.
“Are you wearing panties?” Mr. Jones asked.
“Of course!” Jane said indignantly.
“Well, a lot of women don’t bother when they wear pantyhose. Take them off as well.”
That task was easier, and Jane soon had her panties in her hand. She put them in her pocketbook as well. Jane silently watched Mr. Jones open his pants and shove them, with his underwear, to his ankles.
“Get me hard with your mouth.”
Jane instinctively glanced at the closed door, then walked to where Mr. Jones was standing and dropped to her knees. She lifted his limp dick and put it into her mouth. Jane couldn’t believe she was on her knees giving her husband’s boss a blowjob in his office. She remembered denying her husband what his boss was now getting.
Mr. Jones was pleased with Jane’s mouth. He was surprised at how good she had become after just a few times. He wondered just how “good” this prim and proper married woman would get. Even his admin, who was just 20 years old, had been experienced the first time he stuck his cock in her mouth. But he was Jane’s first and the thought of that added to his enjoyment. Mr. Jones looked down at the head moving back and forth, the lips sliding up and down his now hard cock.
“Go lean over the side of the couch.”
Jane stopped what she was doing when she heard Mr. Jones speak. She looked up at him with his cock still in her mouth. Jane pulled her head back and stood up, wiping the spittle from her chin with the back of her hand. She walked over to the side of the couch and placed her hands on the seat cushion, the padded arm pressing against her thighs as she bent over.
Mr. Jones took small steps as he walked towards Jane since his pants were still around his ankles. He stood behind Jane and flipped her skirt onto her back, nudging her legs apart by pushing on the insides of her feet with his. Mr. Jones unceremoniously stuck a finger into Jane’s pussy.
“You’re too dry. Masturbate for me.”
If Jane’s face hadn’t been buried in the couch, Mr. Jones would have seen it turn beet red. She moved one hand under her body between her legs and began rubbing her clit. She felt Mr. Jones’ breath on the back of her thigh and knew he was kneeling behind her with his face close to her pussy, watching her shamelessly masturbate. From time to time he’d stick a finger inside her to test her lubrication.
When Mr. Jones was satisfied that Jane was wet enough he stood up and pushed his cock inside her. Holding onto her hips, he slowly moved his cock in and out, savoring the fact that he was fucking his employee’s wife with her husband in the same building. The thought of that caused him to speed up.
As soon as Jane felt Mr. Jones enter her she pulled her hand away. But her frigging had aroused her, and now that the thick, large cock was sliding in and out of her pussy she craved an orgasm. Without thinking about how humiliating it was, Jane’s hand crept between her legs again. She rubbed her clit while feeling Mr. Jones’ balls slapping against her fingers.
Jane didn’t know how long they were at it, but soon she had to bite on her knuckles to suppress the moan as her orgasm hit her. While her body spasmed, her pussy clenched and unclenched around the cock fucking her. That triggered Mr. Jones’ climax and Jane felt his sperm gush into her pussy.
Jane remained bent over the couch, breathing hard. When she finally looked up, she saw Mr. Jones sitting at his desk. He was staring at her, his pants still around his ankles. When he crooked his finger to motion her over, Jane pushed up on the couch and walked to him. Her legs felt like rubber.
“One more thing,” Mr. Jones said. “Suck me off again.” Jane dropped to her knees but Mr. Jones swirled his chair around so that he was facing his desk. “No, I have work to do. Get under the desk.”
Jane crawled under the large desk. She hesitated when she saw the stains on the carpet. The rest of the office was immaculate, yet the carpet under the desk was soiled. But after all she’d been through, that seemed the least of her worries. When Jane was in place, Mr. Jones pushed his chair under the desk and parted his knees. Jane looked at the slimy dick that had just fucked her and put it in her mouth. While sucking and licking it, Jane felt Mr. Jones’ sperm leaking from her pussy and running down her thighs. She then realized what the stains on the carpet were. Mr. Jones had done this before.
Jane heard the intercom click on and the admin’s voice say, “Mr. Jones, your 10:30 appointment is here.”
“Send him in.”
Jane froze. Someone was coming into the office and she was giving Mr. Jones a blowjob. But when she felt the inside of Mr. Jones’ knee kick the side of her head, Jane put his cock back into her mouth.
“Sir, you wanted to see me?”
Jane froze again. She recognized her husband’s voice. She was under Mr. Jones’ desk sucking his cock and Ira was in the office.
“Ira, please sit down,” Mr. Jones said, kicking Jane again. “It’s the Washington plant. I think we…”
Jane couldn’t believe what was happening. While her husband discussed a typical business problem with his boss, Jane was on her knees sucking his boss’ cock. And then Mr. Jones jerked his hips, sending his cock into Jane’s throat. She gagged and pulled back. To her dismay, the conversation had stopped. She realized immediately Ira had heard her and he knew what was going on under the desk.
“Never mind that,” Mr. Jones said to Ira, “it’s just one of my sluts.”
Jane was flabbergasted. Ira remained silent and Jane wondered what her husband was thinking. Evidently this wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Was he upset or intrigued? She wondered what he would think if he knew it was his wife on her knees on the sperm soiled carpet under the large oak desk sucking his boss’ cock.
“Go on, honey, put it back in your mouth,” Mr. Jones said, peering under the desk with a huge grin. Then he sat upright and said to Ira, “She’s not all that good at sucking cock yet, but she’s learning. It seems her husband doesn’t get to use her mouth.”
“Too bad for him,” Ira said, trying to sound macho. “He must be a wimp.”
Ira’s comment got Jane angry. She’d show him. Jane grabbed Mr. Jones’ large cock and stuffed it back into her mouth. She sucked it more vigorously than ever before, fisting the part outside her mouth. Jane wasn’t even concerned with being quiet and her slurping noises filled the room, with an occasional gag when her “out of control” bobbing head drove the cock into her throat.
Other than Jane’s sucking noises, there was silence in the room until Mr. Jones’ groan when he climaxed, “Oh god! Aaaggrgggg,” and then Jane’s loud swallowing.
Jane felt the sperm squirt into her mouth and gulped it down. Mr. Jones’ body was jerking as she continued to suck his cock, getting all of his sperm. Jane again wondered about her husband… what Ira would think about his wife drinking his boss’ sperm. But then Jane realized what she had done and pulled her mouth off the throbbing cock.
“I… uh… stand corrected. She is… quite… uh… good,” Mr. Jones said between pants, trying to control his breathing. “Shit, Ira, you should be so lucky.”
Jane was embarrassed for what she had done. It was bad enough she had to do the demeaning act, but she had done it with gusto. And now Mr. Jones was throwing that fact into her husband’s face since he knew that Jane didn’t give Ira blowjobs. Jane crawled further away from Mr. Jones’ legs until she was pressed against the back of the desk, her belly and pussy full of Mr. Jones’ sperm. Huddling there in shame, Jane heard the two men finish their business. Then she heard the shuffling of Ira standing up on the other side of the desk she was leaning against, and then the door closing behind him.
“He’s gone. You can come out now,” Mr. Jones said, rolling his chair backwards.
Jane climbed out from under the desk. “How could you have done that?”
“I didn’t do it… you did.”
“I mean, how could you bring Ira in here with me here?”
“I enjoyed it immensely. Didn’t you?”
“NO! Absolutely not!”
“You sure acted like you enjoyed it. That was the best blowjob you ever gave me. Hell, it’s at the top of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten.”
“I was mad, that’s all.”
“Shit, I need to figure out how to keep you mad. You are a great cocksucker when you’re mad.” Mr. Jones reached for his intercom and pressed a button before saying, “Sandy, come in here please.”
Jane panicked and dove back under the desk, holding her knees to her chest in an attempt to be as small as possible.
“Yes sir,” the administrative assistant said.
“Help Mrs. Marlow out from under the desk.”
Jane was humiliated beyond belief when the 20 year old bent down and extended her hand to Jane. Jane was motionless for a few moments, but then ignored the offered hand and crawled out from under the desk. Jane stood up and smoothed her skirt.
“You have some stuff there,” Sandy said, pointing to the side of her own mouth for reference.
Jane’s hand wiped her mouth and felt the sperm the younger woman was referring to. Jane blushed a deep shade of red. If there had been any doubt in the 20 year old’s mind as to what had happened, it was now gone.
“Sandy, Mrs. Marlow performed admirably for me. I’m feeling generous and wish to return the favor.” Mr. Jones then turned to Jane and told her to sit on the couch. After Jane was seated, he said to Sandy, “Use your mouth on her. Give her an orgasm.”
Jane stared wide-eyed as the young woman walked towards her. Jane instinctively snapped her knees together, and then pushed Sandy’s hands away as they attempted to lift her skirt.
“Jane, don’t fight her,” Mr. Jones said.
“Please, I can’t. For god’s sake, don’t,” Jane pleaded.
“I know you can. You said you couldn’t suck my cock, but we now know you can. So I’m sure you can do this little thing too. Just sit back and enjoy it. It’s my treat.” When Jane continued to push Sandy’s hands away, Mr. Jones sternly said, “I’m not going to tell you again. Behave or I’ll bring your husband back in here and we three will have a heart-to-heart talk.”
That was all Jane needed to hear to subdue her. Jane’s hands fell to her sides while Sandy lifted her skirt to her waist. When Sandy pushed Jane’s knees, she submissively spread her legs. Jane looked down and saw the young woman staring up at her. Sandy’s expression was difficult to read, but Jane didn’t have much time to decipher it. In a flash, Sandy’s face was buried between Jane’s spread legs, licking and munching on her pussy.
Jane thought she would be sick. It was bad enough to have Mr. Jones lick her there, but to have a woman do it was even more defiling. Jane wondered if Sandy liked to have sex with women or was just being forced to do it. But whatever Sandy’s reasons, her talented tongue soon had Jane moaning and humping her hips. Jane felt Sandy’s tongue going deep into her pussy, sucking the sperm out. And with Sandy’s fingers holding Jane’s labia apart, the young woman ravished Jane’s clit with her long, active tongue.
“Oh… oh god… oh, oh… aahh…” Jane moaned as Sandy brought her to the peak of an orgasm, and then Jane’s hands grabbed the younger woman’s head, pulling her face to her pussy as she climaxed, “aaahhhhhh.”
“Well done,” Mr. Jones said to Sandy.
Jane slowly opened her eyes. Sandy was standing, wiping her mouth with her hand. Mr. Jones was next to her, sporting another hard-on. Sandy’s free hand was gently stroking Mr. Jones’ cock. Sandy was staring between Jane’s widely spread legs, but again Jane couldn’t determine what the 20 year old was thinking. Jane didn’t even bother to close her legs or pull her skirt down. She just sat there breathing hard.
“Isn’t Sandy a sweetie?” Mr. Jones said, placing his arm around the buxom blonde’s shoulders. Sandy continued to jerk him off while he caressed her tit. “She’s my wife’s niece, you know.” Jane’s eyes widened. “Yep, my wife was so happy when I gave Sandy a job. I’m happy too. She’s worked out well, wouldn’t you say?”
“I don’t know what to say,” Jane said.
“Then don’t say anything. Get over here and suck my cock some more.”
Defeated, Jane got off the couch and went to the other two. She dropped to her knees and stared at the cock in Sandy’s hand. Sandy was holding it, waiting for Jane to open her mouth. When Jane did, Sandy placed a hand on the back of Jane’s head and pushed her forward. Jane closed her lips around the cock and began sucking. Sandy didn’t let go. Jane was sucking Mr. Jones’ cock while his admin held it, and Sandy’s other hand was still on the back of Jane’s head, gently guiding it back and forth. The girl, just a year older than Jane’s son, was helping Jane suck Ira’s boss’ cock… her uncle’s. It was so humiliating for Jane to be on her knees in Mr. Jones’ office with these two perverted people.
While all that was going on, Mr. Jones tugged on Sandy’s tight skirt until it was bunched around her waist. Jane kept glancing that way and was surprised to see Sandy was not wearing panties and her pussy was shaven. Sandy didn’t have any hair on her pussy at all. After all that had happened, Jane was still shocked to see Mr. Jones slip a finger into Sandy’s pussy. The young woman obediently parted her legs to give him better access. Jane thought she was in a nightmare. She was on her knees sucking her husband’s boss’ cock while he fingered his wife’s niece who continued to hold the cock in Jane’s mouth.
Mr. Jones unbuttoned Sandy’s blouse and then pulled it off her shoulders, letting it hang from the waistband of her skirt. He then removed her bra.
“This is nice, but I want something else,” Mr. Jones said.
Mr. Jones backed away, causing his cock to pop from Jane’s mouth. Sandy knew to release it as well. As directed, Sandy lay down on her back. Mr. Jones straddled Sandy’s upper body and positioned his saliva-coated cock between her huge tits, pressing them together. He began a slow tit-fuck which got faster as he got closer to climaxing. Then he grunted, spewing his sperm all over Sandy’s face, chin, neck, and chest. Mr. Jones rolled off Sandy who lay unmoving on the floor.
“Clean her,” Mr. Jones said to Jane. When Jane went to the desk and pulled a couple of tissues out of the tissue box, Mr. Jones chuckled and then added, “With your tongue. Lick my sperm off until Sandy is clean.”
Jane was beyond protesting and went over to the prone girl. She scanned the young girl’s body and decided to work her way down. Jane leaned forward and licked some sperm off Sandy’s cheek. She continued on the other woman’s face until she was licking Sandy’s lips. Suddenly, Sandy opened her mouth and met Jane’s tongue with her own. Jane jumped back at the unexpected girl/girl kiss. She cautiously moved to Sandy’s chin and then licked it clean before licking the girl’s neck. Straightening up to assess what was left, Jane saw a white milky pool on Sandy’s chest. Jane hated touching the other woman’s breasts, but she gently pushed them apart and buried her face between the two soft orbs. With Sandy’s breasts against Jane’s cheeks, Jane licked the remaining sperm off the younger woman’s body… a girl not much older than her own children.
“Keep going,” Mr. Jones said when Jane sat up.
Jane scanned the girl’s body and then looked up at Mr. Jones in confusion.
“I’m done.”
“You’ll be done when I say you’re done. You were licking down her body. Keep going.”
Jane looked at Sandy again. She even leaned in for a closer look, but didn’t see any sperm. Jane looked up at Mr. Jones and held her palms up to indicate her puzzlement.
“Oh, I see. You’re right. You seem to have licked off all the sperm.” Jane sighed her relief that Mr. Jones finally comprehended that she was indeed done. “But I want you to keep going anyway. It’s time that tongue of yours tasted something new.”
Jane turned white. She looked up at Mr. Jones in shock and then back down at Sandy. Sandy sort of smiled and then spread her legs. Jane jumped back when Sandy’s knee touched her, retreating on her hands and butt until she crashed against the couch.
“Come back here and get your face between Sandy’s legs,” Mr. Jones ordered. “Do unto others as they have done unto you… or something like that.”
Jane was frozen in place. All she could do was shake her head from side to side. Her eyes darted from Mr. Jones to Sandy, back to Mr. Jones. Jane felt her bottom lip quivering.
“Please, I can’t. Don’t make me. Please, I’ve done everything else,” Jane pleaded.
Jane watched Mr. Jones like a hawk. He stared at her, then nonchalantly turned and walked to his desk. His not speaking made it all the worse for Jane. She was scared to death and she couldn’t stop shaking. Mr. Jones began flipping through his rolodex, then turned around.
“Sandy, do you know Ira Marlow’s extension?”
“6591,” the girl lying on the floor answered from memory.
“Wh-What do you want Ira’s extension for?” Jane cried out.
“I just thought he’d like to see who gave me a blowjob.”
“For god’s sake, you can’t. Oh-my-god! You can’t.”
“Of course I can, unless…”
“What? Unless what?”
Mr. Jones motioned towards Sandy and flicked his tongue like a snake. Jane’s hand covered her open mouth, shielding the scream that never came out. She felt the tears flowing down her cheeks and couldn’t breathe. Jane gasped a few times, trying to regain her breathing. She felt trapped like a cornered animal. Jane wanted to strike out at the evil man who had complete control over her, but was powerless to do so. Jane waited as long as she could, but when Mr. Jones picked up his telephone and she saw him press the first number of her husband’s extension, Jane scurried to Sandy. She looked at Mr. Jones who had not pressed the second number, but he didn’t put the phone back in its cradle either as he coldly stared at her. He stood there waiting for Jane, who was kneeling next to Sandy.
Jane’s life was in turmoil. She had done despicable things, and now was about to do something even more sickening. But Jane couldn’t think of a way out. She looked at Sandy who smiled. Jane felt the younger woman’s leg bump into her. Jane jumped out of the way, allowing Sandy to spread her legs. Jane looked at Mr. Jones one more time, and then climbed over Sandy’s leg. Jane was now between the blonde’s widely spread legs.
Jane looked at Sandy’s bald pussy. It was different than hers. Sandy’s inner pussy-lips extended past her outer ones, looking soft and flexible. Jane couldn’t move. She knew what was expected of her, but she was immobile. It was the sound of the telephone speaker being turned on that freed her immobility.
“Hello?” Ira’s voice was heard loud and clear.
“It’s Joe Jones.”
“Yes sir, what can I do for you?”
Jane panicked. She dove face first into Sandy’s pussy, licking furiously.
“Sorry, I dialed the wrong number. Remember to take care of that Washington matter we discussed earlier.”
“I’m already on it.”
“Thanks Ira. Good job.”
Mr. Jones hung up and walked next to the two women. Jane looked up at him, never stopping her licking of Sandy’s pussy. Mr. Jones dropped to the floor, lying on his side with his head propped up in his hand. His face was near Sandy’s waist, watching Jane perform oral sex on the younger woman’s pussy.
“Don’t just lick around the sides,” Mr. Jones said. “Get your tongue inside and do it right. You won’t stop until she cums.”
Jane had been licking the shaven skin all around the slit, and Mr. Jones caught her. Being so close to Sandy’s pussy, Jane had smelled it, but that’s all. Now her tongue slowed down, but moved over Sandy’s slit. Jane felt, for the first time, the fleshy inner lips. Jane saw Mr. Jones move in closer to watch her pink tongue touch and move Sandy’s thin, flexible flesh.
Mr. Jones’ free hand patted Jane on the head like he would a cat licking a bowl of milk. Then the hand moved onto Sandy where he used his thumb and forefinger to pry her labia apart. Jane stopped licking for only a moment, knowing full well what would happen if she didn’t continue. Then her tongue moved again, this time sinking into the folds of Sandy’s genital. Jane felt the warmth and wetness of the other woman on her tongue and lips. But she was too afraid to stop so Jane kept licking.
Sandy began moaning and moving her lower body. Jane’s eyes looked up the length of Sandy’s body, seeing her large breasts heaving with the younger woman’s breathing. Then one of Sandy’s legs, the one farthest from Mr. Jones, bent at the knee. With that foot now flat on the floor, Sandy moved her knee outward and then back inward, pressing her inner thigh on the side of Jane’s face. All the while Jane was licking inside Sandy’s pussy-slit.
Mr. Jones leaned next to Jane so close that the sides of their faces touched. He whispered in her ear, telling her how much Sandy was enjoying her tongue. Then he told her to use her tongue like a cock. Jane listened to Mr. Jones and then hesitated when he told her that. She wondered what he meant, then it dawned on her. Jane pressed her tongue against the wet flesh inside Sandy’s slit, then moved it downward until the tip of her tongue found Sandy’s hole. Jane pushed her tongue partway into Sandy’s pussy which caused Sandy to hump her hips, smashing her pussy into Jane’s face and forcing her tongue in deeper. The taste was now much more potent, but Jane “used her tongue like a cock” by moving it in and out of Sandy’s pussy.
Sandy began fucking Jane’s tongue, thrusting her pelvis up and down. Mr. Jones lost his hold on Sandy’s pussy so her labia snapped shut around Jane’s tongue. Jane remained still, keeping her taut tongue extended while Sandy fucked it. All of a sudden there was stillness as Sandy’s lower body strained upwards with Jane’s face between her thighs. And then Sandy’s body collapsed to the floor, finally separating her pussy from Jane’s mouth.
“And you said you couldn’t do that,” Mr. Jones said to Jane. “You said you couldn’t suck my cock… but you did. You said you couldn’t lick Sandy’s pussy… but you did. There are all kinds of things you can do that you don’t think you can. See how much you’re learning about yourself?”
Jane watched Mr. Jones get to his feet. His cock was hard again which wasn’t a good sign. He held his hand out for her and then guided Jane to her feet. Then he led her to the couch where he sat down and told her to turn away from him. Jane felt her skirt lifted to her waist and then Mr. Jones pulled her onto his lap. When she sat down, Mr. Jones guided her so that his cock sunk into her pussy. His hand reached around her waist and, while she sat on his lap with his cock inside her, Mr. Jones rubbed her clit.
“Sandy really cums hard,” Mr. Jones whispered into Jane’s ear. “It takes her a while to recover. Doesn’t she look beautiful lying there, especially with her legs spread? Did you like her pussy? Maybe you should shave yours. Didn’t you like the feel of her inner lips on your tongue? They just flop around like loose skin. How do you like the way she tastes? She really juices up when she’s hot. And when she cums, did you feel all her juices on your tongue? I know you did. And you can still taste her, can’t you?”
While taking dirty to Jane, Mr. Jones kept rubbing her clit. Jane was very aware of his thick dick inside her pussy, and her body began to squirm on it. But Mr. Jones held her in place, limiting her movements. Unconsciously, Jane wanted the cock to fuck her, but Mr. Jones wasn’t cooperating.
Sandy began to stir on the floor and lazily opened her eyes. The young admin slowly scanned the room and, when she saw the other two on the couch, she smiled and crawled to them. Jane’s legs were on either side of Mr. Jones’, so when he spread his legs Jane’s moved with them. Sandy crawled in closer until Jane could feel the girl’s breath on her pussy. Then Jane felt Sandy’s tongue press against the area where cock and pussy were joined, as if Sandy was trying to push her tongue inside the already occupied hole.
Mr. Jones’ finger continued to rub Jane’s clit, and now Sandy’s tongue was actively licking there as well. Jane tried to bounce on the cock inside her twat, but Mr. Jones held her stationary with a strong hand on her shoulder. Even without moving, however, the stimulation was too much for Jane who climaxed with a loud sigh.
Mr. Jones pushed Jane off his cock. Sandy moved out of the way and allowed the older woman’s spasming body to crumple onto the floor. When Jane came around, Mr. Jones said he wanted a double blowjob. Sandy pulled Jane to her knees and put her hand on the back of Jane’s head, pushing it to Mr. Jones’ crotch. Sandy leaned forward so that Mr. Jones’ cock, slimy with Jane’s juices, was now between the two women’s faces.
Sandy was the first to begin licking the side of her uncle’s cock. Jane soon relented and began licking the other side. The two women’s faces were very close to each other and their tongues often slipped off the side of the cock and touched. Sandy was the first to capture the cock into her mouth while Jane kept licking the shaft. Then Sandy pulled off the cock, pushing Jane’s head into place until she opened her mouth and began sucking the cock. They alternated like that — one sucking and one licking — until Mr. Jones was ready to climax.
Mr. Jones grabbed Jane by the hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock. He held her in place while his hips jerked upwards, causing her to continuously gag. It wasn’t until Jane felt his sperm enter her mouth that he stopped thrusting his cock into her throat. Mr. Jones’ sperm filled her mouth while Sandy sucked and licked his balls.
When Mr. Jones finished cumming he pushed Jane off his cock. Sandy jumped onto Jane, pressing her mouth to the older woman’s and pushing her tongue inside. In a daze, Jane French-kissed the 20 year old woman, feeling Sandy’s tongue searching for her uncle’s sperm.
When the two women separated, Mr. Jones told them they could go. Jane watched Sandy dress, but quickly decided to leave before anything else happened. She grabbed her pocketbook and ran from the office.
THE END (not yet) go to Chapter 4

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