She had her Mother’s Cute Little Freckles

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My mouth dropped, and things seem to be in slow motion, like in one of those movies, where a beautiful girl, pulls herself out of the pool, with her wet hair, and her big tits popping together, as she pulls her self completely out. Only this was real life, and the beautiful girl was my 16-year-old sister in law.

Danielle and I met immediately after college. We hit it off, almost instantly, and after a whirlwind romance, we were engaged and married within a few months. Most of my friends, he told me, that it was foolish. They said, how could anyone know, after such a short period of time, she would be the one woman, that I would want to screw for the rest of my life.

I wasn’t too worried about that though, Danielle and I had an amazing sex life. She had a smoking hot body, standing about 5 foot nine, and was a little more big boned, then most of the women I had dated. Even then, Danielle definitely wasn’t what I would call fat, just really thick. She held up, two of nicest 34D breasts I had ever seen and a nice tight pussy to die for. We fucked like animals, at least five or six times a week. I was set for life. Or at least that’s what I thought,

It didn’t take long, for me to figure out that I was just a fish. She set the bait, by opening her beautiful legs, and reeled me in, with illusions of crazy good sex life. About two months after our wedding day, things started to taper off. Soon, it was just when Danielle, was in the mood. And those days, were few and far between. Needless to say, I became reacquainted, by taking things into my own hands, literally.

Danielle’s parents had divorced, when she was very young. It was a messy, and ugly affair. The two of them couldn’t stand each other, and as a result it was difficult for either one of them to come together for any of Danielle‘s achievements. Her dad’s family had missed the wedding completely. Both her mom and her dad has remarried and had children of their own. Each of them having a daughter and a son. It was definitely a complicated family dynamic.

A few months after the wedding, Gary invited us down to meet the family for the first time. It was summer, we packed our bags and headed to the little town of Leafland, Texas for the first time as husband and wife. We arrived in our rental car, where at their beautiful home the four of them greeted us with hugs, and welcomed us in, as we shared stories and laughs.

Danielle’s little brother Byron and I were getting along perfectly, he was like a little brother I never had. At age 12, we were perfect for each other, and ran around happily playing ball, video games and swimming in the pool.

Rachel, Danielle’s little sister, had just turned 16. She looked just like her mom, about 5’4” in height, with freckles, petite, with perky breasts and a fat little movie star ass that wiggled when she walked. She was a fucking hot little number, and she knew it. She walked around in cut off shorts with her ass hanging out and little spaghetti strap tank tops that left nothing to the imagination. Her mom didn’t seem to care, that her little vixen of a daughter, would walk around with no bra on, nipples poking out, from underneath her trappings.

Everybody got along like magic. Gary and I had a lot in common. We sat talking about baseball and racing, The boys had their fun, engaged in manly activities. and the girls enjoyed themselves at the mall buying new outfits, including a new swimsuit which Danielle had inadvertently left at home. Of course, Rachel begged her mom for a new bikini as well.

Us guys had started the barbecue, and were going to work braising ribs, and cooking hotdogs for the nights meal. The girls had change into their swimsuits, and jumping in the pool made every effort to get me wet. Pulling off my shirt, I dove in, after my attackers. Laughing and splashing, we continued the fun for the better part of an hour.

It was during this time, that my wife Danielle pulled me aside.

“Hey guess what!” she said excitedly, “I have a secret! Someone has a little crush on you and thinks you’re sooooo cute!” She laughed.

“What?” I asked, “Are you serious” I mocked, “Is it your little sister?”

“Bingo!” Danielle chirped. She was telling me at the mall, how hot you were, and what a great catch her big sister made!” She said laughing. “Isn’t that cute!” She said, “My sweet little sister!”

“Yeah, real cute.” I said sarcastically. “I’m a big winner!” I retorted. “Looks like you and your sister are going to have to share me!” And then I laughed a bit nervously.

That night, for the first time in a long time, we made love. Danielle rode my cock, like she was possessed. Her big tits bounced, as she rose and sunk on my inflated prick. I fucked her back like a stallion, but the entire time she was riding me, I couldn’t help but think of her sexy little sister Rachel. Those incredible looking little tits, of hers, and that fat little ass.

I grunted, and dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into my wife, all the time, fantasizing, wishing it was Rachel. Danielle collapsed after her orgasm in a pile next to me, and passed out in a stupor. All I could do, as I was laying next to her, with my eyes open, looking at the ceiling, was think about my little sister in law.

The next morning, I woke up around 10 o’clock. Danielle had already gotten out of bed. Scraping myself together, and matting down my hair, I climbed up the stairs from the basement where we were staying. I could smell bacon, and other delicious things, when I got to the kitchen Danielle and her stepmom Barbara were just wrapping up their morning dishes from breakfast.

“Help yourself to just something to eat Jackson,” Barbara said. “Danielle and I are heading out to run some errands. The boys are at Byron’s baseball game, and we won’t be back till late this afternoon, but you’re more than welcome, to join dad at the game.

“Sounds good I said, I think I will have something to eat.” I said hungrily, “And then I’ll probably take a shower and freshen up a bit.”

The breakfast nook in their house, was situated toward the back, and opened up next to pair a beautiful French doors trimmed in white. They had a delightful view, of the pool in the backyard. It was the middle of summer, and as you know and Texas by 10 o’clock, it had already gotten very hot.

It was about to get even hotter…..

I was sitting eating my meal, and was looking out the window when something caught my eye. My mouth dropped, and things seem to be in slow motion, like in one of those movies, where a beautiful girl, pulls herself out of the pool, with her wet hair, and her big tits popping together, as she pulls her self completely out. Only this was real life, and the beautiful girl was my 16-year-old sister in law.

My cock stiffened instinctively, as she bent over, to grab a towel, and began drying herself off carefully. The bikini she wore, was different than the suit she had on the day before. This one rose high up on her hips, with barely enough fabric, to cover her young femininity. Two triangles, of black material, we’re almost not enough to cover her bulging breasts which became even more prominent, as she arched her back, and the cat like stretched beautifully in the morning sun. Finally drying her hair, and looking through the window towards me, Rachel spotted my gaping mouth which immediately I closed, and fumbling around with my fork tried desperately to look like I was busy finishing my food.

“Morning, Jackson.” she piped coyly, as she made her way back into the house. “Whatcha doing?” she asked excitedly.

Rachel had not bothered to cover herself with a towel, and there she stood with her tempting young body now just inches from an erection I hid under the ledge of the counter.

“Oh hey, Rachel,” I greeted her, “Didn’t know you were still here.” I added.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “I just kind a wanted to hang out at home. You look like you just woke up sleepyhead!” she joked. “So what do you think of my new suit?” she asked and twirled around, hitting me with her wet hair, as she spun. I could see her freckled ass almost completely, on account that her bottoms were wedged pretty good in between her two luscious cheeks.

“Oh yeah, nice, I like it,” I choked, as I swallowed a gulp of air, and now watching her full tits as she bounced up and down with the delight. “You look real mature,” I said fumbling for words, “It makes you look much older. It’s real pretty.” I remarked.

“Don’t you mean I’m pretty in it!” She quipped back.

“Huh,? yeah exactly,” I said “Very pretty” I added now feeling a little flush.

“Thanks Jackson,” she blushed, “You’re the best! So, like, If you don’t have any plans, I thought maybe we could hang out. You know, like, Maybe you can tell me all the stories about how you and Danielle met!”

“Well I guess,” I said, “I mean I really don’t have to be anywhere, but are you sure you would really rather hang out with your friends? I don’t want to keep you from anything.” I added.

“Don’t be silly!” She said “I really like being with you! You’re like super cool! Not like all those dumb teenage boys.” she continued. “Come on Jackson! We can have lots of fun!” She cooed sexily. “Besides there’s this really cool movie on Netflix I’ve been wanting to watch. We can watch it together!”

“Come on!” She urged, as she grabbed me with both hands and pulling me by mine, led me down the stairs to the den next to the guest bedroom where Danielle and I have been staying. There was a big flatscreen TV on the wall, and several couches, with throw pillows. Grabbing some pillows, Rachel arranged a little nest in the large area on the floor, in front of the couches.

I made myself comfortable, and Rachel sat cross legged next to me, chattering away, grilling me with different questions, and occasionally, giving my arm a squeeze, or a playful push away. I tried desperately to hide my now aching, and fully erect cock, crossing my legs a bit, but it was pretty useless. I was pretty sure, she was sneaking peaks, and I had some confidence, that she was aware of my straining protuberance.

“And stay single as long as you can,” I counseled, “Just have fun.” I remarked. “A pretty girl like you. Won’t have any problems at all, finding some cute boy to take her out.” I added.

“Oh! Jackson! That’s so sweet.” she said, “And giving me a little kiss on the cheek, and a tight squeeze, I could feel the ample flesh from the tops of her breasts against my arm, as she hugged me, with gratitude. She was still wearing her bikini top, but had pulled some denim shorts on, that were frayed at the ends.

Thoughts in my mind, scattered and raced, ”Be careful Jackson.” I thought to myself. “You’re treading on dangerous water.” Even though Danielle and I had just the night before had an amazing romp in the hay, my loins were very much, still on fire. Can you imagine I thought dreamily, having my way with two of the Allen women! I paused for a moment, and then reminded myself, that one of them, was only really just a girl.

My thoughts, were you interrupted abruptly. “What do you think Jackson,” she asked, “Does this look like a good one?” she questioned.

“Good one? “ I asked.

“The movie!, Silly!” she said, “You were daydreaming.”

“Oh, sorry, I, I guess I was,” I said smiling.

“Yeah sure that looks good.” I replied.

Then we settled in, watching some romantic comedy that she had picked. During the movie, we argued, and flirting a little bit, discussed, what the guy in the movie should or should not have been doing with his date. Rachel was saying one thing, and I mockingly argued the opposite.

“No you big dummy!” she said with a smile on her face, “You’ve got it all wrong!” And then she grabbed one of the pillows and playfully hit me in the chest.

“Oh I said! That’s the way you want it then!” And I grabbed one of my own, and smacked her good and her fat little ass. It knocked her forward the bit, into the mess of pillows.

“Oh!” she screamed!, “It’s on!” And the fight ensued. Laughing and screaming we battled each other like little kids. Her firm breasts were bouncing, as she swung a pillow in my direction. The virtual absence, of any real swimsuit, shifted dramatically exposing her young mounds of flesh. She did whelped on me good, and falling backwards to the ground, I caught myself with my arms.

Seizing the opportunity, in my weakness, she pounced on top of me and, her legs straddling my lower torso. I could feel, her excited teenage body, as she pummeled me with no mercy. My cock was still incredibly rigid, as she moved, bouncing inadvertently along its length.

I tried desperately, in between the barrage of hits to lift her off in my desperate state, hoping that maybe by some miracle, she had not noticed, the stiff pole underneath her. As I reached up, behind her, my fingers accidentally loosened the strings of her bikini top. Off came the top!

“Shit!” I Yelped, “So sorry Rach! I didn’t mean to…”

And then I realized, that the inadvertent movements along my prick, became more deliberate. I looked up, at Rachel’s glassed over eyes, and realized that she was enjoying this. She had dropped pillow beside her, and with it the remnants of her bikini top.

“Oh God! Jackson,” she cried this”This feels good. My God!” she exclaimed, “I can feel how big it is! I’m getting so wet!”

“Rachel! No! We can’t do this! And it’s not right! Shit! If your sister found out, She would cut my balls off!” I yelled.

“That fucking bitch gets everything!” she complained, “I’ll bet she doesn’t even put out that much anyways! You might as well get some pussy now! Because you won’t be getting any for a long time! Besides she doesn’t have to find out! Are you going to tell her?! I saw you watching me through the window, Jackson. I know you want this hot little body. Now fuck me now! And fuck me good and hard!” She panted as she continued to rub her self against my pants.

“Jesus, Rachel!” I gasped, ”You are one horny little bitch, And I am going to fuck you, until I split that little body of yours and half!”

“You have no idea,” she said with an evil grin on her face, and then she scooted down and unzipping my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles, she grabbed hold, at the base of my cock, with her small hand started stroking my dick. She spat, generously on the tip of my cock, then taking the tip, in her cute little mouth, and looking up into my eyes, Rachel began bobbing her head gently, at first, taking, soft, little bites. Then she went to work, more aggressively, drooling profusely as she pulled off and continued down again.

Danielle never liked giving me blowjobs, so this was pure bliss. I could see her freckled little cheeks, moving violently, as she devoured my bulging manhood. She had managed to move down on about 6 inches and was working her way to get the other two in, when she started choking, and gagging, on my girth. She came up, for a quick breath, and continued her focus, on the object of her mastery. Rachel came up short again, spitting, and gagging, unable to fully take in the length. Then, using both of my hands, I pushed her mouth, all the way to the base of my prick, and held her head down for about 15 seconds, as she choked, gasping for air, I pitched my head back, and grunting, emptied my load down her throat.

“My God, Rachel!” I said now out of breath, “That was amazing! That was the best, blowjob of my life!!” I exclaimed!

“Better than Danielle?”, she piped back with a smile on her face, and with semen dripping from the corners of her mouth.

“Way better!”, was all I could say. “But now it’s time to give you some pleasure.” I said smiling, and pushing Rachel down to her back, I lowered my head to her sopping wet hole, and began to tickle, her young clit, with my tongue.

She writhed, moaning out with pleasure, as I lapped like a hungry dog, at her young pussy. She tried to wiggle away, now delirious, but I only held her close, grabbing the tops of her thighs, mashing my mouth more firmly, and sucking meticulously, the folds, of her pussy. She shook, violently, screaming hysterically, but gratifyingly, as she experienced her first massive orgasm.

“Shit! Shit! Oh God! Oh fuck,Jackson! This is so good!” she continued, screaming aloud.

At this point my cock was starting to get hard again. It felt like a steel rod. As Rachel screamed, through her second orgasm. I pulled myself up, sliding myself between her legs.

“God Jackson……” she sighed, with slurred speech, “Fuck me, fuck me good! Fuck me like the dirty little slut that I am. Make me your bitch!”

Without hesitation, I have penetrated her young body, slamming the cock into her tight little pussy. Her eyes popped wide,

as I begin to pump her a little frame, like a madman. I was possessed, pistoning, in and out, quick and hard, slamming her little body violently with each stroke. Her small firm breasts bounced up and down with each motion, again her eyes rolled back into her head as she buckled in the throes of another sensual orgasm.

“Oh God….” she garbled out, she really sounded spent now. She continued panting, and moaning, with each thrust.

“Oh fuck! Yes baby!, Yes!,” I groaned, I was laying into her, with a hopeless abandon. She cried out, screaming with pleasure.

She likes it rough, I thought to myself. By now sweat glistening off our bodies, and I felt like I would tear her asunder, as her body flailed helplessly beneath me like a rag doll. But the more I fucked her, the more she moaned with pleasure. She climaxed again, moving her hips upwards as she wailed through the fourth one.

I could now feel myself building to a massive eruption. My strokes lengthen, becoming more deliberate, as the pleasure began to to come to a peak, I yelled with futility.

“Here it comes!, Rachel!, Oh my fucking God!” I screamed, I’m going to cum!

Hearing my words, she dug her nails into my ass, pulling, my manhood deeper inside her than ever before, and grunting and thrusting with one last movement, I spilled out my deed, deep inside.

We collapsed in each other’s arms, kissing each other passionately, and gently, I cradled her, wrapping my arms around her waist just under her ribs. Looking back, smiling, and biting her lower lip seductively, she asked, “Can we do this again?”

PS; A few weeks after our little trip to her dad’s, we got some news. Danielle was pregnant!

But that was not all….

A month later we learned… that some else was pregnant too….

None of them, ever did put two and two together. Since Rachel‘s baby was bornmonth premature.

But we knew… Rachel kept our little secret, and so, I was the proud father, of two little girls. Lindsey and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn had her daddy‘s eyes, and she had her mother’s cute little freckles.

to be continued…

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