I fucked a cleaner at a work leaving do.

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Let me suck your tits while everyone has gone home.

Many years ago, before I met my wife,there was a retirement do at the office. A mature woman,married, but I had a fancy for, had a few too many drinks. She was 37 years old. a lovely figure, but beautiful large tits. As everyone was leaving, we ended up in the filing room, snogging. It was then I asked if I could suck her tits.

She heaved one out of her bra and I began to suck her nipple, which very soon grew in length to nearly an inch.

As I sucked and licked, I asked her if she was getting anywhere. ‘Starting to’ she said. I put my hand up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and caressed her pussy. She was getting wet. ‘Can we do it?’ I asked her.

‘No, he’ll know’ she replied. ‘Go on, you can wipe it clean’ I said, but no, she wouldn’t do it. I already had my cock out, and dripping pre-cum.Suddenly, the door opened and the cleaner walked in, while Gill’s breast was hanging out and my cock was sticking up. The cleaner was an attractive (as I was to find out-45 year old) and said ‘hey I was young once, carry on, I’ll do this room later.’

Well, that was the end of my do with Gill, but the beginning of a three year relationship with the cleaner.Gill got ready and went home, but the cleaner, Yvonne, came back in. ‘Did your willy not have it’s fun then?’

‘No, not this time’ I answered. ‘Well, lets see if I can help relieve it.’

The next events were unbelieveable.

Yvonne kicked off her trainers, pulled off her pants and knickers, and told me to lie on my back.

After wanking me back to life, she straddled me and began to bounce up and down on my cock.

‘There now, is that better?’ You bet your life it was. After a few minutes of that, I flipped her over and fucked her brains out. She was already sweaty from work, but it was a nice smell. I came inside her lovely wet pussy, she wrapped her legs around me, and that was the beginning of 3 years fucking bliss.There was only one occasion I wasn’t happy with, towards the end of our relationship, she got drunk with some rugby players, and four of them fucked her and came inside her pussy, then photographed the dripping sperm and posted it on the web. That was the beginning of the end I am afraid.I had thought she was mine, and only mine, but my fantasies were for exactly what happened, unfortunately, reallity wrecked everything. I hope this serves as a warning, unless you are mentally able to cope with a promiscuous lover, don’t chance it! I did, and ruined something good. Fantasy in the mind is one thing, but coping with it for real is different. My girl filled with other mens spunk turned me off. Sorry to spoil the story.

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