Hot wife gets her first DP

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She reaches round with her free hand and grabs my cock. Introduces the tip to her waiting and willing arse hole, I gently push it in. First the tip, she continues to hold it while it slides in.

Her phone sounds off again, She releases me and opens the message.

She reads it momentarily then shows it to me.

Lying on the bed with my beloved in my arm, we wake slowly from uch needed slumber.

“Love you honey.” I say kissing her mouth.

“Love you too.” She replies.

Coffee is made and she relaxes back in my arms to watch Pornhub.

My favourite topic she says, Gangbang, Little Miss Red Riding hood is getting attention from a group of black guys and from her expressions and sound she’s enjoying it.

Juicy throws her leg over mine, grabs my hand and places it on her pussy,

“Play with me.” She says,

I do as l’m told, after all it is a pleasure to rub our mher huge clit, making her leak. Her pussy shows its appreciation in no time and the sound it makes tells me I’m doing a good job.

“Fuck she’s taking a few cocks in her arse.” I comment.

“Hows the chat going with your prospective second cock.” I continue.

“He’s interesting and funny, also looking forward to fucking my pussy with you.” She replied.

“And your arse of course.” I retort.

“Oh I don’t know about that, I want two cocks in my cunt but a stranger fucking my arse??? really don’t thinks so.” was her answer.

“Well it’s only right he should, your are an Anal slut.”

My reply made her lift herself up slightly and look at me directly in the eyes. To the sound of Screams and exclamations, coming from the TV, She says,

“Only for you darling, only for you.”

She returns to resting her head on my shoulder and her gaze returns to the unfolding porn. My thoughts start to work out a plan.

Fifteen minuites in and Red Riding Hood is working the room. Five Guys so far have deposited there load in several of her orifices and she is well into making two others do the same. During the on screen fuckfest, my hand has been stroking Juicy’s inner thigh and occasionally brushing her pussy lips. My hand is teasing her body and the porn teases her mind.

Her cunt dribbles readily from the attention i’m giving her. I run my finger up her wet lips, they are full of blood and swollen. Her juice is released instantly, running down from her pussy between her arse cheeks and soaks the sheets. I bring my fingers to my lips and taste her sweetness, then back again for some more teasing.

The guys in the film have sandwiched Red between them and taking it in turns to fuck her pussy and arse, swapping several times. I slip two fingers into juicy, she is so wet now it feels like fingering a tub of KY, I vigorously finger her, slapping her clit with my palm and at this she lets out several moans while keeping her gaze on the Porn.

Her cunt and my hand are drenched, she gushes several times, adding to the damp on the sheets. In an instant she is up on her knees and beginning to straddle my face, she can’t get over me fast enough,

“Eat my pussy.” She insists.

I’ll never refuse and my tongue is already inside her, drinking her cum. She rubs her pussy viciously against my mouth, her clit rubs against my nose as she pushes her hips forward to making me stick my tongue in her arse. It makes her pussy leak more and she moans in sympathy. Her body gyrates on top of me in ecstasy, enjoying all of the attention my mouth is giving her pussy and arse.

I tap out by slapping her bum cheeks, sometimes I need air, sometimes I have an idea. She lifts up slightly to let me slide myself out, She remains squatting at the bed end waiting for my move. But unlike before, I don’t insert my cock in her, well not yet, I grab her phone and go to messages.

“Which one is it.” I ask her.

“Who.” She replies.

“The one who wants to share your pussy.” I reply.

She takes the phone and selects the recipient of of her recent attention and gives it to me.

“I want you to come and fuck me now!” I type the message and hit send.

I throw the phone to the floor and get back to the business at hand. I push her towards the bed head, still on her knees she holds on to the top rail. I wrap my arm around her neck, take my cock in hand and rub it’s length against her wet cunt. Her dripping lips make my hard shaft very wet, she rubs against it in return. Her hips thrusting gently along my cock, It’s tip hitting her rock hard swollen clit making her moan again.

Her Message alert goes off. I pull away from her, grab the phone and give it to her, then return to my task of making her horny.

“Read it and reply to him.” I order her.

My hands are around her neck now, her hands are free, my fingers at her throat my thumbs on the back on her neck. I apply a little pressure, just enough to give her my intent. She opens the messages and starts to types a reply.

“He asks where.” She says. “What do I tell him.” She asks.

“Do you want his cock??” I replied.

“Only if your here.” Is her answer.

“I’ll be here, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I exclaim.

“Yes I want his cock in me with yours.” Her reply is enough.

“I’ll leave the rest to you to sort then, it’s your call now.”

She finishes of the message and hits send, but keeps the phone in one hand while I carry on rubbing her wet and juicy pussy. My fingers tighten slightly on her neck, my cock gets wetter but I don’t fuck her with it.

“You’ve made my cock wet enough, now stick it in your arse.” I demand.

She reaches round with her free hand and grabs my cock. Introduces the tip to her waiting and willing arse hole, I gently push it in. First the tip, she continues to hold it while it slides in.

Her phone sounds off again, She releases me and opens the message.

She reads it momentarily then shows it to me.

Her proceeding message contained our Address and postcode, nothing more. His reply read.

“Great stuff I’ll be there in half an hour x.“

“Happy now???” Came her question.

“Yes, more than. You???” was my reply.

“If he looks as good as his pictures then yes.” She said.

She throws her phone on the bed and continues.

“You have some work to do if you are going to share me, you better get me warmed up some more.”

More??? I think to myself, Her pussy is puddling on the sheets and my cock is in her arse. She is going to be demanding now, that much I could see. My hands tighten again around her neck, my fingers press against her Carotid Artery slightly cutting off her blood flow.

I begin to fuck her arse slowly and her reciprocating movements tell me I’m doing the right things. Then I speed up, going in balls deep, ramming her, hitting her bum cheeks with my hips. Her dripping cunt makes our colliding bodies very wet and it stings. Her face reddens and her breath strains, she roughly frigs her swollen clit. Her back arches, she pushes her arse hole onto me making me go deeper. I feel her excitement and in an instant her pussy spasms making her arse squeeze me, she gurgles.

“Oh Fuck.”

Through my clenched fingers,

“I’m Cumming!” She continues, in a strained voice.

Then her cunt gushes down the inside of her legs, dribbling onto the sheets again. Her hand reaches behind her to push me away out of her tightening arse, but I hold still, continuing to push myself deep inside her and enjoying the tightness.

Eventually she says.

“No more no more.”

I pull out of her arse letting her fall to the bed exhausted, holding her pussy, allowing the throbbing to subside. I look over at the TV, Cock in hand and watch as Red Riding Hood is getting a Bukake from the assembled guys. Not sure how much time we have left before her admirer turns up. Check the last message and it tells me less than fifteen minutes.

“Best have a shower and some breakfast before the fun starts.” I tell her as she recovers herself.

“You really think he’ll come???” She asks.

“I Would, and if you have done a good enough job of working him up? Then he will.”

Some food is consumed followed by a shower and juicy decides to apply a minor amount of make-up along with deep red lipstick.

“Like this??” she asks holding up a white corset from her drawer.

“Very.” I reply “Heels??”

“Yes of course.” is her reply.

Go down and leave her to prepare herself. The decision had been made some time ago, that she wanted to be tied to the bed when she entertained Two of us. Face down legs wide open arse in the air, was her request. But once she had been pleasured we would have our fun in any way we chose.

“Are you coming down??” I call up to her,

“No not in these heels.” She replies.

A car pulls into the close and parks. A guy gets out and looks around for numbers, Sees what he is looking for and approaches our dwelling.

“He’s here.” I call up to her.

“You sure???” She questions me.

“Either that or we have Jehovah Witnesses coming.” but its him.

I have never met him but he looks like the pictures Juicy showed me. I open the door and he walks in.

“Hiya.” He starts,

“Hi.” I reply, “She’s warmed up ready for you, I’ll go prepare her. Fancy a cuppa first?”

“No mate I’m good, I’m very keen to meet Juicy at last.” He says with an eager smile.

I go upstairs and juicy is made up and in shocking red heels.

“Help me with this please honey,” she is holding her corset around her body waiting for me to clip it up.

“He’s Here.” I say as I do her up and tighten the laces.

“I heard him.” She replies, “Are you ok with this???” She asks,

“Oh yes darling, I’m looking forward to it, really am.” I answer eagerly. “When your ready i’ll prepare you for us.”

“Ok, I’m ready now, how do I look.” She enquires.

I look down at my rock hard erection then look at her and say.

“Stunning absolutely Stunning,”

She lies face down on the bed and I tie her legs wide apart to the bottom of it. Her hands are then gently tied behind her back, I place a pillow under her hips to show her wet pussy off.

“You ok like this?” I ask.

“Yes, but you’ll have to untie my hands later I’ll want to play with myself.” She says.

“Sure, I’ll go get him.”

I lean out of the bedroom door and with a slightly raised voice.

“C’mon up mate, she’s ready.”

He appears at the bottom of the stairs and in an instant he’s at the top entering the bedroom. his eye’s open so wide they nearly fall out when he sees juicy prone on the bed.

“Can I??” He asks.

“Sure I reply, She’s all yours.” I tell him.

With that he’s on the bed, face buried in her arse in an eating frenzy. Juicy lifts her hips to allow him better access to her holes. One of his hands goes under her body and starts rubbing her clit, the other is massaging her bum cheeks. Juicy makes all the right noises, he makes all the right moves. I’m watching, less than a foot away, enjoying the spectacle, my hand is already rubbing my growing cock.

He needs no prompting as to how to give her what she wants. Juicy starts to writhe with pleasure, twisting and grinding her hips into his mouth. He pulls his hand out from under her, it’s covered in her cum juice, he puts fingers in his mouth and sucks them clean. Then returns it to continue his pleasure giving. This is enough to tell me Juicy is enjoying it as much as him.

Pornhub is still on the big screen, so I browse for a suitable film for the occasion, leaving the new found couple to their mutual enjoyment. ‘Two Guys One Girl’ found one and load it up.

He’s been eating her since he walked in, must be ten minutes or more and he shows no sign of coming up for air and juicy doesn’t seem to be too bothered about it. in fact the exclamations.

“Oh fuck, Oh Fuck.” are enough to tell me she is in ecstasy and no doubt near orgasm.

Sure enough, her thighs start to quiver, She tries to close her legs but the ties stop her. She twists to try and put her knees together but he holds them open and finishes her off.

“Oh fuck your naughty, very very naughty.”

She says through her heavy breaths. He continues to drink her up enjoying each drop. He climbs up to show his face covered in juicy cum, his smile says it all, He looks over to me and says.

“Now that tastes great, I want to eat your cum out of her too.”

“sure, I can do that.” I reply.

After a morning of arse fucking with no conclusion and watching him eat my wife’s pussy, I know it won’t take long to deliver some cum.

I untie Juicy and tell her to get up on her knees. Our guest is already starting to get undressed.

“Lie on the bed head between her legs mate.” I instruct him.

He’s quickly in place ready to assume the “Sixty Nine” position.

I push Juicy down onto his ready erect waiting cock and instantly it’s in her mouth. Juicy starts sucking on his solid shaft and I watch as she dribbles spit down it. I know she will deep throat him, so I assume position behind her, bring her knees up to give me easy access to her holes. Then I slide my cock into her dripping wet cunt.

He is already sucking on her massive swollen clit as I start to fuck her hard. Her cum juices dribble from her excited pussy soaking his face, I grab her hips and use them to pull myself home. I feel as she deep throats him, her cunt muscles tighten on me as she gags. He moans with pleasure, as does Juicy as my cock pounds her Cervix.

“Suck that cock hard.” I order her. “Take it down your throat and make him cum.”

He is frantically sucking her clit as I violently ram my cock home. His arms wrapped around her firm body, Juicys hands gripping his cock, me holding onto her waist. The scene is almost complete as I feel my Groin heat up, the urge begins. I knew it wouldn’t take me long and I was about to deliver.

“You ready for this honey??, I’m about to blow.” I ask Juicy.

She lifts her face free of his saliva drenched crotch and says.

“Yes, Yes, Fill my cheating cunt with your cum.”

Never one to disobey a direct order, I increase my rhythm and feel my balls start to tighten. My cock hardens and grows momentarily, then, I grip it by the stem with my fingers and thumb. I Pull out of her wet cunt it’s soaked with her juices and I push the purple head into her gaping arse hole.

Juicy lets put a stifled.

“Oh Fuck yes.”

With just my tip in I let go and the first spurt goes into her arse. Not deep, just enough to let it cream pie. Then another, then I quickly pull out and force it back into her cunt. Again just the tip so my cum dwells in her opening.

I massage the shaft to make sure I give her every last drop. I keep my tip inside her as the sensitivity is an awesome feeling.

Juicy is still busy enjoying his cock. I feel her pussy tighten as she continues to deep throat him. He is still enjoying her pussy and clit and of course her mouth.

“There you go mate.” I say to him. “Filled with cum as you requested.”

At this, he lifts his hands to her arse cheeks and pulls them down allowing him full access to her cum filled holes. He buries his tongue deep into her cunt, sucking at it as he does. Cleaning up the sticky warm mess. Then he moves to her arse and does the same, eating her like a starving man.

“Brilliant!!” He exclaims. “Even her arse tastes great with cum in it.” He continues.

“Your welcome.” I reply. “Its your turn when your ready.”

He finishes licking her holes clean as I stand with my softening cock in hand. Then he releases her arse cheeks and gestures to lift her body. At this she releases his cock from the grips of her mouth and pushes herself up, this sets him free and he moves around behind her, cock in hand dripping with Juicy’s saliva.

“Can I fuck both of them??” He asks.

“Yea why not.” I reply. “You’ve earned It.”

He Grabs Juicy around the neck with his arm and pulls her up. Kneeling on the edge of the bed she is at his mercy. With his hand on his cock he pushes it home into her waiting arse.

“NO! NO!” Juicy Gurgles through her strangled throat.

“Take it bitch, Take it like a slut.” I order her.

“Listen to your master you whore.” He tells her.

“Yes Boss.” She replies.

He is relentless in his action. Holding Juicy tight around her neck with one arm and rubbing her giant clit with his other hand, he drives himself in deep with every stroke. Her arse is very wet from my cum and the saliva she left on his cock, it makes a slurping sound with every movement he makes.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” She exclaims, every time he goes in balls deep.

The sounds of her wet arse, her painful exclamations. The sight of her body being abused, excites me. It’s my very own porn film right in front of me.

I can imagine how much he is hurting her, his cock looked bigger and longer than mine. So he will be stretching and going deeper than I ever could. But she’s a porn star and can take it.

He pulls out of her arse, releasing his grip on her throat and forces it into her gaping cunt. Her lips have swollen and are running with cum, they embrace his cock with gratitude, wrapping themselves around it. He grips the back of her neck and begins to fuck her hard doggy style.


He does as he is told and rams himself hard against her butt cheeks. Her cunt is a war zone, the fluids are all mixed up, Cum, Spit and sweat. The smell of sex is strong and my cock is rock hard and ready.

I get on the bed in front of Juicy, look into her bloodshot, watering eyes and say.

“We are going to both fuck your cheating cunt.”

“Yes, yes, Stretch, me with your cocks.” She says, breathlessly.

I lie on my back in front of her.

“Climb on my cock slut.” I order her.

She is hesitant, he continues to ram himself home and her grunts tell me he’s hurting her, but in a weird way that she likes.

“You enjoying that??” I ask.

“Oh Yes.” She replies. “A lot.”

“When your ready then bitch.” I retort.

I lie back and rub my cock eagerly waiting. He carries on abusing her from behind, I notice he swaps holes but keeps up his pace pounding into her arse then cunt. Eventually she attempts to push herself away from him, but he is forceful with his grip, not letting her go. Moving forward she manages to free herself from him. A “pop” as his swollen cock leaves her drenched arse, Her thighs quiver. “Oh Fuck!” She grabs her crotch and her cum dribbles through her fingers onto the sheets. An orgasm, one of many this day.

“Sit on my cock and let him in with me.” I instruct Juicy.

She edges forward and sits astride me. Her dripping pussy lips hang over my cock soaking it with warm juices, he approaches her from behind. Slowly she lowers herself down onto my solid cock, as she does he wraps his arm around her throat again.

Once I am fully inserted, He slides his cock into her arse.

“NO! NO!” She screams. “I can’t take that.”

He stops, I pull Juicy down to me allowing him access to her filled cunt.

“Fuck her pussy.” I tell him.

She is pushing herself onto me when I feel his cock enter her pussy. She clenches at first. A deep passionate kiss helps her relax and I feel his hard cock rubbing against mine as goes fully home. Her opening immediately tightens on me and obviously him.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, fuck me, stretch me, hurt me.” She begs.

We obey and he starts ramming home again, She holds him for a moment fully inside her then starts to ride both of our cocks, using us as one big dildo. Passionately kissing me as she does, Her body contorts to get both of us in and out as much as possible. Then he takes over again and rams her violently, leaving me stationary with his cock rubbing against mine, but going in deeper much deeper than me.

“I’m cumming!” He exclaims.

“No your not, not yet.” She tells him. “I want you both to cum together.” She continues.

He stops immediately and slowly pulls out, leaving her to ride me alone. Her now drenched pussy is slapping it’s lips against my body vigorously, she knows how to make me cum. Climbing up on her haunches, she slides up and down quickly along it’s entire length. Her cunt muscles squeeze me and simulate a hand wank, her entire bodyweight hits me on every downward stroke.

“Cum for me darling, I want you both to fill me up.” She says smiling at me.

Her pussy gurgles as she fucks herself with my cock, it feels so good, I know I won’t last long with this punishment. Her hot cum juices run down my balls and between the crack of my butt to drench the sheets. Her rhythm increases and I see him behind her rubbing her bum cheeks with his cock, waiting instructions.

“Stick your cock in me now.” She orders him.

As I feel him enter her again her motion slows down, then she looks me in the eye and says.


That’s my queue to cum. I raise my hips to meet her arse cheeks, with increasing motion. I feel his cock in unison with mine pounding at her stretched hole. Our movements become synchronized, her moans spur us both on.

“Yes! Yes! Stretch me, fuck me both of you, fuck me hard.” She exclaims.

At that I feel it cumming, my groin heats up and muscles clench. My hot cum spurts from my cock, at the same time I here him moan and his hot cum joins mine, It’s heat hitting my tip, surely he felt the same thing. We both drive home hard and deep. Just as we cum she moans.

“Oh yes that’s it, that’s it. Pump me full of cum, I want to be full of your lovely hot cum.”

We carry on obliging and pumping her deep and hard.

As we dwindle she holds us both in place. Keeping our softening cocks together in her gaping, cum filled cunt.

“Now that was worth the wait.” I say.

“Sure was.” He agrees.

“Ummmmmm.” Moans Juicy.

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