Sir Philip & Rebecca – Chapter 8

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Sir Philip has a few friends around to really punish Rebecca.

Chapter 8

She’d been left, wrists tied to the bed, handle of the whip in her ass, cum covering her pussy and boobs. She’d been turned on the whole time, not knowing when her master would be back, not knowing what was in store for her when he was back, not able to remove the handle in her ass.

She was his filthy little slut. She knew damn well he meant it now.

It felt like hours that she’d been lying there, pussy constantly wet, clit constantly twitching.

It had been hours.

She’d been awake the whole time, waiting, listening, for the faintest hints of noise.

She finally all heard the door to the cellar open.


Her eyes widened, body tensed as she realised they weren’t his footsteps.

Loud, light, heeled steps, making their way down the wooden stairs.

Her mind flicked into action, raced to understand what was happening. Before she could begin she heard more footsteps. No longer heeled. This time they sounded like men’s steps, more than one.

She tried to turn her head to see, the angle of the bed forbid her.

She shut her eyes, listening intently for her master. She didn’t hear him, she heard the heels getting closer and closer. Eyes still shut, breathing heavy, anticipation rising.

She flinched as the scraping feel of sharp, pointed nails etched there way down her face, resting at her chin, soft fingers grabbing her, holding her head.

“Open your eyes you little fuck whore”

Delicate. Intense. A sharp woman’s voice was ordering her. She was in ecstasy. She knew they weren’t and, she’d been focused on the woman she’d failed to know what else was happening in the room.

Her eyes opened slowly, large, as always.

The woman I front admired her cute eyes, clawed nails digging in to her cheeks.

Rebecca let out a moan, pussy rubbing subtly on the bed, the woman in front of her turning her on, completely mesmerising.

She had hold of a long black whip, standing legs shoulder width apart. Her tall, but slim figure covered by a black Corset, dark red suspenders, tights and panties. Black stilettos highlighted her slender legs.

She grabbed Rebecca’s face again, staring directly into her eyes. Rebecca could tell she was older than her, and her male master. Mid 40s, still looking striking, still turning her on, Rebecca’s mind wondered how long she’d been treating little sluts like her for. Rebecca got excited at the thought of this older woman playing with her.

She felt the woman’s spit on her face, Rebecca’s mouth opening as she did it, it tasted different to her masters, another enjoyable taste.

Rebecca’s eyes squinted as the woman spat at her again, more saliva covering her slutty face.

At the same time she felt a hand slap her bare ass, felt the handle of the whip being viciously pulled from her.

She moaned as it was forced out, ass momentarily gaping, a pair of hands holding her cheeks wide to prolong the gape.

She let out another moan as she felt wetness at her ass, a tongue was licking her.

Her face still held by the woman, a man’s hands holding her ass open and licking her gaping ass hole.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the woman, teeth starting to bite her lip as the tongue worked wonders, delving deep inside her ass.

The woman’s hand moved from her face, gliding up, pulling her hair. She pulled it much more viciously than her master. It immediately let Rebecca know she was in charge, immediately made Rebecca’s clit twinge with excitement.

She turned Rebecca’s head, as far as it could go, to the right Rebecca’s gasped loudly shocked and unbelievably aroused, instantly, by what she saw.

The corner of her eyes could see a completely naked man, standing at the end of the bed, bent slightly with his hands on her ass, he was the one with his tongue flicking her bum, making her wet, making her moan.

She could see his hard cock standing up, itching to be inside her, the tip covered with precum. She felt so turned on now she could see how horny it was making him.

To the right of the bed another man stood, naked, hands on the back of a head that was kneeling in front of him.

Rebecca’s clit twitched like crazy, the woman in front slapped her face as she saw Rebecca’s eyes widen as she realised it was her master.

Her master, the man who was forcing her to choke on his cock, the man flogging her till she was red raw, on his knees, sucking another man’s cock.

The view she had was immense. It was turning her on like crazy.

A slap hit her cheek, she yelped, pussy pushing into the bed to feel some pleasure.

Her master stood up, walked with the other man towards Rebecca.

As he reached her the woman grabbed her masters cock, stroked it vigorously as they kissed, her hand still wrapped round Rebecca’s hair forcing her to face them whilst they kissed.

The other man moved so his cock was at Rebecca’s face.

The woman moved her head again, this time forcing Rebecca to suck the cock.

She took the cock deep, gagging immediately. The hands on her hair forcing her throat on the cock, struggling to breathe, cheeks puffing, body starting to spasms uncontrollably as the woman forced her breathless.

Her eyes beginning to fall back into her head, her hands, moving from clenching in ecstasy, clenching in pain, in fear, began to flop open as the cock forbid her of air.

Just as Rebecca was on the brink her mouth was pulled off the cock.

A deep, loud breath echoing through the room, everyone clearly immensely turned on by what they’d witnessed.

Tears flooded her eyes, saliva drooped from her lips, tongue hanging out. She looked like a truly abused little whore.

Her face stung by the woman’s hand again. Before she knew it her throat was full of cock. The hand on her hair again forcing her breathless.

It was a different cock, the cock her master had been sucking. That thought turned her on even more. Knowing her master had instigated this, knowing her master had sucked the same cock she was now sucking. Her pussy twitched, lips peeled upwards as a smile formed.

The hands on her hair forcing the cock deeper into her throat, her body fighting. Her breathing controlled by the woman. The epitomy of control. Her pussy getting wetter and wetter as the pain continued to grow.

With every new feeling pain came an even greater feeling of pleasure. Her breathing super difficult, hands losing grip, body beginning to slump.

As her body began to lull again, she was brought back to focus by the feel of a throbbing hard cock filling her ass.

As it pushed deep into her ass she was allowed air again, mouth free of cock.

Another deep breath, releasing a loud moan as the cock fucked her ass harder and harder. She could feel her ass being stretched with the huge cock. The feeling hurt, that just intensified the thrill she was getting.

The thrill continued as another cock was again forced down her throat. A thick cock deep in her ass, roughly fucking her, her throat Gagged by a cock. Her breathing slowing again as her throat is blocked by the cock, eyes lulling, panic setting in.

This time, it was her master’s cock. She felt it reach her throat, felt his hands grab her head, pull her closer to him, forcing his cock further than any cock in her throat before.

Her throat bulging with his cock, her head pushing back against his hands. She was in utter fear, complete pain. Instantly, shivers, intense, sexual shivers radiated her body as her master forced her to stop breathing with his cock.

She felt hands all over her body, the feelings stopped as her eyes shut. As soon as they shut the cock was pulled from her mouth, she could feel hands grabbing, pulling and slapping her boobs, hands roughly grabbing her ass.

The woman’s hands round her collared neck, tighten as she leant in, kissing her lips.

The sloppiest of kisses, saliva falling from mouth to mouth. The feeling of the woman’s soft lips on her sent shivers rushing through Rebecca’s body. Her clit twitched, pussy getting wetter.

As they continued to kiss the woman’s hands moved from her throat, nails clawing Rebecca’s cheeks, the kiss becoming frantic, rough, teeth biting her lips, her face stinging from the rough scratches. She was well and truly being used.

She felt her wrists become free. She kept them where they were before they were roughly forced behind her. Her legs lifted up, cock still in her ass.

The woman pulled away, slapped Rebecca’s face hard. Her eyes blinking quickly to overcome the pain. The pain turning to pleasure. Her head forced down into the bed.

She felt rope round her body, round her legs, round her wrists.

The cock from her ass quickly pulled out, hands still holding her cheeks, her ass totally gaping as the man behind her started to bound her arms and legs together, behind her back.

Her master stood in front of her, his cock covered in her saliva, his hands leaning down, stroking the equally wet cock of the man stood next to him.

Rebecca licked her lips, nipples erect, pussy tingling at the site of her master stroking cock.

She squealed as she was bound tightly. Hogtied, arms and legs behind her, ass still gaping, face covered in her own saliva and the spit of the woman.

The feeling in her arms and legs quickly turning to pain as she realised she’d been truly bound, uncomfortably. The pain immediately becoming pleasure as she was man handled onto her back.

Her arms and legs under her, hands of the 3 men roughly feeling all over her body. Her boobs being slapped hard, nipples being pulled.

Her thighs belts lapped and bare, enticing pussy being spat at, slapped and roughly played with.

The woman climbing onto the bed, panties now removed, Corset, stocking and suspenders still on.

She leaned her face over Rebecca’s, spat once more before kissing her, her hands reaching down as she did to slap her clit.

Rebecca’s entire body crumbled as the feeling vibrated through her, pain, pleasure, raw, unadulterated filth turning her on more and more.

The woman smoothly sat over Rebecca’s face, pussy wetter than Rebecca would have imagined pressing over her lips.

Rebecca licked like a good little slut, the taste of the woman sending Rebecca into meltdown. Pussy twitching, face becoming covered in her pussy juices.

The woman started pressing down onto Rebecca as she eat her pussy, moans releasing from the woman indicating Rebecca was pleasing her.

Rebecca wriggled under her as her own body was being used by the men around her.

The woman started pussy juices covering Rebecca’s tongue and lips, still so uncomfortable, arms and legs in pain because of being hog tied. The force on her wrists and ankles from the rope physically hurting, all building to turn her on.

She felt hands on her body, her boobs being slapped hard, nipples being pulled. Her body lifting from the force of the pulling, her mouth opening in a scream. As soon as she released her scream the woman forced her pussy down harder onto her mouth, silencing her.

She felt more slaps on her boobs, multiple, all three men slapping, pulling and twisting her nipples. Each pull causing her pussy to tingle, hurting her but turning her on more and more.

She could feel her boobs getting sore, knew they’d be red. Her head unable to move, lips and mouth covered by the woman’s pussy.

The woman moved, turning over the top of Rebecca, the woman now facing down Rebecca’s body, her cute, slim ass over Rebecca’s mouth. The woman’s hands appeared in Rebecca’s view, grabbing her own ass, spreading her cheeks as she lowered herself. Rebecca’s tongue immediately licking the smooth pink hole.

The woman moaned, hands gripping her own ass harder, nails visibly digging in as Rebecca continued tonguing her ass.

Hands still abusing her boobs, one set now rubbished clit. Her whole body thrust upwards as the hands on her clit pressed hard, pinching her clit, making her release ecstatic moans into the woman’s ass.

The woman visibly turned on too, body gyrating over Rebecca’s tongue. Rebecca continued to moan as her clit was being roughly pressed, flicked and pinched. She was being completely used, she loved it.

Rebecca felt a hand round her collared neck, immediately followed by filthy, perverted breathing in her ear. Her mater spoke.

“You’re being used and abused like a good little slut. You’re hog tied so you can’t stop us from doing whatever the fuck we want to do to you. You’re turned on, aren’t you, whore? You fucking love being vulnerable, don’t you, whore? You love being completely controlled, don’t you, whore?”

Each time he said whore he tightened his grip on her neck, she was gasping for air, tongue still licking the woman’s ass as her master taunted her. She nodded her head, absolutely agreeing with her master.

She was so turned on being tied up, so turned on being used by all these people, unable to stop them doing whatever they wanted.

Rebecca finally felt her boobs get a break, hands removed from them. The hands on her clit continued to viciously rub her, her body flinching more and more. Pussy getting wetter and wetter. Her master’s hands on her neck stayed tight, his lips kissing and biting her neck as the woman over her shifted slightly.

The woman’s hands let go of her own ass, rested on the bed at each side of Rebecca’s head.

Her body lifted slightly, allowing Rebecca to see down her body, a perfect view, still of the woman’s bum, her own boobs, red raw, making the pain even more intense, even more real, turnip her on ever more.

The view finalised by the man her master had been sucking standing at the end of the bed, his hands using her clit.

The woman let out a moan, the man at the end began to smile more, his spare hand stroking his cock as Rebecca felt her boobs getting wet.

As she calculated what was happening it continued, her whole body being covered in the woman’s hot, clear piss.

Rebecca wriggled, mouth ajar, wanting to protest, nothing came out. Her master now had his other hand over her mouth, stopping her screaming in discomfort.

The woman continued to pee, covering Rebecca’s whore body in her pee.

Rebecca was in complete utter torment, she’d already told her master no, already been punished for it.

The man at the end Continued to pinch, pull and slap her clit. The woman’s pee beginning to cover Rebecca’s pussy, the man more and more turned on.

Rebecca quickly began to enjoy the feeling, her whole body wet, wet with the most filthy, perverted fluid she ever could be covered with

She felt her pussy tingle in pleasure, her master moving his hand from over her mouth, immediately forcing his fingers down her throat, forcing her to gag.

As she gagged her body pulsed upwards. She finally felt the stream of pee stop, her body utterly soaked with pee, the bed covered in pee.

Her master moved his fingers from her throat, making sure Rebecca could see he moved his hand towards the woman, his fingers sliding from her ass along to her dripping wet pussy.

He slid the 2 fingers that had just been down Rebecca’s throat along the woman’s piss soaked pussy, turning them to completely cover them.

Rebecca felt his hand on her throat get tighter, as his wet fingers moved from the woman’s pussy to Rebecca’s lips she tried turning her head, not wanting them in her mouth.

She could feel the force of his grip got tighter the more she wriggled, the hands on her pussy getting rougher the more she wriggled.

Her pussy wet, wet with the woman’s piss, wet through the sheer utter turn on Rebecca was feeling from what was happening.

She couldn’t resist any longer, her master wasn’t letting her. He forced his piss soaked fingers into her mouth, rubbing them purposely on her tongue, forcing her to taste the woman’s pee.

His fingers sliding further into her mouth, reaching her throat, the taste beginning to work its way through Rebecca as her master forced her to gag.

Her body lurching as he held his fingers there longer than she’d been gagged before. The woman moving to lie beside her, herself lying on the soaked bed.

She kept gagging, in utter discomfort and pain. Her master’s fingers releasing her throat, his hand moving from her neck. She breathed deeply, water streaming from her eyes.

She was so tuned on.

Her master grabbed her hair, pulling her further up the bed, viciously, her hair feeling like it was ripping from her head.

Her head now dangling from the side of the bed, her body still lying on the soaked mattress, the feeling making her more and more turned on.

She felt a slap on her pussy, hard, forceful, her pussy tingling with excitement.

At the same time, her master slapped her face, leaving another stinging sensation that immediately turned to sexual thrill.

Another spank of her pussy before she felt a hard, thick cock push deep inside her.

She let out a moan as she began being fucked.

Her arms and legs still tied behind her, the most uncomfortable, helpless position adding to her excitement.

She moaned loudly as the man fucked her hard, her pussy tingling with each stroke. His cock fully penetrating her before sliding completely out and slamming back in.

With each thrust she moaned louder.

His hands holding her wet hips.

After a few minutes he pulled his cock out, sliding it over her body, covering it in the wetness before fucking her again.

Rebecca’s eyes rolled back in extreme pleasure as the feeling of being fucked by a piss soaked cock turned her on wildly.

She felt her master’s cock at her lips, obediently opening her mouth he began roughly fucking her face. His hands grabbing the side of her head, his cock blocking throat, making her gag.

She was being completely used by these two men, one fucking her cunt, the other her whore face.

She moaned hard onto her master’s cock as her orgasm quickly built in her body.

She felt the woman next to her begin licking sucking and biting her boobs.

Rebecca’s moans becoming louder and louder, muffled through her master’s cock.

The fucking of her pussy getting harder and rougher. She felt the cock thicken, hitting her g spot as the man’s cock began filling with cum.

She felt his hands tighten on her hips as he thrust deep inside her, her master doing the same with her face, his cock growing as he fucked her throat. Her saliva now dripping from her mouth, covering his cock and her face.

The feeling the man cumming inside her enhanced the build up of her orgasm. The woman’s lips now severely biting her nipples.

Cum filling her pussy, the wet bed reminding her she was utterly under their control.

She’d almost forgotten about the third man when he came over her boobs. The woman ceasing her biting until he’d covered her boobs in his cum, her body now covered in wet pee, hot cum and now the. Woman continuity bite and abuse her nipples.

The cock that was in her pussy pulled out, she could feel his. Cum dribbling from her pussy, running down her bum, covered in pee and cum.

Her face still being fucked by her master as her orgasm hit.

Her body shaking, eyes slammed shut as her pussy released its juices, legs trying to shake but unable to because of the rope. That added to the intense pleasure she felt.

The woman biting harder on her nipples to enhance the orgasm.

Pussy tingling in utter pleasure, the vibrations from her moans thrilled her master.

His grip hardened as his cock exploded his cum right into her throat.

The force causing her to gag so violently his cock was forced from her throat. He kept cumming, her mouth filling with cum as he painted her face with his final explosion.

She was breathing hard, chest pumping with adrenaline as her orgasm completed.

The. Woman licking from her boobs, lapping up her own pee into her mouth.

Rebecca felt her head lifted up, her master holding her hair as the woman kissed her.

The hottest, filthiest, most perverted kiss of Rebecca’s life.

They kissed hard, with pure passion as they continually shared cum, spit and pee between them. The fluids dribbling from their mouths onto Rebecca’s boobs as her sore pussy kept tingling with excitement.

The kiss seemed to last forever. Rebecca felt so filthy. So perverted. So compromised. Completely under control. Like a complete and utter submissive little whore.

Her whole body ached, her boobs pussy and ass utterly sore and red. She was in so much pain, as the abuse stopped she began feeling where her body was hurt it, where it had been abused.

The thrill she’d felt continuing as the men, and woman, one by one, left the room. Leaving her in her soaked bed, an utter slut.

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