A Suck Broom Salesman-[IR-15]-part-1-of-1

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It was pretty late in the morning when I got up. I’d showered and was about to get dress when I heard I horn beep. I peeked out the window and saw two guys talking. Then I notice that it said ‘Kirby Vacuums’ on the side of one of them’s car, As I watched I saw another guy going door to door obviously trying to sell them. They were all mostly young guys and not too bad looking to a woman who’d gone without sex for four weeks.

I knew they would be ringing my door before too long so I decided to have some fun with them. I pulled out one of my shortest miniskirts and low cut blouse and with nothing else and slip them one,

A Suck Broom Salesman


My name is Judy, I have long blonde hair, stand five foot four and with thirty eight C cup breasts. Not all that big but they fit my build. I’m married and back a couple of years ago my hubby Chris did a lot of traveling for work. When he was home we had a great sex life and I do enjoy sex. When this incident happened he was gone and had been gone for four weeks. And for me that’s a long time to go without, I’d gone to Cathy, a girlfriend’s birthday party, got home late and had nothing to do so the next morning I slept in late,

It was pretty late in the morning when I got up. I’d showered and was about to get dress when I heard I horn beep. I peeked out the window and saw two guys talking. Then I notice that it said ‘Kirby Vacuums’ on the side of one of them’s car, As I watched I saw another guy going door to door obviously trying to sell them. They were all mostly young guys and not too bad looking to a woman who’d gone without sex for four weeks.

I knew they would be ringing my door before too long so I decided to have some fun with them. I pulled out one of my shortest miniskirts and low cut blouse and with nothing else and slip them one,

Sure enough before long the doorbell was ringing, I peeked out to see which one was at the door, I saw a maybe early twenties black guy with a Kirby vacuum cleaner in his hand. Smiling to myself, I thought I guess he’ll do.

As soon as I opened the door he said, “My name is Dwayne,” and started in on his sales pitch.

I invited him in and said, “You’ll have to forgive me. I just got out of the shower and just slip something on to answer the door.”

Seeing my hair was still a little damp, Dwayne apologized saying, “I’m sorry,” and I told him, “Its okay,”

That settled, Dwayne went on with his sales pitch, laying the parts all over my living room floor as he talked.

I’d sat down in one of my over stuff easy chairs to listen to him. Being in a play full mood I would lean forward to look at the stuff, letting him peek down the front of my blouse. Dwayne had no problem seeing I wasn’t wearing a bra. I quickly knew he was more interested in checking me out then selling me a vacuum.

Feeling naughty about the whole thing, I couldn’t resist moving forward to see something and letting my leg part slightly. . Well needless to say my action wasn’t lost on him. Dwayne noticed it right away, but tried to act like he wasn’t looking. I was having such a good time that I flash him a couple of time.

Then Dwayne went on to tell me about a connection to the vacuum cleaner that was like a massager.


“Yea. It vibrates and sooths sore muscle,”

I laughed at him and said, “Sure it will,” real sarcastically.

As Dwayne hook it up he was telling me how well it work on feet and asked, “Can I show you?”

I told him, “Yes you can,” so he took my foot and pulled it towards him. This part my legs slightly. He started to work it all over my foot and to tell you the truth it did feel good and did work. But as he worked Dwayne kept peeking up my skirt. Then I notice that as he was doing my foot he would move my leg a little and for some reason it seem to part my legs a little wider. That rascal Dwayne was trying to get a better look.

I knew what he was doing but acted like I didn’t notice. There’s no doubt that by now Dwayne know there wasn’t any panties up there.

Then to show me how well the vacuum worked Dwayne hooked up a filter to it to show me all the fine dust it would pick up. As he move around I notice a bulge in his pants. Then he went on to tell my how it vacuum up a person dry dead skin cell off from furniture.


“Yes and can I show you how well it works?”

“Ok,” I said, “So show me.”

“It’ll work best if I show you by doing some sheets or pillow case,” he said

I smile, “I haven’t made up my bed yet.”

“That’ll be great,” he said as he picked up his stuff and carried it to the bedroom. As he started to set it up I laid on the bed watching him. I was laying on my side and skirt worked up my thighs a little. His eye lock on it like a heat seeking missile.

Dwayne vacuumed the sheets and pillow cases and then showed me my dead skin cells trapped on his filter. It really did pick them up. “Dam that is a lot.” I said, “Will it actually take the dry skin off my body too?

Surprised, Dwayne said, “I’ve never tried it but it should.”

I rolled onto my back and said, “Let’s see,” as I my legs a little more as I held one toward him. He was more than ready to try it. He took my ankle and raised my foot up and then started to slowly vacuum my ankle and calf. As he moved on towards my thigh Dwayne was trying to spread my legs apart even more. Feigning ignorance I helped him out, His eye glued to my crotch, he got me hotter and hotter as work.

I could see that his bulge was getting bigger so I moved my leg a little but my skirt was tight enough to stop them.

Damn, I was so horny. “Oh I’m sorry my skirt is in the way,” as I reached down and pulled it further up my thighs and spread my legs wider.

Dwayne’s eyes popped open because now my pussy was peeking out at him. He glance up at me and I just smile and said, “Well, isn’t that what you’ve been trying to see?”

He smile, “Well I do like what I see.”

I spread them a little wider and Dwayne got braver working his way up. But now he wasn’t using the vacuum. His hand found my hot wet pussy and with a smile he started to slowly rub it. Soon he slipped a finger between my moist lips and played with my clit,

I unbutton my blouse and freed the girls. He was more then happy to play with them too. Kneading them and pinching my erect nipples Dwayne had me moaning like hell.

Then the damn doorbell rang. As I tried to ignore it and Dwayne start to swear. “What’s the problem?” I moaned.

“That’s probably my boss. If we stay in a house for a while he figures we’ve got a sell going so he stops by to heip close the deal,”

“Damn, maybe he’ll go away,” I said.

“Nope. He’ll keep hitting the doorbell until someone answers,” Dwayne said as he nervously started picking up his stuff.

I told him, “Wait and let me see if he’ll leave.” Getting off the bed, I button up my blouse and pulled my skirt back down and went to the door, sure enough it was his boss. A couple of years older but another good looking black guy.

I tried to small talk him away but he said, “I have to check up on his man.”

“Okay,” I said and let him in.

As he walked past me he asked, “Where are you at in his demo?”

“He was showing me how well dead skin cell vacuum up,” I explained.

“Okay then I can oversee the rest of his demo.”

“Damn,” I thought as I head back to my room. Dwayne had most of his stuff pack up and looked pretty nervous.

Dwayne’s boss ask him, “What are you doing? Go ahead and finish the demo and I’ll watch.” Turning to me, he asked, “Where were you at?”

I smile at them both. Poor Dwayne was pretty nervous by now. “You want him to pick up where we were at when you rang?”

“Yea, you can do that,” he said.

“Well Dwayne was trying to see if the dead skin cell would come off my leg.”

“Hmm, that’s a new ideal, but go ahead.”

Damn, I was still horny as hell so I plunged on. “Okay well let’s see. I guess I was laying on the bed,” I said as I laid down. “Dwayne was holding had my leg,” I added as I slide it over to him.”

The boss was really looking me over.

“I think this is where we were at. No wait, I forgot something,” I said as I reached down and pulled my skirt up so my pussy was showing. Then unbuttoning my blouse, I let the girls back out, I believe this is we were at when you rang.”

“Damn” he stammered. “I’m glad I stop by to see this.”

“Oh you like what you see?” I purred as I stroked my pussy.

“Hell yes.”

“I feel kinda under dress in front of you two like this,” I said subjectively. They were both all smiles at what I was hinting at, “I think this isn’t exactly fair. Maybe you should catch up with me. Then if I like what I see maybe I can take off the rest.

His boss told Dwayne, “You heard the lady,” and they both start to take off their clothes. As Dwayne’s pants came down, I was awestruck. Dwayne’s hard cock was worthy of the Greek gods themselves. It was thick, with a slight upwards curve and the tip was flushed a bright reddish/purple like a juicy berry begging to be placed between my lips. It was at least eight inches long.

When the boss’s pants came down, his cock was bigger than Dwayne’s, about nine inches long and thick. It was the kind of uncut cock where the shaft was as thick as the head and the head was thick. It was hot and hard and looked as though it could fuck its victim silly.

I liked what I saw so I let my blouse slip off my shoulders and down to the floor. With a wiggle of my hips, my skirt was puddled around my ankles. I stepped out of my skirt and was waiting naked for them to finish undressing.

“So what now honey?” asked the boss as he smiled at me.

“I never had two naked black men in my bed before,” and with a grin I motioned for them to join me.

“I can’t say we’ll behave ourselves,” he smirked as he stretched out beside me and took one of my breasts in his hand and pinched my erect nipple.

I smile and said, “It’s been four week since I’ve been fucked. I don’t want you to be nice.”

The boss immediately drove down to buried his face between my thighs and started licking my pussy making it even wetter and hotter.

Dwayne swooped in and started sucking and play with my firm breasts.

Now horny as hell, I’m moaning, “Oh, Ohmigod! Yessssss,” as they worked me over.

Dwayne stopped kneading my breasts and slide up the bed, took my head and pulled my face toward his hard cock. As he shoved it into my open mouth I willing started to lick and suck it as he held my head.

When his boss notice what we were doing, he stopped licking and rolled me over so I could suck Dwayne’s cock better. Bobbing my head, I massaged his stiff cock with my talented lips and tongue, tasting his pungent pre-cum on my tongue. Dwayne writhed and parted his legs wider. His hands spread across the back of my head guiding my head up and down.

“Oh, fuck, you’re good at that,” Dwayne muttered, opening his eyes and looking down upon ethereal blonde hair which glowed beneath the stark sun light streaming in through the window. The wet sucking and slurping sounds made by my eager, tugging mouth only enhanced his pleasure, giving him the impression that I was truly enjoying what I was doing.

My only response was a muffled and apparently agreeable moan. My hand deftly manipulated his balls, rolling the fleshy orbs in my nimble fingers.

Then I felt the boss’s hands on my hip as he pull me up so that I was on my knees. Then he move in closer and I felt his cockhead hitting the swollen lips of my pussy. He wasn’t waiting for an invitation. Holding my hips he forced his way in. in seconds he was pile driving into my pussy, going deeper and deeper with each stroke.

It wasn’t long before I felt his cock explode into my pussy as he drove balls deep into me.

About the same time Dwayne was moaning, “Oh, shit. Oh, shit,” as he started pumping his hips back and forth. Careless of my comfort, wanting only to get off, he roughly drove his thick cock in and out of my mouth. His cock tingled electrically in my mouth, swelling to the limit of stiffness before erupting and blowing his load down my throat,

As I was choking on Dwayne’s cock and cum, his boss was filling my pussy to overflow.

I finally raised up, lips decorated with a slimy film of Dwayne’s cum. I think I cummed about three or four time in that short time.

We all kind of fell exhausted on to the bed. As he gasped for breath, the boss told me how hot of a white bitch I was, “But we have to get going.”

I smiled, kissed the head of his still semi-hard cock and asked, “Already?”

He smiled, took my head and slapped me across the face a couple of times with his semi-flaccid cock. Pushing it into my mouth, he said, “Why don’t you suck on this awhile?”

Tightening my lips around his thick shaft, I went to work sucking his cock as he held my head. Gripping the sides of my head, he started working his hips and face fucking me. Then as I was sucking I heard him tell Dwayne, “Call Tyrone and Clyde and tell them come over here. We’ve got one hot bitch to share.”

As Dwayne hopped off the bed he paused long enough to give me a really hard slap my naked butt with the palm of his hand.

When Tyrone and Clyde arrived and took their pants off, I wasn’t disappointed. They were as well-hung as the boss man and Dwayne.

For the next three or four hours I was fucked everyway that it was possible for four guys to fuck one horny girl. God knows how many times I cummed or got cummed in.

The next morning I was almost too sore to walk, but sated. I think I could now last until Chris gets home. “While I’m out,” she thought, “After all that unprotected sex, I’d better go by my gynecologist’s and get a ‘Monday morning pill.’ I’d have a hell of a time trying to explain a black baby to Chris.” My gynecologist is an ex-lover so she’s very accommodating about the pill. I love getting pelvic exams from her because they always end with her giving me an orgasm with her tongue while she’s down there.

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